Wednesday, 11 May 2016

May 9, 2016 - Westlake YSA Ward

#ElderHarveyGoesSouth #ItWasBoundToHappenSometime


Well... Interesting and crazy week. But it was fun. Being in a tripan with Zone Leaders was crazy awesome. Never a dull moment. But we made it through and did all we could to further the work in both wards. Aaaaaaaand. I am getting transferred! I will head to the most southern part of the mission, and be serving as a Zone Leader in the Westlake YSA Ward with Elder Snyder. I am mega excited. It is going to be an awesome time, and I will FINALLY get to go to the temple next month! I haven't been since June 27th, 2015. So that will be awesome to go. We get to go during the month of our birthday, and only if we don't serve in the Santa Maria or Santa Barbara zones, and that is where I have spent my entire mission so far. So this will be good :)

Not a ton to report on. We had an awesome lesson with some YSA on Monday night. One of the members was walking around and stopped someone on the street and gave him a Book of Mormon, and we ended up teaching three people during our appointment. Hopefully that turns out well for Elder Stewart and Elder Summers. 

We helped Don some more on Wednesday. That was fun. Last time I will ever be there probably, and he wasn't too happy about it. He nearly broke down in tears when we told him at church. He is still praying and reading though! Which is awesome. Only a matter of time until he gets tackled by the Spirit. 

We also were able to see the Holguins on Saturday evening. Sammy and Abby gave me some adorable cards. And I will attach pictures of them. Sad to leave them, but they will continue to grow in the gospel. 

( I had asked Jaxon what he remembered most about the year he studied the Old Testament in Seminary) So, my Old Testament Experience was AWESOME. I loved learning about the Old Testament and Pearl of Great Price from Sister Guenther. The main thing I remember is she really drilled into our head that we need to learn from the past. The Old Testament is for us just as much as any other scripture! Full of amazing stories, and amazing examples of both how not to do things and how to do things the right way. She also opened Isaiah to me, and we really learned how the prophecies and teachings in that book applied so much to us. My favorite scripture might just be found in Daniel 2. The one about the stone being cut out of the mountain without hands. The restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was prophesied by so many prophets of old. 

Anyways, I am very excited for my new assignment and for the opportunity I have to serve even more. To learn to love even more and help my fellow missionaries even more. I know that the Lord qualifies whom he calls, and I pray He will do the same for me. 

I love you all, and I hope Aydan passes her test! (Aydan took her driver's test that afternoon)


Elder Harvey

PS:  Oh, also, I am not sending a package home. I don't have anything to send. But I do need some vacuum bags for packing. If that's okay. And some sheet protectors. 

573 Hampshire Road #133-B
Westlake Village, California, USA

"Conversation" between Jaxon and Bryan:
B: Vacuum Bags?
J: Yeah. The Ziploc ones. makes packing a lot easier. I have some from Elder Leavitt actually. I don't need any I think.
B:  OK. How's the luggage holding up?  
J:  It is doing well! I have to pack hardcore today.
B:  Make sure you 
get that apartment cleaned!! Do your Momma proud :)
J: Will do! Love you Dad. Have a great week! Don't die on your bike!  (Bryan had fallen off his bike a few days prior)

Elder Harvey and Abby

May 8, 2016 - Mother's Day Phone Call

To help pass the time until Elder Harvey called - we invited the missionaries from our Branch to come for lunch and then use our computer to Skype their families.  We loved having them with us and were grateful we could provide them the opportunities to call their mom's.  We shared some dessert when they were done and then anxiously awaited 6pm until Jaxon would call.

It was so good to talk to him and get caught up on his life - face to face and not over email.  He is doing well.  He's had some challenges over the past few months but is excited for his new area and responsibilities.  He's been transferred to the Westlake YSA Ward and will be the Zone Leader for his Zone.

I sure love that boy and sure am grateful for his example and desire to serve our Lord.  We were hoping Emerson's mission call would come before Mother's Day and we could open it all together - but it didn't come... but that's okay - it was a wonderful conversation and the best part was having him give our family prayer at the end of the phone call.  

I sure do love all those faces and will be eternally grateful for the pleasure I've had to call them my children. :)  It's going to be a looooong wait until Christmas Day!  But we can look forward to two skype calls! :)

May 2, 2016 - Santa Barbara

#9/7 #craziestweekofthemission


Well. I don't know where to start. But holy dang this week was.... just mind-boggling. So much has happened, but let's go through it day by day:

Tuesday. Okay, so we had interviews with President Felix today. In our interviews, we were told that Elder Brown is going to be sent home to deal with the medical issues he has been facing! So that was a huge shock, something we definitely didn't see coming! Later that day, we were helping a lady named Priscilla move some plants from house to house. She had borrowed her friend's truck to use to transport them! We were driving behind her, and all of a sudden a white Audi pulled out and T-boned her right in front of us! Her back end shot around and also hit a Lexus that was waiting to turn left. Basically, I have never seen an accident before, so I didn't really know what to do, so we got out and helped out with everything. Then, that night we went to the beach for an Elders Quorum activity! It was stellar. I have an awesome short video that I took while we were there! 

Wednesday. We contacted a sweet media referral in the morning before a doctor's appointment for Elder Brown, and she was solid! She accepted the video she requested and a Book of Mormon! We set a return appointment, and then got a text a few minutes later and she cancelled and said that she thought we were Christians. So that was a bummer! We helped out Deborah, an investigator from the Sisters area, and helped her move a mattress to someone's house. We did so, and a lady came out of the house and FREAKED OUT. Apparently she didn't tell the person whose house we dropped the mattress off at, and she wasn't too happy. 

Friday, I was on exchanges with Elder Campbell, one of the Zone Leaders, and it was a blast! We had an awesome District Meeting on the Book of Mormon and how to effectively use it! It was awesome and super spiritual. We also had a lesson with Noreen, a lady in a psychiatric care facility. And that was good. 

Sunday, We had church, and that was good as always. No crazy people this time, but just generally a great day! We were able to watch the YSA Broadcast as well, and it was awesome! I loved learning about the different First Vision accounts and how powerful they all are together! I have been studying about that lately, and it was awesome to have Elder Maynes speak on that!

So, basically I am in a "Tri-pan" which just means there are three of us instead of two. I am with Elder Campbell and Elder Stewart for the week, and Elder Brown is boarding the plane as I type this. It was really sad to see him go, but it's also something I have done before. It's weird to have this happen two times in three transfers, but it is just something I have to deal with! 

Nothing much more happened this week. I will skype you all at 6 your time, and I will also have my transfer call by then! I love you all, stay strong, and remember your divine heritage!


Elder Harvey

Tri Pan for Dayz

Elder Harvey and Elder Brown

Beautiful California Sunsets

April 25, 2016 - Santa Barbara

#IsItSeriouslyMayThisWeek?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? #DoubleDigits


So, First of all, I suck. I meant to write down my contact lens information before I left the apartment this morning but that never happened. And, I also haven't sent the package. So that is totally my fault. We ran out of time last week. I will make sure to get it done today! I am glad that you all liked the letters, and I am sorry that my handwriting sucks! I was in a huge hurry to finish writing those, and I rushed it. The next ones will be better!

Sounds like you have had quite the week! I saw the picture of our old house in Bowmanville.... Dang. I remember when I stepped on a piece of metal in that front yard and had to go to the hospital. I remember the huge lightning storm that took power out for quite some time, and I never got to play the Banjo-Tooie game we had rented from Blockbuster. I also remember when Mom's bike got stolen because we left the garage door open that night. I could go on and on! I also think it's super awesome that you got to go to Bowmanville Ward! I totally remember David. Crazy to think how grown up we all are! 

Speaking of the Sabbath Day, BroMac sent me the youth video! It was on Sabbath Day Observance, and they did a killer job! I miss those days. 

So, I have set up our Skype time. It will be either 5 or 6 your time. Which one works better for you?

So, this week has been interesting. Again! Haha. Elder Brown is pretty sick, so we haven't been able to do a ton of work this week. Which is fine, we have to make sure he is alright! We helped this lady named Marva move on Tuesday, and then she bought us food. So that was cool. Went on exchanges with Elder Reed on Wednesday, and taught our one investigator, Paul, about Temples and Eternal Marriage! 

Saturday was great! We had a JustServe project in the morning. We helped clean the west-side of Santa Barbara! Elder Brown and I got to go around and clean graffiti off of poles and such! It was super fun! Didn't do much else that day though.

Friday, we had an awesome District Meeting! It's super stressful having to plan out these things. Having to make sure that we have a really spiritual meeting but I also don't want to bore the heck out of everyone. We talked about Gospel Learning, and using Inspired Questions! I found this really great article, "The Lesson Is Inside the Learner" by Brother Russell Osguthorpe in the July 2012 Ensign! And I also love this scripture: 

"13 Wherefore, I the Lord ask you this question—unto what were ye ordained?
 14 To preach my gospel by the Spirit, even the Comforter which was sent forth to teach the truth.
 15 And then received ye spirits which ye could not understand, and received them to be of God; and in this are ye justified?
 16 Behold ye shall answer this question yourselves;nevertheless, I will be merciful unto you; he that is weak among you hereafter shall be made strong.
 17 Verily I say unto you, he that is ordained of me and sent forth to preach the word of truth by the Comforter, in the Spirit of truth, doth he preach it by the Spirit of truth or some other way?
 18 And if it be by some other way it is not of God.
 19 And again, he that receiveth the word of truth, doth he receive it by the Spirit of truth or some other way?
 20 If it be some other way it is not of God.
 21 Therefore, why is it that ye cannot understand and know, that he that receiveth the word by the Spirit of truth receiveth it as it is preached by the Spirit of truth?
 22 Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth,understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together."

It's all about the Spirit! If we don't have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, we can't teach! And if we teach by some other way other than the Spirit, it isn't of God! We can't lean unto our own understanding, rather, we need to trust in the Lord! We NEED the Spirit. Without it, we are nothing!

A few other things: Emerson, my prediction is that you will be going to California somewhere. Only because I absolutely LOVE California. 

Another thing. HOW THE HECK DID THE FLORIDA PANTHERS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS?!?!?!?!?! Didn't see that one coming.

I think that's about it from me. It's been a rough week, it's been a lonely week, but it's been a week where I have felt myself come closer to my Savior. I can't rely on anyone else except for Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father. 

Love you all! Thanks for all of your prayers and all of your love!!


Elder Harvey

PS:  Tell Mathew that I say congrats! That's where Josh Engen is right?

Our District is super close, we all live within 10 minutes of each other

By the way, I am 10 months out on Sunday!!!

April 18, 2016 - Santa Barbara

#wetotallyjustgotrearended #quoteunquoteElderHarvey2016

Hey E'rryone!

Haha. So this week has been another great week here in Santa Barbara! I don't think it hit above 80 degrees for most of the week. Sunday was HOT. But that's okay. Oh yeah, and I finally became a victim to the freeways of California. More on that later though.

EMERSON YES. YEEEEESSSSSS! (We had just told Jaxon that Emerson's mission papers had been sent in) I am SUPER excited for you. Maybe you'll come here and I will be your trainer. That would be hilarious. Anyways, I hope I can see you open it, but, if not, know that WHEREVER you go, you are needed by the Lord there for a specific purpose. Don't let anything drag you down, especially during your waiting period! I remember waiting six months to leave on my mission. It was tough, but limit distractions and focus on what you are being called to do: to be  a representative of The Lord, Jesus Christ, wherever you are called to go. It is a heavy mantle, that's for sure. The Apostles refer to us as their "fellow-servants" whenever they address us personally. For the two years you are a missionary, you are standing side by side with the Apostles and Prophet, doing what Jesus Christ called them to do: 

"19 ¶Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen." (Matthew 28)

Anyways, this week was good! On Tuesday, we saw Kevin. Kevin, if I haven't talked about him before, is a less-active in our Ward who we meet with pretty regularly. On Tuesday, we found out that he has been meeting with some Jehovah Witness friends of his, and we had a really great lesson with him, but it was also very confusing. He has a lot of different doctrines jumbling around in his head, and so it became a very interesting, but great lesson. We saw him again on Thursday and talked about the Plan of Salvation a little bit more, and it went well! He also came to church yesterday!

And Thursday. It was Elder Brown's birthday! I DID plan a little surprise for him. It was awesome. We do Weekly Planning on Thursday's, and so I made a plan that our Zone Leaders would bake him a cake and come in the middle of our planning session and surprise him with a birthday visit! It was great. Then, on the same day we were able to go and sing at an Old Folks Home with the District! That wasn't Elder Brown's favorite thing to do on his birthday, but neither was the Dodge Ram that decided to give him a birthday bump. While we were on the freeway. Haha, it was all good! We were at a stand-still, and just in heavy traffic going to our Relief Society President's house for dinner, and the truck idled into us. Nothing happened, no injuries, a few scratches on both cars, but everything is all good! We then had some pizza and brownies for dinner, and exchanged that night!

Went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders on Friday, and I was doing YSA work again! It was a fun day, we had Zone Meeting, and then saw a few people. It was a good exchange, and a great Zone Meeting on working more effectively with members.

Saturday, Elder Brown was sick again, so we didn't do too much. 

I think that's it from me. I found some things on Family Search this past week. Well, really just one thing that caught my eye. Clinton Pierson... I saw that he hasn't had any temple work done? And that it's reserved by Sandy? Any information on that Mom? If it's possible.... I would love to do the work for him when I come home. 

Oh, I didn't send a package home last week, but I did send something. So look for that in the mail sometime soon. I will send the package home today. Also, I have one contact lens left for each eye... Is there any chance that I can get some more?

Know that I love all of you. This church is true, and I know it without a doubt in my mind. Even on hard weeks, or hard months, where no one seems to want to listen, I know that I just need to push ahead, I just need to know that God has a plan for me and His Children (God's timing, right Mom? ;) ) and I need to know that there are people that He is preparing. Everyone has their individual agency. 



Elder Harvey

PS:  Also, no one has sent me family history stories. But I need them fairly soon. Also, if you have any pictures, I am trying to fill out the "My Family" pamphlet

Also, let Maddy know I say congrats!

Ryan Nelson just emailed me, and he's a Zone Leader! 

April 11, 2016 - Santa Barbara

Hey All!

Dang. This week has gone by FAST. And this transfer is going by even faster. It's already Week 3.... Wow. Anyways, we have had a great week this past week. And, as you could probably guess, it was all highlighted by our Zone Conference this past week, with a Member of the First Quorum of the Seventy touring our mission, and meeting with us. It was AMAZING.

Okay, so first of all, I don't know if I ever mentioned that this Mission Tour was happening in previous emails, and if I didn't, it's payback for you not telling my EMERSON WAS PREPARING TO RECEIVE THE MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD!?! Duuuude. That is AWESOME. I am way proud of you, and I know you will do great things with that Priesthood which you now hold. Always remember Doctrine and Covenants 82:3, coupled with the wise words of Uncle Ben: "With great power comes great responsibility." 

So, also to answer your question about P-Day Mom, I have been a part of some of these activities, but I haven't actually been a "part." In other words, you probably never see me in the pictures of all of these fun activities because I am always the one taking the pictures. The only sport I have been playing is volleyball, and even that I'm not playing very much. My ankle is still bugging me, so I am trying to cut down on everything. Which really stinks, because I can't get the sufficient exercise that I need. Anyways, I will send my memory card home. Could I send a package? I have a few other things I don't need!

We have taught Abby a couple of times this past week, and we received less-than-desirable news from her and her mom. She talked with her dad, and he came out with a definitive "no" as his answer to her getting baptized. Apparently we are brainwashing her. So, basically, we are just going to have to wait things out until she is either 18, or until her dad gives way. Not sure how we are going to proceed from here, but I plan on asking President about that.

I went on exchanges with Elder Vanschlocteren this past Wednesday, and that was a TON of fun. We weren't able to get much missionary work done, because a bunch of different things ended up coming up and I couldn't find the Staples in town to save my life (we needed to get something for Elder Hamula's visit the next day) and so we ended up driving around for a little bit. Santa Barbara is very compact, and so it was IMPOSSIBLE to find anything. Ugh. We were able to contact some people that day though, and the exchange was a success! 

So, Elder Hamula came. Dang, it was absolutely awesome. Elder Clayton and him will be in the same Quorum now I believe? Anyways, he came and talked with us about our Mission and about what we can do better to enhance our mission's culture and to increase the amount of people we find, teach, and baptize. It was awesome, and it all started with FINDING. Okay, I am going to go on a tangent here, but it's really hard to find credible people here in Santa Barbara. A lot of tourists, and everyone is loaded and yeah. So, we have been struggling a lot with finding new people to teach. I think the last new investigator we found was Abby, and that was in February. Anyways, so he talked about that, and talked with us about who we are, and about how the knowledge of who we truly are can help us to overcome anything. It was amazing, and he also said he was very impressed with our mission. Apparently we are doing pretty well, but there is ALWAYS room to improve!

Then, Elder Brown got sick. So we have been in the apartment for a few days as he tries to fight this bug off. So, that's been fun. There was a funny incident that happened yesterday during fast and testimony meeting though... About halfway through the meeting, a homeless man walks in, mutters something to himself, and then sits on the front row! He looked suspicious, but I quickly shrugged that thought off, trying not to judge him on his looks. So, it gets towards the end of the meeting, and he walks up to the stand, and takes a seat next to the second counselor and starts taking a nap while a member is bearing his testimony. Towards the end of this member's testimony, homeless guy perked up, and then walked up to the pulpit when it was free. He then started to say a prayer. Then he started to tell the congregation that we do things wrong, and that "it's a trinity of four beings. Adam, Jesus, Elias, and Elijah." Then he began to talk about Katie. And how Katie and him got into an "unprecedented fight which triggered a race to Mexico." He then said that "Katie is made up of 99 protons and 144 neutrons, so she is an atom, which makes her Adam, which makes me Eve. BUT THEY SPELLED IT WRONG IN THE BIBLE. IT'S E-V. THE MOTHER OF ALL LIVING." The Bishop then stood up, and asked him to wrap it up. But, when the Bishop sat down, a member of the ward walked up to the pulpit, and began speaking to the homeless guy! Bishop then asked the member to sit down as well. And then the guy went off about "Woooooo, Joseph Smith restored the Church in 1820 in the Western hemisphere. I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE NORTH HEMISPHERE. AND THE SOUTH. AND THE EAST." And, as he left the pulpit, he smacked one of the water trays on the sacrament table. It was quite the interesting event. Everyone was looking at us like "Who the heck are you two teaching?!" But I swear, we have never seen the guy before!

Anyways, I finished the Book of Mormon again yesterday. Third time on the mission! It was my Christlike Attributes one, and I really do know it is the word of God. Emerson, Aydan, Hudson, Lachlyn, and Jameson. I hope you all will seriously consider (and for my brothers, I hope you all actually DO) coming out on a mission and preaching this: The restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people in wherever God calls you to serve. I know that these past nine months have helped me grow exceedingly in every aspect of my life, and I know that it WILL help you as well! 

To answer some more questions, I do know quite a few Elders in the mission. I know all of the Canadians especially. We have to stick together! Also, congrats Mom on the new job! I have been keeping you all in my prayers every night! 

I hope you all have an amazing week, and know that I love you all!


Elder Harvey

PS- I completely used up my first pen. It is named: the Emoji Pen. 

Elder Brown loves pictures.

Abby gave me a KFC helmet.

And my flag is getting more and more signed! :)

Elder Harvey and Elder Brown
Apartment Living
It is paradise here. Rarely gets above 22 degrees

Signed Canada Flag

Elder Harvey's Desk

KFC hat that Abby made

Elder Harvey's Tie Collection

Elder Harvey's wall display

Emoji Pen

April 4, 2016 - Santa Barbara

#LDSconf #Hollanddoesitagain #insertdropofmichere

Hey Errybody!

So, this week has been a busy one. Week One's are always that way. Trying to get everything in order for the rest of the transfer, and it was particularly busy with Conference being this weekend too! Elder Brown and I get along really well actually. Dad asked about my companions and how we have gotten along, and to be completely honest, I have really only not gotten along with one companion of mine out of the seven. And every one of them has reminded me of friends from back at home! Elder Hunter reminded me a lot of Ryan Nelson. Elder Hubbard reminded me a lot of Kyle Martin (yes. him and I are best friends.) Elder Lamb reminded me of Josh Gehman. Elder DuPlessis reminded me of Owen Tinney. Elder Leavitt reminded me of Dylan Mattie. And Elder Beus reminded me of someone. I can't think that far back now. But yes, we have all gotten along but one of them! My new companion, Elder Brown, reminds me a lot of Josh Fischer. It has been awesome to get to know Elder Brown a lot more this past week. He is very organized with his area book, and we are planning to build a lot of member trust in the ward for the next five weeks. 

Wasn't Conference just amazing? I loved every single talk. I thought President Eyring really set the tone for the entire conference with his opening remarks. Elder Hallstrom talking about our divine heritage as children of God. Elder Stevenson talking about the keys of the priesthood. Elder Duncan talkng about the purifying power of the Atonement. Elder Rasband about standing with our leaders. Elder Andersen about supporting the children. Elder Arnold about rescuing. Elder Mazzagardi about the Restoration. I loved Elder Bednars talk about the remission of our sins. And Elder Ballard talking about family councils brought fond memories of the Stake Conference a year ago. I loved seeing Rebecca in the choir, but did you notice that there was an old Elder from Chilliwack in the choir as well? Josh Richardson was in there. I fell out of my seat when I saw him! He was one of my favorite Elders. I loved the Priesthood Session! President Monson gave a short but powerful testimony on the use of our Priesthood and being worthy to use it at all times. We have a similar saying in our mission about being a missionary. President Felix asks us tor remember that we are missionaries at all times, in all things, and in all places! I loved the talk Brother Owens gave about true leadership. It gave me some good ideas about how I can better myself as a leader by being a follower of Christ. I loved President Eyring talking about Eternal Families, and President Uchtdorf talking about the same. Strong families seemed to be a huge theme in the conference. I wonder why? I could go on, but I loved everything about Conference. The Spirit was amazing, and I learned a lot about myself and about who I can become. Elder Holland really wrapped the Conference off nicely. And HOW ABOUT ELDER OAKS. Calling out directly the people who oppose. It was nicely done. I loved this past weekend! FOUR NEW TEMPLES. I also enjoyed Elder Christoffersen's talk. I am especially grateful for the kind of father he described, and I hope that when the day comes, I can be half the man that Dad is. 

The week has been good. We dropped Don. We talked about the Restoration, and it went well, but when we asked him to pray about it he said he would because we asked him to, but that he already knows it isn't true. So we simply told him we won't be able to meet anymore, but that he is more than welcome at church! He took it a lot better than I thought he was going to! Other than that, Abby is doing well. Elder Andersen's talk reminded me a lot of their situation. But she is going to talk with her dad this week, and hopefully we can get a move on! It will be good. We are seeing her again tonight. It's amazing how much she really wants to be baptized! I don't think I had as much of a desire as she does! 

But yeah, things are going well! I don't have a SD Card slot, so I am sorry there are no pictures, but I will send a bunch home soon! Or you can print them out when I send it home. Anyways, I really do love all of you! Know that things are really going well. I don't think I have ever been as happy as I have been these past nine months! Sure, you have your rough days or weeks, but I have always been truly happy. I think that has been one of the biggest blessings of being out on my mission: discovering true happiness in the true Gospel of Jesus Christ! Stay safe, Good Luck to Emerson with his papers, and make sure Jameson doesn't eat yellow snow!


Elder Jaxon Harvey

PS: President Uchtdorf's talk in the Sunday Morning Session was my favorite. Listen to it again maybe! :) 

Oh. YEAH. We don't get fed a lot at all. Haha. It's all good though!