Monday, 1 May 2017

March 20, 2017 - Arroyo Grande 1st Ward



This week has been fantastic. Thanks for letting me hear about your week as well! Although nothing seems to ever happen, it's still nice to know you're alive :) Glad to hear a little bit from Emerson as well. I don't hear from many people anymore, except for you guys and some missionaries in the mission that I have served around and become good friends with. You'll have to tell Kyle to email me! I am SO excited he's engaged!

But, yes, the week has been a great one! We have really been aligning our will more fully with God's will, and we are seeing miracles because of it! We have found four new investigators this week, and two of them came to church yesterday!

Monday. Nothing really happened today. Apparently it was National Nap Day, but we weren't told that until after our 2 1/2 hour nap in the middle of the day...Whooo! We went mini-golfing too. Planning on going again today. Then, had dinner with the Bigelow's, and drove 2 hours to Oxnard for our exchange with the Assistants! When we got there, Elder Swenson was hacking up a lung.

Tuesday. I was with Elder Swenson! We went and got him some meds in the morning, which helped him feel a lot better! We then proceeded to walk around for 2 hours.....WITHOUT A SOUL IN SIGHT. No one wanted to talk with us, and no one was even really out at all. We were feeling preeettyyy discouraged, but decided to knock on one last door before we went for lunch. We met Danny! He came out to talk with us, and accepted a Book of Mormon! He was also interested in coming to church sometime, and wanted us to come by and talk more about the Book of Mormon! That was neat. Then, the rest of the day we were just machines! We were going around, finding tons of people who accepted copies of the Book of Mormon, and then set up some return appointments for those Elders to see them! Had dinner that night with their Bishop. Elder Davis served in the Assistants ward a couple of transfers ago, and the Bishop is like best friends with him. So, Elder Swenson and I sat there and ate our sushi. IT WAS SO GOOD. Elder Davis got to talk with his idol :) I love Elder Swenson so much! Hoping that him and I will be companions next transfer. He's been Assistant for six months.... time for him to come and be a Zonie with me!

Wednesday. We had interviews with President Felix to set-up for in the morning, and then we had our car taken into the shop. The airbag light was coming on and off at times, and so we had to get things checked out. We taught Alex and James the Restoration. Alex is the blind lady that Sister Dalebout brought to church a couple of weeks ago! Anyways, they loved it! It was a really interesting lesson too, because a lot of the object lessons and analogies that we use don't necessarily work when you're teaching someone who can't see. But, we managed. She really wants to investigate into the Church, and really wants to find out if it's true! Which was neat to see. We had our interview with President and Sister Felix. Before the interview, they had us teach a part of any lesson to them! We taught the Restoration using a Rubiks Cube! Had dinner that night with the Simonsen's, and then we went out with Matti Kilpelainen for a couple hours. He's our new Ward Mission Leader, and it was just awesome to spend some time with him! Real cool guy!

Thursday. Our car got kept overnight, and so we had some missionaries drive us to the dealership to pick it up. Then, one of the District Leaders needed us to go and get some things for him. He was having a real bad migraine. We then went and helped out Sister Salerno with prepping for a lesson she was teaching at her Pathway class. Had dinner with the Gonzales family, and Sister Gonzales gave us some All Dressed chips! Then, we had to try and get some Weekly Planning done, but we ended up talking a lot about baptizing monthly. Each month, the Zone Leaders set a goal of how many people the Zone will baptize in that month. So, we were talking about our April goal, which was 3. We have 10 companionships in the Zone, and we were talking about how it doesn't really make sense that we are SAYING that we expect missionaries to baptize monthly, but then we set goals that are contrary to that mandate. So, we talked with a lot of the companionships in our Zone, and we have aligned our will's with God's Will and decided to set the goal for 10. Elder Davis and I have been praying non-stop about this, because it seems like an ambitious move. But the Zone is committed to it for the most part, and we know that it isn't the number that matters, but our individual effort to helping souls come unto Christ. 

Friday. We had District Meeting with the Spanish District, and we talked with everyone about Z10N (In case you don't get it, it's Zion, but with a 10). We actually had to do our entire Weekly Planning session that day, because we spent all our time caring about the Zone the night before... Had dinner with the Osumi's, and that went well. Brother Osumi isn't a member, and is kinda stubborn about it. But that's okay, we all have our own timing! We went and saw Margarita that night too, a former investigator, and set up a time to go and teach her the next day! 

Saturday. We had that lesson with Margarita, and taught her about the Restoration! She understood the Priesthood really well. It takes a lot for her to understand some things. This was the fourth time she heard the Restoration, and she finally understood the Priesthood! But, that's okay. She'll take some time, but we are trying to work with her :) A couple of our appointments cancelled that day, and then we had dinner with the Sola's! Jayden had brought his friend to church the week prior, and he was at dinner! We shared the Book of Mormon with him, and asked him if he wanted to learn more about the Gospel, and he accepted! His name is Cruz, and we are pumped to be teaching him! 

Sunday. Ahhh Sunday. 9am Church. 12:15pm Ward Council. 2:00pm Stake Correlation Meeting. 6:30pm JustServe Committee Meeting. Let's just say, I had a massive headache by the end of the day! It was fun though. I am learning a ton about meetings, what's productive and what's not-so-productive. We also had a great dinner with the Dalebout's! And yeah, Alex and Margarita came to church!

Again, I am absolutely loving it out here. Nothing could ever beat what's been going on in this area! Stars are aligning, and we are ready to establish Zion like it's never been established before! I have been particularly fond of 1 Nephi 13:37 the past couple of days....

"And blessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my Zion at that day, for they shall have the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost; and if they endure unto the end they shall be lifted up at the last day, and shall be saved in the everlasting kingdom of the Lamb;"

Zion is of One Heart and One Mind! We can bring forth Zion everywhere we are. And if we seek to bring both members and non-members to be more unified, we have the promised presence of the Holy Ghost in our lives. 

As far as anything in a package goes... I can't think of anything. Dill Pickle/All Dressed chips? Idk.  I need some new jeans.... Could I buy a pair? 

Thanks for all of your love and prayers! 

Que Tenga Un Buen Dia! 


Elder California Harvey

Here's a really sweet text we got from Alex right after our lesson! 

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