Monday, 28 December 2015

December 28, 2015 - Solvang Ward

Hey All!

So, this week has been awesome! It has had it's own challenges, but for the most part, we had a really great time with our Ward this week and with Christmas :) It has been a great week to end a great transfer!

It was awesome to talk to the family on Friday! So great to see all of your faces, and to see Jameson fall asleep on the couch! Just like old times.... Haha! You all are looking great! I have no idea what Mom is talking about... "getting the family in shape"... you all are awesome :) 

We have had a great week. Solvang is a difficult place to proselyte in during holidays, because right now, there is a massive flood of tourists coming into the town, and everyone is leaving to escape all the tourists! We saw everyone we could though. We drove down to Camarillo on Tuesday for a Doctor's appointment, so that was fun! Let's see.... oh, and Rick and Vanessa. Something huge happened with them this past week! Basically, on Saturday we got a call from Vanessa, and she told us that Rick had moved back to Bakersfield and that everything kinda dissolved.... So we were naturally shocked, and have been in contact with her since then on a daily basis, trying to meet with her and see what the heck happened! Anyways, that same day we went to see Eric, a really awesome guy who knows he needs to get baptized, but yeah. Anyways, while we were walking up the apartment that he lives in, and this lady with a cane trying to fit groceries in a little cart out of her trunk, and we offered to help her, which she respectfully declined and said "Are you going to #8? Because I can't do it today, so maybe you can come next week?" 😐😐😐😮😓😓😳😶😯😎 ...... Obviously, we said OKAY! And then Elder Lamb asked if there was a better day for us to come, and she said any week day. So... we still aren't sure what the heck happened. But we are super excited! 

Oh yeah. Transfer calls were really exciting. We are both staying. Woot woot! First time that has ever happened so far! Which is nice, especially when you and a companion get along so well! 

Anyways, not much to say this week! Hopefully the VAN (not truck ;) ) Gets fixed soon! We have to take our car in sometime today or this week and have all the tires changed. Yay! 

Like I said, it was really nice to see you all on Friday! Thanks again for all the gifts, and thanks for everything! Glad you all have had such an awesome week! :)

Oh yeah, and I cut my hair mom :) haha. Knew you were wondering about that. Sorry it was so long!

Love you all!

Elder Harvey :) 
Doctrine and Covenants 127:2

The Christmas PJ's I sent him...all the boys had the same :)

December 25, 2015 - Skype Phone Call Home

We were so excited to finally see and talk to Jaxon!  He skyped us at 7pm Kingston time on Christmas Day - it was a long day of waiting!

It was great to talk to him, to see his face and we also got to meet his companion - Elder Lamb.  We spent 40 minutes soaking him in and trying to talk about everything we've been wanting to talk to him about.

He is doing well.  He expressed his gratitude to all of those who have sent him emails and cards and gifts.  He especially loved the pillow case sent from Chilliwack 2nd Ward and expressed that he would cherish it.  He loved that the Young Women in the Chilliwack 2nd Ward also thought of him and he loved the package that they sent - thank you!  He appreciated all the gift cards he received and looks forward to using them.  The area they are in right now isn't a really big town and there aren't many amenities so the ones he can't use now, he'll save for later!  

He is doing well.  He is loving serving on his mission and loves the area he is in right now.  He is enjoying his companion and they are getting along great - which is always a concern when you are all of a sudden living with someone you don't know 24-7.  He said transfers were coming this week and they both hoped that they wouldn't be moved.  

He expressed his love to his family and friends that are supporting him through letters and prayers.  We closed our time with him with a family prayer and eagerness to talk again on Mother's Day.

We sure love that boy and are sure proud of him and the choices he is making to give up the world for two years of his life and focus on serving and loving the people around him.  

December 21, 2015 - Solvang Ward

Hey all!

So, this week has been a fuuuuuuun one! First off, make sure to send my thanks to a ton of people. Holy, yeah so on Monday we got home from emails and there was a few letters waiting for me, and say thank you to the Chilliwack 2nd Ward for that pillow case! Seriously, such an amazing gift, and one that I plan on keeping forever! And then to Grandpa and Grandma Shirley, and Tara and Erinn for their presents that I got this week! It was awesome, Friday we walked out to the mailbox, and I had six packages waiting for me! I didn't open the package that says not to open until Christmas, and yes, I got the Amazon letter. there was a tear in it, so naturally Elder Lamb looked into it and refuses to tell me what it is. Thank goodness! He taped it up and it won't be opened until Christmas Eve :)

So, Skyping.. basically, we are thinking that I will be calling at 4:00 our time, so 7:00 your time, just depending on the time that Elder Lamb is calling. I thought I would just plan around him, he is planning on doing a three way Skype with his brother who is serving in Spokane! So if it isn't 4, I guess I will just call you and let you know or something. But until then, plan for 4:00 :) Really excited to see all of you!!!!

This week has been a blast! We spent ten hours this week at the Catholic Mission doing a ton of service there! That explains the picture right? Haha! They have been putting on this thing for years in which they have people in the Santa Ynes Valley sponsor families, and they buy a bunch of gifts for those poorer and needier families in the area! So, we were asked by a member in our ward to actually go and help them out, wrapping, organizing, and handing boxes of presents out to the families! It was an amazing experience! Yes, it was great for missionary work, a lot of people had a ton of questions about us and what we do and why we are here, but mostly, it was an amazing way to help out those people in our area who need it most! 

We have been teaching Rick and Vanessa more and more, and they are progressing more and more towards baptism! They are really great, and are trying really hard to become the best they can be! Vanessa's baby is due in a month, and so she is wicked sick all the time almost! Should be an interesting month for us in teaching her! Our other investigators are awesome! We were supposed to meet a referral from a member here, but that got cancelled last minute on Wednesday, so that's too bad! Johnathan hasn't been able to meet with us as much, so we can't baptize him on Saturday... We taught the Word of Wisdom this past Saturday, and that has made it so we have to push his date back at least three weeks! Christie is doing awesome, still fighting through addictions and such, but is such a trooper and is doing her best!

Zone Conference was on Thursday, and that was an absolute blast!!! Elder Lamb and I ended up being 40 minutes late, because we got stuck in some nasty traffic! Solvang is so out of the way, we are basically on our own out here, and so it was nice to see so many other missionaries and to see a ton of friends on Thursday! We talked about the Doctrine of Christ, and my favorite part was when we were able to talk about Angels, and about having the ability to be angels, and to have angels attend us! We were given a soft cover of the Book of Mormon and some pencil crayons (or colored pencils in American lingo...) and were given the challenge to read it through by March Zone Conference, marking each aspect of the Doctrine of Christ in a certain color, throughout the Book! President also gave us the challenge to circle every time "angel(s)" is mentioned! I have read Alma 30-43 so far, and angels has been mentioned 9 times already! It is awesome to know that Angels really are in our midst, and that myself, as a missionary, can be someones angel in their darkest hours! 

Saturday was awesome. We had our Ward Christmas Party, and man was it great! Definitely highlighted by the primary's nativity scene, where a little girl (dressed as a donkey) went up to the manger during a song, and took baby Jesus out and ran off stage. Hahaha. It was absolutely hilarious. Then on Sunday, we were able to go out with our Bishop to a elderly member of the ward and give him and his wife the Sacrament and give both of them blessings! It was awesome, and then we went out with his family to carol to a bunch of people! 

Yeah, so this week has pretty much been awesome! I love every minute of being out here, and I wanted to share something that I read out of the Ensign this past week! 

"Some years ago I heard a radio interview featuring Bishop Desmond Tutu, the Anglican archbishop in South Africa. He had just published a book with his daughter about the reconciliation that had taken place in South Africa following apartheid. Basically, the book’s message is that there is good in all people.

During the interview the host asked a perceptive,inspired question of Bishop Tutu: “Have you found that your relationship to God has changed as you’ve grown older?”

Bishop Tutu paused and then said, “Yes. I am learning to shut up more in the presence of God.”

He recalled that when he prayed in his earlier years, he did so with a list of requests and solicitudes. He would approach heaven with what he called “a kind of shopping list.” But now, he said, “I think [I am] trying to grow in just being there. Like when you sit in front of afire in winter, you are just there in front of the fire, and you don’t have to be smart or anything. The fire warms you.”

I think that is a lovely metaphor—just sit with the Lord and let Him warm you like a fire in winter. You don’t have to be perfect or the greatest person who ever graced the earth or the best of anything to be with Him."

That was in this month's edition, by Elder Christofferson :)

Anyways, that's all from me! Let the Spirit of Christmas warm you! Just sit and reflect this week, especially during the nativity scene, and think about that little manger. Ponder about what really is the meaning of Christmas, and think about the quietness and stillness of the Baby Jesus. 

Thanks for being so amazing! I sent you a little card last Monday, so you'll get it sometime soon I hope!! Love you all!


Elder Harvey!

Service work at the Catholic Mission

December 14, 2015 - Solvang Ward

Hey All!

So, this week has been pretty meh. But that's okay! We are still seeing a lot of work happening, still working hard, and still having people progress towards making those sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father!

So, our investigators are seriously doing AWESOME! We saw Johnathan (Baptism on the 26th) on Tuesday and shared the Plan of Salvation with him. We have only been able to seem him twice in two weeks, so we need to start seeing him more often if he is going to be baptized on the 26th! He is really desirous to become closer to Christ though, so we will be trying to see him every chance that we have! Christie (Feb 10th) is doing well too! She like absorbs all that she reads, and tells us perfectly what she has read since our last lesson! She quit cigarettes on Friday, and she is just going strong and trying to progress towards baptism! She said she knows that this Church is true, she just needs to actually put it into action! Super cool to see someone know what they need to do, and to see them being willing to actually do it! Dania went into ghost mode this week. She went to Santa Monica, so we will have to set her date back a little bit. 

We did have four investigators at Sacrament Meeting yesterday! It was awesome, and highlighted by Rick and Vanessa! They are super awesome, and going through a lot! They have found comfort in the church and in the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and it has been amazing to see them progress closer and closer to baptism. They are praying for a baptismal date, and will let us know by the end of this week. It's a big step, because they also have to figure a lot of things out, and setting a baptismal date for them will also be setting a date to get married! Super exciting times :) 

Service? We do a ton of things. We have been helping a member renovate his house, helping people decorate for Christmas, and this week we are going to be going to the Catholic Mission to do some Christmas thing. Not sure what, but it will be a great experience! 

Glad to hear everything is going so well at home! I am not sure what the family's Skype is that we are going to on Christmas, but I will give them your name thing tonight! I did not get a sweater or coat yet, I might end up getting something today if I have time. Contact paper is some roll of clear paper stuff that basically laminates something without actually having to use a laminate machine thing. 

The Branch sounds interesting! And I am sure excited for Christmas time! Things are just going really well, and we have Zone Conference this week!!! Always an exciting time, and just really gearing up to finish the transfer strong!

Oh yeah, Dad I bought some pastry thing. I will send you a picture, but IT IS SO GOOD! I think I put maybe 20 bucks on the card on Monday. I will let you know if I buy a sweater next week!

I love you all, thanks for everything and thanks for keeping me in your prayers :) Merry Christmas! 


Elder Harvey :)

PS- I am loving the crazy awesome advent calendar :)

Elder Harvey and Elder Bradley - Elder Bradley is from Bellville which is about an hour from Kingston.  They didn't know each other before going on their missions.

Solvang Pastries

December 7, 2015 - Solvang Ward

Hey All!

So, this week has been absolutely crazy! We have had an insanely busy week, but we saw a lot of miracles and a lot of "success." But, first, let me say some things!

Mom, the Alpentista family is the brother of Sister Gonzales (I think Vanessa?) in Arroyo Grande! That is so cool that you saw them, we talked about the Plowman's during dinner one night, and it was really neat to know that someone grew up in Bowmanville too!  (We ran into a friend of a friend at a funeral that week - who told us that his sister had dinner with an Elder Harvey - it is such a small world!)

Sounds like a crazy busy busy busy week! Glad to hear Christmas Pictures are all done, and that nativity sounds really really cool! That will be a great experience. Our Zone is doing a nativity during our Zone Conference next week, and I get to be a wiseman. And my costume is the bomb. You'll get a picture later!

So, this past week, we have been able to commit three souls to baptism! Christie, who is battling a lot and has really amazing desires, has set herself with February 10th for her baptism. That was a neat lesson, she is really sincere about her desire to become clean and come closer to Jesus Christ. Our second was a guy named Johnathan, who was a member referral from another ward in the district, and we had our first lesson with him and taught him the Restoration! He is dating a member in another ward, and he felt the Spirit and we were able to commit him to baptism on the 26th of December! We have another lesson with him tonight, so that will be fun. The third person is Dania, a crazy Brazillian lady who really wants to be baptized, and she set herself with December 27th as a date for her to get baptized. She hasn't been to church yet, so that date will most likely not work out, but it's really great to see her desire to enter into the waters of baptism and come closer to Christ! 

So, not only did we teach a lot this week, but we were able to max out our service hours for the week! We had 10 hours of service, and it was just awesome! The main activity was our Ward Quilting Project, where our entire ward gathered together and made quilts for the homeless and the needy! It was awesome! Learning how to kinda quilt was tons of fun, and Elder Lamb and I made two quilts, and the ward made 17 in total! It was a blast, a really great opportunity to become closer to our ward, and just an all around great week! 

The Christmas Devotional was really nice last night! Did anyone else notice that Elder Bednar gave the exact same talk in our Stake Conference a year ago? I did. It was really funny! He used the same analogies and everything! But I enjoyed it greatly. Kinda weird to not have President Monson speak, his health must be getting worse. But I loved it nonetheless.

So, today we are going to walk around Solvang! Do you want some souvenirs? 

A coat might be nice. A lot of the time, Elders just wear sweaters, but I am fine with whatever. If you want me to buy my own, then I can! 

Last requests... hmmm.... Contact Paper? That would be cool. I am not sure what else. OH. KRAFT DINNER. That would be awesome! American Mac and Cheese is gross. Kraft Dinner is so so so so so much better. 

Glad to hear everyone is doing so well! As for Christmas, we are going to a members house and I will be able to Skype there! Probably around 4:00 or something? I am not sure yet, so I will let you know for sure by next week! 

Hope you all have a great week! Elder Lamb is great. I am really enjoying serving with him, and we are putting in some great work. Also, my shoes are perfect! Still looking brand spanking new! 

Wish you luck in all of your Chinese Food Adventures :) (We are having a hard time finding Chinese food in Kingston that is made the same way they made it in Chilliwack - so we're trying a few dishes from several different restaurants in the city)

Have an amazing week! Love you all! 

Elder Harvey

"Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many; but endure them, for, lo, I am with thee, even unto the end of thy days." 
Doctrine and Covenants 24:8

Have an amazing week! Love you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS! 


This was a Dollar Store Christmas tie that I was VERY thin and I didn't think he'd wear it or even be able to tie it...but he did..and he did!

We sent him an advent calendar with something for every day in December

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November 30, 2015 - Solvang Ward

Hey All!

So, another busy busy busy BUSY week! Holy cow, yeah, we've been really busy. But, I did get your package on Saturday, and am very excited for the advent calendar :) Thanks so much for everything else in the package! I wore the green tie yesterday, and am wearing the dollar store tie right now :) 

So, this week has flown by, but it's been a blast! First of all, we probably saw the most insane chain of events that I have ever seen on my mission so far! We are teaching an unmarried couple, Rick and Vanessa, and they have been pretty interested so far. Missionaries have been meeting with them for about two months now, and ever since I have gotten here, they have been progressing more and more! They have a 2 year old daughter, and one more on the way in January. But, they've been having some relationship problems. Which is normal, but we had a really awesome lesson set up on the Law of Chastity on Tuesday, had our RS President coming too and everything, and we got to their door and Vanessa answered and said that they wanted to reschedule, and Elder Lamb asked if we could just come in, wait for Sis. Mathews to come, and say a quick prayer with them! So, we are sitting there, and I felt prompted to share a scripture (shocker, right?). I shared Mosiah 24:13-16. Sister Mathews came into the house halfway through the scripture, and afterwards, Vanessa was crying and Rick was more solemn, and we offered to say a prayer and get out of their hair, and they insisted that everything felt better now. I swear, I saw the Holy Ghost belly-flop into the room from 6000 feet. It was so strong. Vanessa commented that she actually felt her burden be lifted from her shoulders, and we were able to share the Law of Chastity to them, and they asked Sis Mathews for all of this advice. She helped them out, and they asked for a Priesthood Blessing. We had two members come and give them blessings, and the Spirit again was very strong. We were probably there for a total of two and a half hours, and they turned from being angry at each other and not wanting to meet with anyone, to being happy and embracing each other at the end of the night. The next day, the ward all pitched in and bought them a Thanksgiving Dinner and again, they had a miracle in that. They were at church yesterday, talked with the Bishop, and they both know that the Church is True! Baptism is the next step :) well, they need to get married first, but they will get baptized :)

Nothing else really compares to that. Such a great week. We had to go to Santa Maria, I was able to get my knee brace, and on Friday we went to Ventura to get our Tiwi fixed (Have I told you about Tiwi? It's basically the worst.)(TIWI is a monitoring system on all missionary vehicles - it tells them when they are going too fast, accelerate too much, etc.  It's like having your 90 year old grandma in the car with you at all times)

Oh. So, A Savior is Born. We had Zone Meeting this past Friday, and we had an "advance showing" of the new Christmas video from the church! I loved it, and we have been sharing it with everyone we can! The rest of the meeting was very good, talking about elevating the mission and becoming one of the most productive and obedient missions in the world. It is really exciting, we are doing great and becoming better and better. Let me tell you, I have felt myself change and it's been amazing. Letting the Atonement change you is incredible, and knowing that I am becoming more and more like my Savior is a great feeling. Watch the Christmas Video if you haven't yet on ! And share it with a friend :) It brings the true Spirit of Christmas into the Season. (If you haven't seen the video yet - please click on the link)

Mom, my shirts are doing well. It is difficult, and I wish I could tell you that I haven't gained any weight back, but I have, but my shirts are still pretty much fitting. It is especially hard to exercise properly, because we do only get a half hour in the morning, but we are doing our best! I love being out here. I can't explain to you enough how much this mission has changed my life so far, and Emerson, get out and "JUST DO IT" (Shia LeBouf). Haha, but it will change your life! Jameson: YOU NEED TO LOVE ALADIN. 

Thanks for being my wingman Mom, can always count on you to set me up with some dates ;) Haha. I look forward to their letters! :) (I spoke with a few girls in our congregation about Jaxon...they said they would mail him some letters)

Well, I love you all. I have a true and strong testimony of this Gospel, and I know we have challenges, but our Savior is there to carry us when we get weak. That is the true Power of the Atonement, especially for me the past five months. I have felt the Savior beside me as I do all I can, and He really does do the rest. 

Love you! Um, I will let you know if I have anything else to add to that list! :) 

Oh, Grey Cup, a member told me about the match up and I was so confused. How the HECK did Ottawa and Edmonton make it into the Finals? Crazy.


Elder Harvey

"Give me mountains to climb, give me rivers to cross, give me something that's gonna make me better than I was."

November 23, 2015 - Solvang Ward


So, I love it here!

The move went well! I have now been in Solvang for a week, and I have absolutely loved the change! This week has been full of miracles and such, and A LOT of teaching! We taught like a total of 17 lessons I think? It was crazy. 

Good to hear about your week! Mom, I am praying every night that you will be able to find a job soon! 

That's a tough week for Hudson! Tough losses are.... tough. But yeah, especially when the Ravens don't seem to be doing too hot ;) (Hudson's team lost the Eastern Ontario finals in an amazingly close game - he was also cut from the basketball team on the same day :(

So, Monday was really nice. Packed all day, and the Hurst's had Elder Du Plessis and I over for dinner that night, and it happened to be a dinner with like 50 other people! In fact, the first person I taught was there, and that was really nice! We had dinner, and then I was able to share my last testimony at their house! I was definitely sad to leave that Ward, but I also have been really blessed with this new ward! (this is the message I received from Bro. Hurst later that evening: Elder Harvey just said farewell & left our home... We are truly going to miss him. I wanted to share with you his last few moments with us.. he shared one of the sweetest, most tender, heart felt testimonies I have ever felt and heard. He first shared a scripture that he had memorized, "And now, after the many testimonies that have been given of him, this is the testimony last of all that we give of him. That He lives!" That was when the tears began to flow... Then he slowly and tearfully shared with us that he knows that Jesus Christ lives, that the church is true and how much he loves the gospel and serving the Lord on his mission. He said much more, but it was very beautiful and very special.
I just wanted to share this special moment with you... thank you again for sharing him with us. I am sad he is gone, we will miss his laughter and his constant smile. You are blessed to have such a great son!!! )

Tuesday was transfer meeting, and it was really nice to get to see so many of the other missionaries that I know! It was really nice to see Elder Leavitt there, and got to talk to him for quite a while! Then, after transfers, I met Elder Lamb and we headed right off to Solvang! 

So, like I said, we have been teaching a crazy amount this past week. Elder Lamb is great! We both kinda struggled last transfer, and we are really hitting it off so far, and seeing miracles due to obedience and unity! It's been crazy to see how things have just fallen into place so smoothly this past week, everything has just seemed to work! We are really getting along, and we are ready to teach like crazy this next week!

So, this is some really cool news. Our District Leader is one that you all know, and I am really excited for the exchange that him and I are going to be able to go on! Yup, so Elder Bradley is my District Leader! Meaning him and I will get to be companions for a day in the next 4 weeks! We were both super excited to hear that we were in the same district, and yeah. That's like the coolest news I have on my side.  Other than that Elder Lamb is the absolute best! (We have gotten to know the Bradley family who live in Belleville - about 45 minutes west of Kingston.  We are excited for our sons to spend some time together!)

Oh yeah, food. So this area is famous for making us missionaries fat. Yeah, we get fed every night. It's another great blessing. 

We have been so busy that I haven't been able to snag a picture for you of the town! It really is a neat little town. You all know how much I love Christmas, and there are Christmas lights up already! Oh, and there is a Christmas STORE! So yeah, I absolutely love this place. 

Mom, I have been re-thinking going back to BC, AND I have had the same feelings. We will see what happens in a year and a half (YIKES!) and go from there! Maybe I can try to go to Queens or something. We will see what happens :) (When Jaxon left - he was adamant that he would return to BC once he came home.  I asked him to re-think this idea - partly because I would like him home for a while, and also because I feel he would be a huge blessing to the Young Adults in our area)

Anyways, is there anything else you want to know? I am trying a lot more to answer all of them. I would email Tara or Emily, but I don't have an email for either of them. Also, could I get addresses for family members? Maybe in a letter that you send? I would like to hand write a letter to people sometimes :)

Know that I am doing great, and that I am really loving this transfer already! I am growing firmer and firmer in the faith, and waxing stronger and stronger in humility. I love being out here, I love learning more about myself, and about my Savior, and I love the support that I get from all of you! I hope you all have a fantastic week, and I am so thankful for the prayers that are said on my behalf. I feel them working through me constantly! 

I love you all!


Elder Harvey

"Lord, I believe. Help thou mine unbelief."

Elders Harvey and Lamb

The Hurst Family

November 16, 2015 - Solvang Ward

His first transfer!!

Hey All!

The anticipation is building, and I know that everyone is on their feet to find out what is happening with me, but I'll let the anticipation build for a bit :)

Before I start, I sent the package for you all this morning. I was going to last week, but was given a ti[p to make it cost 28 dollars instead of 43 dollars. So I did that. You should get it in the next week or two! 

Hudson, great season! It's always tough to get stomped in the finals (remember that feeling Dad?) Haha. That game against Langley was rough. Losing never is fun, but you'll kill it next year! (Hudson's football team lost the Kingston area finals game - but still made it into the Eastern Ontario finals because of their perfect season record)

Mom, that's so funny that you did jars to represent the plagues, that is exactly what Sister Guenther did for our seminary class, except she used some creepy little doll to represent the first-born one. Glad to hear the Old Testament is doing well! I love the Bible a ton. As for the location of my seminary triple combo, I think it should be in the box that I packed myself before I left. I am not really sure though. (I teach early morning seminary to Emerson, Aydan and Hudson - when we came across the 10 plagues, I put a representation of each plague in a small jar and the kids had to guess which one it was)

Sheesh. Small world hey? I am so glad you got to meet up with Hermana Beaumont! That is so cool. I met up with her in the MTC, I think I told you that, but I bet that temple was amazing! Don't worry Dad, I am anything BUT a quiet missionary! I would love a Montreal Sandwich too... GAH! Haha. And that Church was beautiful! (we travelled to Montreal to visit the LDS Temple open house and met up with Emma Beaumont - a friend from Abbotsford who is serving a mission there)

I am glad to report that there are no leaves falling here in California. This weather is doing something funky to my brain! I am not sure if it's mid-fall or mid-summer! It rained yesterday too, which was really nice. There was also a member who left on his mission to Portugal today, and he spoke in church yesterday. It was really sweet, I have seen three people leave on their missions so far! Crazy. 

So. My week? Gosh. Weeks are just absolute blurs, especially with a possible transfer looming. We had an awesome week! Probably saw the best week this transfer. On Wednesday, we went out to a member's ranch, her name is Mindy Smith, and helped her handyman build a chicken coop. I have a few pictures of me up there, and boy was it pretty! I accidentally broke the guys tail light to his brand new F-150 though.... He was cool about it though. 

PM means Part-Member :)

Dad, a lot of our time is focused not on door knocking, but on trying to actually see Part-Member families, or try and get referrals from some members! It's really cool, and this week we actually got the most referrals we have had too! This one youth, Matt Neufeld, invited us to come to his highschool and meet some players on the football team who were asking a bunch of questions. We set up a time, and when the day came, we were walking by the parking lot and found them eventually! They had all ran away, and Matt rounded a couple up and it was really neat! We taught this guy about the Restoration, and it may even turn into a sweet teaching opportunity! 

So, I guess I have waited long enough. Transfer calls came on Saturday, and, as you can guess by the subject, I am being transferred to Holland! Well, kinda at least. I am finally moving though! I am serving in the Solvang Ward, starting tomorrow, with Elder Lamb, and I will be the Senior Companion. So, Elder Lamb came out a transfer after I did. So we have a combined 7 months of missionary experience! Haha. Should be tons of fun! I have absolutely LOVED my stay here in Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach, and Nipomo, but I am really excited to go and serve the people in Solvang! Naturally, my address will be changing to:

1535 Acorn Way #E
Solvang, CA

(we found out that Solvang was settled by Danish settlers years ago and it looks like a Danish town - too bad Bryan didn't teach him some Danish before he left!)

Thanks for your many prayers and support :) I am excited to be moving, and I am excited to continue the work! Christmas is RIGHT around the corner! And you all know how much I love Christmas!

Speaking of which, Mom asked what I would like for Christmas. Josh Groban's First Noel CD came to mind. Other than that, I couldn't think of much, but here's what I came up with:

2016 Canadian Calendar
Maybe a new Jesus The Christ? Mine's pretty tattered.
Kinder Surprise
Most importantly thoough? Socks. :) 

Alright, well I wish everyone an awesome week, and know that I love you all a ton :) The Church is True, and remember to send prayers out to everyone involved in the Paris attacks! We live in scary times, but we know that times will begin to get increasingly scary as the time that the Savior comes again. Be strong! Doctrine and Covenants 24:8

Thanks again for all that you do! Love you all! Next time you'll hear from me I will be in Solvang!!!


Elder Harvey

November 9, 2015 - Arroyo Grande 1st Ward

Hey all!!

Wow, quite the week! That is so cool that you all got to meet the Chishom's at the dance! I remember when we went to their cottage for a week or so that one summer. And then when Diana came out to BC for a little bit to see Mom! It's amazing how long friendships can last, especially with technology these days. (The older kids and I headed to Toronto for a youth dance and met up with some old friends)

So, my week has been pretty insane. We had an insanely administrative week this week, running around and doing all that stuff that the District Leader and his companion has to do. We had work done on our car, and we had a really awesome Zone Meeting on Friday! We are hunkering down as a mission, and are preparing and elevating the way our mission works. We had a very amazing call to repentance from our Zone Leaders, which was straight from President Felix. It has inspired me to be a better missionary, because you are right Dad, these next 20 months will shape the last 50 some odd years of my life. 

So, on Saturday morning we went to a LA/PM house, and they are totally awesome. Basically members, just need to get their butts to church. Anyways, we walked in and they immediately wanted to show us an article about what had happened with this new policy change. Elder Du Plessis and I were really excited about it. Now is not the time to be subtle about issues like Marriage and Family, and I love how bold the Lord is being. This is a huge stand for what we believe in, and I know it is from God. We haven't encountered anyone yet who has confronted us about it, but I am sure we will soon enough. I just want you all to know, that I know it is from God, and that you truly can't take anyone else's word for anything. Take it to the source of all truth. This decision was made through much prayer, fasting, and discussion.. So take it to God, because He was there through the whole process. Much like the First Vision and Joseph Smith. Ask God, because He was there! 

This week was pretty awesome. Elder Du Plessis and I have been struggling with eachother, but that's okay. We have been talking it out lately and have been improving a lot. Transfer calls are this week, so I am anxious to see if I get to stay here for Christmas time or not. I really hope I can! Elder Du Plessis thinks that I am training and being assigned as District Leader... We will see what happens! 

I went on exchanges this week with Elder Garcia, and it was fun once again being in the Spanish Area! We went to Subway with the other Elders for lunch, and lo and behold, a couple wanted to sit with us. Which is weird. "We just wanted to have a discussion for you" always spells trouble. So, inevitably, they started talking about their conversion to Christ and how they met, and then they asked Elder Du Plessis what his testimony was. And as soon as he mentioned the Book of Mormon, the attack began. So, quick sidenote... If anyone ever feels like going on the offensive against some Mormon Missionaries... the really dumb way to do it is to pick four to go after. Bad idea. We smoked them I guess, if you want to put it that way. We just bore simple and powerful testimony to them, and they basically said that our testimonies weren't real. So that naturally gets Elder Harvey's attention and all hell breaks loose. It was fun to say the least, but also really annoying. 

Anyways, We have had an amazing week. A lot of random visits to people, and Elder Harvey got bit by a dog. Yup. Well, almost at least. It came screening from across a yard and tried to bite my GOOD knee (the nerve of some people's pets. It's like they know that that's my only good knee) and tried to clamp down on it, but instinctively, I kneed it in the face and it went flying. Really funny. (Jaxon dislikes dogs...and they all seem to really like him!)

Oh, also, about my cleanliness... So, my previous companion, Elder Leavitt, I told you he was a clean freak... And I guess some of that rubbed off on me? I was like a clean tornado on Friday, and completely went crazy and the apartment is spotless. I got really tired of it being so dirty, and so I cleaned EVERYTHING. You would have been proud Mom. (I'm impressed - but we'll see if it continues!)

Everything is going really well. Christmas is next transfer, which is insane. But as for requests..... I was thinking about it, and I really am going to miss the Chinese food tradition we have. Idk, but a Panda Express gift card would be nice :) That and, of course, Canadian candy :) I love you guys. I am sending the package today, with some little gifts for everyone :) 

Oh and my clothes are hanging up just fine :) Dad is expecting a hanger joke... but I am going to leave him hanging. haha. I sewed some pants a few weeks ago. I am basically a sower. Woot!

I know this church is true. I really do. And I know that Christ and Heavenly Father love everyone. He wants to give everyone a fair chance at salvation, and that is why I am here. I am here to bring others closer to Christ. Thanks so much for your love and support, and especially your prayers! I keep you all in my prayers everyday, and know that you all love me :) 

Have an amazing week! Here are a few random pictures of me :)


Elder Harvey

November 2, 2015 - Arroyo Grande 1st Ward


It seems like just yesterday we were saying goodbye - hard to believe it's been four months!

Hey All!

I hope all is well back at home today! Sending love from the rain filled streets of Nipomo :) Yes, it has started raining this morning! Super exciting, and everyone is gearing up for a huge rainstorm that is supposed to hit in January, called the "el Nino." I think it means little boy in Spanish, but I am not sure.

This week has been a lot better! We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders on Tuesday, and I was able to go and do some YSA work with Elder Powell! It was a ton of fun, we actually went boothing at a University down in Santa Maria, and that was insane. Full-on soapboxing it almost. A lot of youth that are just so willing to learn about Christ and to hear about what we have to share as representatives of Him!

We helped a crazy lady move this week with the Zone Leaders after our District Meeting, and that was.... interesting. She's moving about an hour away, from Santa Maria to Paso Robles, and she wanted it all done on Friday.. Chazala is a single lady who is in her 70's, and she had four storage lockers filled to the brim of useless junk, all of which she wanted to keep and move into her apartment in Paso. Not only that, but she was four hours late, and so we only had an hour to help her out, according to our missionary rules. We didn't even fill a truck, but my Canadian Tire experience helped out a ton and I was able to pack that thing like a boss. You would have been proud of me Dad! Maybe I should be called the Packing Prince. Haha. 

So, Halloween was pretty crazy. We had to move our Weekly Planning session to Saturday night, meaning we were to be in by 7:00. So that day, there was a little trick or treating event being put on by the City of Arroyo Grand, and we decided to go to that and we talked to like a bazillion people. Way more people than we would have if we were out knocking on doors. Crazy amounts of people there, and we went to the Hurst's afterwards for dinner! (we are so grateful for families like the Hurst's who feed and love our son!)

Our Ward has started choir in preparation for Christmas (CRAZY) and we have joined, and I am super excited. I miss choirs so much, and so this is a tender mercy for me! 

Oh yeah, I did receive your package on Friday, and I have been driving all of the Elders crazy with the screaming pumpkin! Haha. Thank you so much. I received so much mail this week, it was insane! One from Elder Leavitt, my previous companion, and one from Leah! It was really great.

Nothing really more to talk about! I have been studying a lot on Christlike Attributes this past month, and am continuing to do so, with my study on Charity starting this morning! It has been amazing to feel of the Savior's love as I have studied His attributes, and am striving to become more like Him.

Let me tell you, this church is true. Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and I am strengthened in that testimony everytime I recite the First Vision. Heavenly Father loves us, and as we read and try to imagine the First Vision happening, we will know that for ourselves. There is an amazing power behind the First Vision when it is recounted in Joseph Smith's own words, and so I encourage you all to prepare for missionary opportunities by committing that to memory. Either tonight for FHE, or by ponderizing it this next week. It will strengthen your testimony like nothing else. Christ lives, and His prophet is on the earth today. I know that.

I love you all! Thanks for all your continued prayers and support. Have an amazing week!


Elder Harvey :) 
Ecclesiastes 3:1-11

October 26, 2015 - Arroyo Grande 1st Ward

Finally!  An answer to prayers!  We are incredibly grateful for a wise (physiotherapist) mission president and a merciful Heavenly Father that knows what is best for our son.  Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers on his behalf.  


Hey! So, let's get down to business. I got my MRI results this morning, and nothing serious showed up on the scan! The doctor diagnosed a minor strain of a ligament or something like that, and prescribed a knee brace and anti-inflammatory's for the swelling! That's all that I will need, and that sure is a load off of my shoulders! Thanks for all the prayers on my behalf. They mean a whole lot! 

So, this week was another great week! We have been working hard to find and teach people! Leonor sent us a text on Tuesday morning, saying that the "Mormon religion" isn't for her, so that was a bummer. But no worries, we are starting off fresh now, and working hard with the members! We have had some really spiritual experiences with the members so far, just teaching the Restoration very simply and clearly, and I have absolutely loved it! Dad asked about Jude, and yes, he was very flakey so I don't know if we will be picking him back up anytime this transfer! Crazy to think that on Sunday I will already be out for 4 months! Ah! 

Let's see, oh yeah! I went on exchanges with Elder Barrios-Vega this week, working in the Spanish group for a day! That was really fun, getting to watch him teach a family of 7 in Spanish and throw away all their concerns and bear powerful testimony on the Book of Mormon! I felt the Spirit so strongly, even though I didn't know what the heck he was saying. It was funny, they asked him a question, and he turned to me and asked "They asked if we believe in Hell...." I almost started laughing, but thought it wouldn't be too appropriate. They'd probably understand my laughing, even if it is a Canadian laughing... 

Good to hear about everything back at home! We had the primary program this past Sunday, and my thoughts immediately turned to you Jameson! I miss you all a ton, but I am glad to be able to stay in California and fulfill my duty as a missionary! 

Great to hear about the Jags winning! I somehow run into a lot of people that just want to talk football, so we get a lot of conversations that way. Haha. Drives my companion insane, because somehow I know every stat from every week, without watching a speck of TV. What can I say! I have a gift. :)

Hope you all are doing well! I will try to send that package soon, and I will print out pictures to send all of you :) I also had to get a co-payment of ten dollars for my appointment this morning, and don't know if I will have to pay for my prescriptions, so just a heads up! 

Let me know when I can get my seminary scriptures :)

OH YEAH! We traveled to the edge of our mission on Saturday, to a little town called New Cuyama! It is in our area, about an hour and 15 minutes away from our apartment, and our WML, Brother Rust, drove us out to see a LA (less active) and try to talk with people. There was almost no point in going there, but the LA we saw was very appreciative and we gave her a blessing! Then, Brother Rust took us out and we kiiiiiinda ate a 7 patty burger. It was legendary. You'll see pictures :)

Love you all! Hope you all have a great week, and I know that the Lord is always with you! Emerson, get those papers done and out as soon as possible! Idle hands are the devil's workshop! It will bless your life, and you are ready to get out there ASAP!


Elder Harvey
"I Know That my Savior Loves Me!"

 I commented on Jaxon's brightly coloured tie - apparently they constantly search for weird, crazy, ugly ties...