Friday, 17 March 2017

March 13, 2017 - Arroyo Grande 1st Ward


Howdy hey!

I loved the emails today! Sounds like it was an interesting time trying to get Emerson to the CCM! Glad he made it there though. I sent him an email last week, so I hope he gets it! It made me remember the day I left from Abbotsford. Meeting a member in Calgary, and getting picked up by Jessie in Salt Lake. Good times, and I am sure Elder Harvey is working wonders in the CCM. 

This week has been an interesting one. Nothing really huge happening. Just kidding, some big things happened, but we were planning a lot for some meetings and our Zone Goal this transfer. Mom, I do remember Sister Crapo asking for sand, and I will get it for you! Sorry that I forgot last time. I haven't done a good job at collecting any either... But I do really appreciate those little containers you sent, even if I have nothing in them :) It was a nice thought from a loving Mother! And I would have sent the package in the express box, but I couldn't get everything to fit! Hopefully I am not transferred until I come home, and then I will only have to send one more package! 

Monday. We pretty much chilled with the District at the Arroyo Grande Building. Elder Davis and I went for some lunch. But, when we were at the building, the Sisters came into the parking lot and hit a curb and both passenger side tires went flat. So, we helped them with that and they got it fixed. Went over to the Capanna's for dinner that night. They were my first dinner ever in the mission field! 

Tuesday. We started driving at 6am to make it to the Mission Home by 8:30. I haven't had to drive that early in a looooong time, or for that long! It was a great meeting though. We cut it short too, because the District Leaders were invited to come and participate in some leadership training. Elder Davis and I gave a presentation on invites to church, and we received our new focus for the next transfer or two: We Are ONE in ZION. I loved it! We want to become more united. I loved something that President Felix said: "It is good to establish the Church, but it is better to establish Zion!" The Spirit was very strong there. We left, and got home around 6:00, and had dinner with the Fowler's! That was fun. Sister Fowler's daughter, who was single when I left, got married while I was away! And her husband works with Azlan. I don't know if you remember, but Elder Beus and I found Azlan, and he ended up getting baptized in the YSA ward. Well, Azlan hasn't really been active for a while, and some recent events have brought him to desire to come back to church! So, we invited him to come to our ward! He lives with his mom now about an hour away, so we weren't sure if it would happen. 

Wednesday. We were supposed to get a new phone for us in our supply orders on Tuesday, but it was accidentally given to the Santa Barbara ZL's, and so we met them halfway and picked up our phone. After that, we planned Zone Meeting out, and went to Brother Hurst and tried to figure out how we can get a map of our area. Had dinner that evening with the Moses', and then gave Sister Kaunfer a blessing. They are a part-member family, and she went in for surgery today down at UCLA on her hip. She's been less-active for awhile, but requested a blessing before her surgery! 

Thursday. We did some Weekly Planning, and then talked about a Zone Goal that could go along with the focus we have with being one in Zion. We came up with a pretty sweet idea, focusing on inviting people to "Come to Zion," or, inviting people to church! As a Zone, we are going to be involved with PSI: Pray, Seek, Invite. And it's all going to be around inviting people to church! Had dinner with the Ojeda's that night, and prepped for Zone Meeting the next day! 

Friday. We left early to do some more prep for the meeting. While we were preparing, President and Sister Felix showed up and stayed for our meeting! One of the Sisters in our Zone hurt her ankle, and so President was initially coming up to check on her. It was a great meeting though. Everyone was giving great feedback, and the Spirit was definitely there! AND, everyone loved the Zone Goal :) After that, we went and did some service with Jeremy McNeil, a young man who left on his mission when I was here last, but had to come home about halfway through due to medical stuff. He served in Winnipeg, and he's heading back on a mission in July! We went and split wood at his house, and then I met our investigator, Kelly. She broke her neck about 3 1/2 months ago, and so it's been real hard to be able to meet with her. But, we set up an appointment with her for the next day, and then headed to dinner with Mindy Smith! She is awesome, owns a ranch in the middle of no where. She invited us to come and help out at her ranch the next day, something she calls Kid's Day. We accepted.

Saturday. We went out to Mindy's Ranch. So, I guess I should explain what we were meant to do. Kids come about once a month and they just ride some of Mindy's horses and have a ton of fun, and Mindy loves having the missionaries come and walk the horses around her stall for the kids. Gives us good publicity, and we got to talk with some people. Anyways, I got to walk this horse around in a circle and make sure it didn't kill me or the kid on it. It was a piece of cake. And it was especially funny when it decided to take a whiz in the middle of the ride. That kid thought it was so funny. You could probably see some pictures on Mindy's website. Not sure what it is, but her company is called Mindy Smith's Rocky Mountain Horses. After that, we went and taught Kelly the Restoration! Super awesome lesson, and she felt very comfortable with everything. She even said that it's something she truly wants to believe! Due to her health, we can only meet once a week right now, but she seems like she is sincerely interested in learning and growing! We had dinner with Karla Lazalde, a YSA member who lives in our ward who I knew when I was here last. That was fun, I miss YSA dinners. Then we went to Luisa's baptism! This was the girl who I conducted the baptismal interview for a week ago. Solid baptism, and the room was FULL of people! 

Sunday. The Bishopric forgot to announce Daylight Savings the week prior, and it showed a little bit at the beginning. It was a great Sacrament service though. AZLAN EVEN CAME AND STAYED ALL THREE HOURS. I love being able to come here and finding the people I taught or found and helping them out! Definitely one of the reasons I was sent back here. The youth speaker, Jayden, brought his friend to church too! Jayden gave an amazing talk on the fourth article of faith, and then went back into the congregation to sit with his friend. Jayden's mom came up to us after and told us that she felt prompted to invite us over for dinner and to have us teach his friend. Apparently Jayden asked his friend to join the Church while they were sitting listening to the last speaker. It was awesome! What I think made the difference though was that we introduced ourselves to his friend before sacrament started! So, long story short, we are teaching him on Saturday! Two weeks in a row that someone brought a friend to church! We didn't get to meet with Alex, she has MS and gets sick easily, but we are meeting with her this week! We also got a new Ward Mission Leader, Matti Kilpelainen! He is awesome, and we are really seeing the Work pick up like never before! Had dinner that night with the Hullstine's. He is the Stake President here, and they are just an amazing family! It was fun to meet with them, and President Hullstine is coming to our lesson on Saturday with Kelly! 

So, to answer Mom's question: yes. I love being back in my old ward! It is an amazing time here, and we are truly seeing miracles come as a result of our faith and diligence. This next week is looking like we are going to start seeing some fruit from our labors! And, to answer Dad's question, I have already been seeking out some of those formers that we taught when I was here last! No success yet, but we will keep on trying! 

I have been thinking a lot this week about how I can do more, what I can do to become a better missionary and create more opportunities to "invite others to come unto Christ." I love this quote from Neal A. Maxwell:

"We can and 'ought to be content with the things allotted to us,' being circumstantially content but without being self-satisfied and behaviorally content with ourselves.

Such contentment is more than shoulder-shrugging passivity. It reflects our participative assent rather than uncaring resignation.

The Lord knows our circumstances and the intents of our hearts, and surely the talents and gifts He has given us. He is able to gauge perfectly how we have performed within what is allotted to us, including by lifting up some of the many surrounding hands that hang down. Thus, yearning for expanded opportunities while failing to use those at hand is bad form spiritually.

What we could and have done within our allotted acreage, therefore, is known perfectly by the Master of the vineyard."

We have been given certain "jurisdictions." With that, comes certain opportunities to do somethings, and lack of opportunities to do other things. Like Alma, we may desire that we were angels, being able to declare the gospel to EVERYONE. However, like Alma, we need to come to understand that we have been given "a labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay." If we cannot do what God has already asked us to do, why should we be asking for more?

I love this Gospel, and I love this Mission. 

I love all of you! I hope you have an amazing week, and I hope I have Emerson's email right....


Elder California Harvey

Elder Harvey and Elder Davis
Canadian Corner

March 6, 2017 - Arroyo Grande 1st Ward

#DeJaVu #WelcomeHOME!

Gosh, it's been such a gooooood week! 

It has been an interesting "adjustment" to my "new" ward! It's been a lot of fun to see old faces, and to especially serve with an old friend in Elder Davis. We are getting along so well, and we have been able to see so many miracles and blessings this week! 

I really appreciated the pictures of Emerson. He really has lost a lot of weight! He looks like a real missionary! I hope he is just through the roof excited, because he will see the best two years of his life unfold before his eyes, and before he knows it: poof! He'll be staring down the airplane.

It's weird to think I will be home in four short months. 

Hey, first off, no one told me that Rachel Gehman (Perez now I think?) moved into my mission! We have an Elder in our District who just came from the ward her and her husband moved into in San Luis Obispo, and told me she moved there! That's pretty cool. Not sure if I am gonna make it up there in the next four months though. 

Anyways, lets go through the week! 

Monday. We had one last activity in Westlake. Played some pool and ping pong, and then drove missionaries around like crazy all day. Had dinner at the Brems house, and then did some prep for transfers the next day! 

Tuesday started early. Had to be at the Stake Center by 7:30, and so we got all ready! I was real sad to leave the South of the mission, and to leave Elder Hunter. Him and I became really close friends- which isn't hard to do when you've been around eachother for 19 weeks! But, I got in the van with Elder T, and made my way back up to Santa Maria! We stopped along the way at some other buildings-that's just how the transfer train works- and finally arrived there at around noon! We did the typical things, shopping and unpacking, and I reminisced about being back in my old ward. It was so weird. But, we went and set up an appointment for this Wednesday with a less-active lady in the ward, and had some dinner. Then, we went and surprised the Hursts! They didn't know that I was coming, and so I will attach a video with our triumphant entrance. It was hilarious to watch. 

Wednesday went well. We started with cutting some trees down at the Gonzales'. If you don't remember, Sister Gonzales is the one from Bowmanville. More on that later. But, it was hard work! We went out again and saw some more of the less-actives. This ward is really good at giving us things to do during the week. Went for dinner with Brother Rust, who used to be the Ward Mission Leader, but isn't anymore. We are supposed to be getting a new WML this Sunday, according to Bishop Merrill. We took a lot of Wednesday to talk about the area and start organizing our area book a little better. Just trying really hard to align our will with God's!

Thursday was Weekly Planning time! We did some more planning, and then we got a text from some other Zone Leaders that said that one of their member's friends wanted a Book of Mormon in our ward! So, we went immediately to deliver the Book! We got there, and it turns out that she wanted to Book for one of the people she ministers to in a jail! But, we ended up giving her her own copy as well, because she was interested in reading it a little bit. Later that evening, we had a lesson with Patrick. He was baptized in January. Elder Beus and I were some of the first missionaries that had contact with him, and now he's progressed so much! It is so neat to see. We taught about the Restoration, and the Spirit was so strong. Patrick talked about the feelings he had when he was baptized, and about some personal experiences he has had with the Book of Mormon. He truly is converted to the Gospel. 

Friday was District Meeting. I am sorry to say Mom that our District Leader is from Taber. I plan on talking about corn with him on exchanges. Should be fun! We had a good meeting on planning and such. After lunch, we went and did some service for a lady who is the mother of a less-active. It was decent, just helped her clean some fans because she is too short. Then we went and saw D'Arcy, another less-active, but she has a lot of health and family issues that keep her from coming to church. It was an amazing visit, and she shared some amazing stories! I loved it. Had dinner with the Gonzales family. So, it turns out that they know the Chisholm's as well, and apparently they will be there for Laura's wedding! So, we need to make sure to go. Because I would love to see this family! We had empanadas.

Saturday we went tracting a little bit, with little interaction with people. We have set a goal to go tracting everyday, we just have to! Only way we can thrust our sickle in. We also went and saw the Simkins family, someone that just moved into the Ward from Orange County. They are great. Then went for dinner with Brother Rust, and went to a baptism in Santa Maria! After that, I was able to interview a 17-year-old girl, Luisa, for baptism. She was very prepared and very converted. I could tell it was a special moment for her, and I felt the Spirit very strongly. It's so much fun to be able to do these kinds of things! 

Sunday was an amazing day. So many familiar faces. I don't know if I have said it before, but Bishop Merrill reminds me a lot of Dad. And it was funny to see his reaction. He introduced me to the Ward by saying "It's a rare opportunity we have to welcome back one of our Elders who previously served here." I don't know why, but it made me insanely happy. I just love being back! Sister Dalebout brought her friend to church, someone who she met at the gym and is blind, and we plan on teaching her on Wednesday! She loved church, and already said that she's gonna be coming back next week! That night, we had dinner with the Bendixens, and then we went to a youth fireside where they watched the Face2Face with President Eyring and Elder Holland. It was great! I don't know if you've seen it yet, but at they released a new first vision video, one that combines all nine accounts of the event. We just watched it, and I LOVED it. An amazing presentation. 

This next week looks like it will be a fast one! MLC tomorrow, Wednesday seems stacked, and just a lot of things leading up to another P-Day! It goes by so so so fast. Ack. 

I was reading in the Doctrine and Covenants yesterday, Section 75:

"2 Hearken, O ye who have given your names to go forth to proclaim my gospel, and to prune my vineyard.

 3 Behold, I say unto you that it is my will that you should go forth and not tarry, neither be idle but labor with your might—

 4 Lifting up your voices as with the sound of a trump, proclaiming the truth according to the revelations and commandments which I have given you.

 5 And thus, if ye are faithful ye shall be laden with many sheaves, and crowned with honor, and glory, and immortality, and eternal life."

And I also LOVE the scripture that Mom sent:

" But rise, and stand upon thy feet: for I have appeared unto thee for this purpose, to make thee a minister and a witness both of these things which thou hast seen, and of those things in the which I will appear unto thee;

 Delivering thee from the people, and from the Gentiles, unto whom now I send thee."

I am a minister and representative of the Lord Jesus Christ, as is Emerson. I declare to the world that the message which I share through the Holy Ghost is true, and I shall never deny it. I love this Gospel, this is the Lord's work, and we are His church! 

Have a safe morning tomorrow! We'll be leaving around the same time! I have a 2 hour trip to Oxnard tomorrow! 

Sure do love you all! Thanks for everything!


Elder California Harvey

February 27, 2017 - Arroyo Grande 1st Ward





I am being transferred. And I am beyond excited. I will give you my address first:

469 Avenida De Socios #6
Nipomo CA

Now, if this address seems familiar to you... It's because it's familiar to me. I AM GOING BACK TO ARROYO GRANDE 1ST WARD. I have been waiting for this moment for so long. I will be with Elder Davis, who was in my district over a year ago in Solvang. Him and I have been waiting to be companions for SO LONG. I cannot explain to you how excited I am to go back, and most likely finish my mission where I started with Elder Beus! It will be a blast. In preparation for my transfer, I sent a package to the PO Box. It has a birthday present for Emerson, and a birthday excuse for Aydan (sorry!). 

Well. I wish I had a big long eventful week to tell you about. Truth is, I was deathly sick Tuesday-Thursday. It was terrible. Stayed in pretty much all day, and on Wednesday evening I couldn't even speak. My throat felt like someone installed a garbage disposal into it. Although, Tuesday morning I tried to suck it up and go tracting. But, I was so week and down for the count. Elder Hunter got to go and do a lot of work though! I was just dying all week. Tuesday we went for fish tacos with a family in the ward. I had to go, everyone else in the District had a dinner, and we forgot to cancel. Wednesday I spent the entire day in with Elder McCurdy, and we had correlation with Brother Meru. Thursday we were just in all day. So, I will start with Friday! 

Friday. District Meeting went really well! We learned about teaching for understanding. I had taken Nyquil about an hour before, my throat was still killing me, and so I was really up in the clouds! Nyquil was all we had. We went and did service for Sister Mohlman, and dinner had cancelled on us so we had some dinner with some other Elders. 

Saturday was transfer call day, but in the morning we got a call from Tamala Page and she needed help moving a bed and stuff. Ended up taking a few hours. But, Brother Meru was willing to help us out. We got transfer calls, and a lot of our Zone is getting switched up. Elder Bradley is coming to Conejo Canyon to be with Elder Hunter! Nothing else really happened for the rest of the day. Just went around and tried to see people, to no avail.

Sunday was an excellent Sacrament Meeting on the Plan of Salvation. Tamala came! She loved it. Said goodbye to some people during the afternoon, and then did some studies! Fun times. 

Really lame week, I know. Sorry for getting sick. I don't know what it was here, but I have gotten sick like crazy. Hopefully a little taste of the ocean air will clear it up. :) It is going to be an amazing week! I am so excited to be with Elder Davis. I'll make sure the Hursts send you a picture of me! 

I love you all! Have a fun week! I am proud of Emerson and the steps he has made. AND CARLY CHISHOLM? That's crazy. That's an old name. 

Love you!

Elder Harvey

Mom:  So happy for your transfer!  Will you still be a zone leader?
Jaxon:  I am still a Zone Leader! I love it. Best assignment ever!

February 20, 2017 - Canejo Canyon Ward - Newbury Park Zone



Holy Hannah it's raining like crazy down here. 

Remember in my farewell talk how I mentioned that it would be nice to send me some water when I am down here? 

Well, that's enough now. Everyone can stop sending water. We don't need ANYMORE.

I will attach some videos and stuff.

This week has been interesting. I played nurse for a couple of days, and now I am starting to get sick myself. Which stinks, but I will push on! We did Zone Evaluations this week, had a Zone Conference, and took care of a lot of things in our Zone! 

Good to hear that Emerson got his Visa! He's all set! Thinking about some of the questions you asked me.. I remember our bill at Moore's was around 500... We got some deals on pants and a 2-for-1 suit deal. Although, I should've chosen a different second suit.... That jacket has like never fit me. I think I was tired of being in Moore's and just thought we would just get the suit. My pants are holding up okay. I have sowed them like crazy... But, they are holding up, and should be able to finish! I don't think I will be coming home with a lot of them though... Wouldn't be worth bringing back. They will be see-through by June. I haven't been able to find another suit, but I am hoping that this one just holds up for the next little bit. We can go looking around today. I bought a journal last week that I found... Might send it home for Emerson to use. I like it a lot! Dad, Canadian Tire would be great. Funny enough, if I remember correctly, one of the Kingston stores in one of the best in the country. So, that would be fun! I loved my time there, and it paid well. Oh, and as for the Elders tonight, I always love anything that members make for us. Honestly, we just like the company and actually being in someone's house. You should make them some of those meatloaf muffins though. Those are my favorite! 

Monday we went on a hike-ish. We went down to Paramount Ranch in Agoura. Look it up on Google, it's a really neat place. That night, we went to the Tan's for dinner, and had some lasagna. And then went and saw Daniel King, a less-active that lives in our apartment complex! It was an interesting visit. He doesn't really want to do anything. We shared Ether 12:6 with him, and invited him to strengthen his faith by living the Gospel. He declined. 

Tuesday we went over to Sister Mohlman's house in the morning and did some service for her. Tried to visit some people throughout the day, and then also did our Zone Evaluation so we could give it to the Assistants the next day at Zone Conference. Had dinner with the Robakowski's, and then went and saw Kathleen! The Tan's came with us, and we talked about the importance of prayer. Kathleen is SO awesome. 

Wednesday we traveled to Camarillo to participate in Zone Conference. It was a good day. We learned about Repentance, Obedience, and Finding. I loved it! I have found lately that I am not necessarily learning anything new...However, I am learning things from the Spirit. It's an interesting concept, learning from the Spirit. I have learned about repentance and obedience many times, but this time I just felt the Spirit re-affirming to my mind and heart that these things were true, and share with me how I can improve. I just love the Spirit so much! We had dinner with the Batty's that night, and then we went on a blitz with Elders McCurdy and Emerson, because Elder McCurdy was sick. I stayed in with Elder McCurdy, him and I are good friends. 

Thursday I stayed in with Elder McCurdy. Playing nurse! It was fun. Kinda. I cleaned some of their apartment, and then we also watched every single bible video... Yeah. Long day, but Elder Hunter and Elder Emerson had a fun time together! 

Friday....Ohhhhh Friday.... Friday was the day the storm hit. And holy cow. It hit. I've been in rain like that, but this area just isn't prepared for anything... It was incredible. Water EVERYWHERE. Again, I will send some videos. We ended up driving around a lot. The sidewalks were all flooded, so there was no way we could walk around. We also ended up moving a 300lbs tree off of someone's driveway... I bore the weight of the tree entirely on my shoulder for a solid minute. Elder Hunter couldn't reach it. So that was fun! Had dinner with the Single Sisters in the ward, and then did Weekly Planning! 

Saturday was more calm. We went by some less-actives, and then ended up having to drive to Oxnard to go and pick-up some phones. A bunch of missionaries down here had broken ones. Including one companionship, where one of them accidentally walked into a pool.. Haha. So, we delivered those, and had an appointment with Erasmus Erastus, a new move-in in our ward. He is working towards a temple recommend, and asked to meet with us weekly to help him in his preparations! Interesting fellow, but very kind and very knowledgeable. 

Sunday we had a good time at church, nothing too noteworthy. Just another solid day! Went and saw Tamala, another less-active who is going through a very hard time right now, and she requested a blessing. We will be helping her out a lot more in the near future! We also saw Kathleen that night for a little bit, but she had a migraine and we had to leave. 

And yeah. Elder Hunter did a lot more than me this week, but I like serving other missionaries! I am loving it out here. Week six this week... And week nineteen of Elder Hunter and I being together. Should be a fun one! 

Love you all, thanks so much for your prayers and thoughts! 

I have been thinking a lot about consecration lately. And I enjoy this quote from Neal A. Maxwell:

"Consecration is not resignation or a mindless caving in. Rather, it is a deliberate expanding outward, making us more honest when we sing, 'More used would I be' (“More Holiness Give Me,” 1985, Hymns, no. 131). Consecration, likewise, is not shoulder-shrugging acceptance, but, instead, shoulder-squaring to better bear the yoke."

Love you!

Elder Harvey 

February 13, 2017 - Canejo Canyon Ward - Newbury Park Zone



This week has probably been the fastest week of my mission. I have no idea where the time all went! It was insane. On Saturday, I woke up thinking it was Tuesday..... Yeah. I have problems. 

Anyways, life has been pretty good out here! We saw some rain this week again, and we are supposed to be getting hit by like a 5 day storm at the end of this week. It's awesome! To answer Dad's question, my camera is doing great! I love it. Very basic, and it does the job! I would suggest either a camera like mine, or just buy him a disposable one.... Idk, just thinking about Mexico and everything. You don't want anything that will be a target for thieves! I think that was all of the questions that you guys asked though. I've been thinking a little bit at night about the next year.. Where I want to be, what I want to be doing, and I have been reading my Patriarchal Blessing, which doesn't really give me a TON of direction, school-wise. But, I think my best bet will be to do Pathways. But, I don't know where I would want to take it.. I can figure that out in May or something. But, I think that way I can do school online, and I can live with you guys or somewhere else, and I can work to raise money for school. It'd be a cheaper decision, and I would be able to finish my General Studies completely online in like a year and a half. Just a thought I have. We'll see how that goes. 

Monday. Had dinner with the Bilson's, which was fun. Then we went to the FHE with Bishop, and the Guthrie's didn't show up. We talked with Bishop for about an hour, and we came to the decision that it's time to back off Logan for a little bit, and that he shouldn't be baptized on the 18th. Just a better decision for everyone. He wasn't keeping a lot of the commitments we were giving him, and he just wasn't converted. And Bishop doesn't want just another Less-Active on the Ward List. So, that was the decision we came to. Bishop then gave us some names of people on the Ward List that he wanted us to go and see, which was a huge help! 

Tuesday. We have been wanting to do this for some time, but we took the morning to get all organized and junk and then we did some service for Anita! Helped move a bunch of things and then set up an appointment with her on Thursday! Elder Peart and I taught her the Plan of Salvation, and she got super busy, so now she wanted a church tour! Had dinner that night with the Mathews, hilarious couple. Just a blast to be around, and Brother Mathews LOVES hockey! So, we got to talk hockey a little bit. I don't get to do that too often! Then, we had our lesson with Logan. We were having companion study in the car outside of his house, planning out how we were going to drop him, and  he freaked me out and came up to our window and asked us to come and have the lesson and do it in 15 minutes....grrrr... So, we went in, and we let him know how much we love him and just explained that he wouldn't be able to get baptized on the 18th. We aren't going to be meeting with him as much, just on a 2 week basis, but we encouraged him to keep praying and reading and coming to church! By the end of it, he was tearing up. It was hard, but we knew it was best for everyone. Drop lessons are so weird. It feels like some break up or something.

Wednesday. I had the opportunity to give Elder McCurdy a blessing in the morning of comfort and counsel. I love giving blessings! This time, I really felt the love of our Heavenly Father for this Elder. He has his struggles, but it was just so neat to feel the Spirit flow out of my mouth. There comes a certain point in blessings, I've found, that you zone out, and you know that the Spirit is guiding everything you are saying. Your will aligns perfectly with God's will, and that is just incredible. I have been feeling that in my prayers lately too. Praying with the guidance of the Spirit is just so important! We went and saw a bunch of Less-Actives that day, and some people were home, but we weren't really let into a lot of houses. Had dinner that night with the Ball's, which was fun! And then had a meeting with Brother Meru, and went and visited some people with him! We ended up going and visiting this really nice inactive couple in a different ward, because we can do that. It was a neat visit, they are parents of a less-active in our ward. It was fun! 

Thursday we had District Meeting, because we had interviews with President on Friday. It was all about finding! I enjoyed it a lot. Then we did some service for a member in our ward, Dorothy Gaine. Picked up some rotten fruit off of the ground, and then picked some oranges and lemons off of her trees. It was fun, until I had rotten orange juice fall on me. Gross. Then we had our lesson with Anita, and Brother Meru also came to that! It was a really neat tour, and as we were showing her and her 9-year-old son, Diego, the baptismal font, she asked what the difference was between Catholics and Mormons. Now, this is where the benefit of being together for 17 weeks comes in for Elder Hunter and I. Next thing we know, we have taught the best Restoration lesson I think I have ever taught. We were talking about it afterwards, and there were many instances in the lesson where Elder Hunter and I were finishing eachothers thoughts, and it was scary, the Spirit we invited into the room. Anita is now a new investigator! She is really interested in learning more, and really wants to come to church as well! Then, we had dinner with the Gholdston's, and Brother Meru came AGAIN to a lesson with Kathleen! She asked us a lot of questions about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we had such a spiritual visit with her. She is going through a lot, and she was crying by the end of it. A lot of love in that room! 

Friday we set up for interviews, and then had our interviews at 2. It was fun. This time around, Sister Felix had us do a personality test, and then we scored it while we met with her! I have a "Blue" Core Personality according to this test, which was very accurate! But, I love those two. They are so fun! Saw some more less-actives. And then did some Weekly Planning! 

Saturday we had no appointments, and so we ended up tracting for 3 1/2 hours. It was a lot of fun actually! You meet the most interesting people sometimes. Not a ton of people were happy to see us, especially the Jehovah Witnesses that we tracted parallel to for about 45 minutes. That was fun. Dinner fell through that night, and we just kept trying by people, to no avail! 

Sunday was a good day. We had 9 people on our progress record! Which is AWESOME. Sacrament was all about eternal marriage, and learned about the Plan of Salvation in Priest's Quorum! Had dinner with the Wilson's, which was HILARIOUS. Great family. Loved being with them! 

And yeah. Goooooood week! Working hard, and putting that shoulder to the wheel! 

Here's a thought for this week:

I was reading a lot about charity yesterday. And I was reading a talk by Gene R. Cook, and he explains three ways that we can “clothe [ourselves] with the bond of charity … of perfectness and peace."

1) Recognize His love:  "It is part of the gift of charity to be able to recognize the Lord’s hand and feel His love in all that surrounds us."

2) Receive His love in humility: "Receive it. Feel it. It is not enough just to know that God loves you. The gift is to be felt continually day by day. It will then be a divine motivator throughout your life."

3) Convey His love: "As a man first immerses his thoughts in love and conveys those feelings to God, man, or self, a magnified portion of that attribute will surely follow from the Spirit."

I love it. I particularly loved being taught by the Spirit that Charity isn't just merely outward manifestations of our love for others, but charity involves the personal revelations of God's love for us!

Well, I love you all! Hope you have an amazing week! 


Elder Harvey