Monday, 8 February 2016

February 8, 2016 - Santa Barbara

Hey All!

Exciting week this week. Not really, it was actually a really trying week. Full of setbacks and disappointing days, but we powered through it! And.... a new assignment for Elder Harvey! Let's talk about it first this time!

So, we were in a lesson on Friday night with Christie, and on Friday's of transfer calls, anyone who will be in a new leadership position... And my stomach dropped when we got a call in the middle of the lesson. So, we called the Assistants after the lesson, and I have been assigned to be a District Leader! It is going to be pretty interesting! I am being transferred to Santa Barbara Ward! WEOOOOO! Not too shabby of an area. My new comp will be Elder Hunter, and yeah! It will be really interesting! Elder Hubbard is staying here, and my good friend Elder DeGraw is coming to Solvang! I am definitely sad to leave this place. I have loved my time here, but I am excited for this new assignment and this new responsibility I have.

Anyways, so the SuperBowl. GO BRONCOS. I was looking back yesterday, and it was the first time I hadn't watched the Superbowl in NINE YEARS. I was dying. But, I am super happy that Peyton won his last game! He deserved that I think. 

So, this past week we lost half of our teaching pool. For now. We aren't sure yet what is going on. But Vanessa and Rick got into another fight, and it got pretty bad, so she kicked him out and told him to go to Bakersfield again, for good. She called us, and told us everything, and we were so confused. But then the next day, we called her to see if the Hermanas could come over to her grandmas house, and she wasn't happy about that and said she was done with us. So... Yeah. That tore us apart! It was sad to hear, but the Relief Society President has told us now that they are going to be okay, and that Rick is going to be coming back. So confused. But hopefully they stick with it! 

Um. Yeah, I don't know my new address. So I will try to get that to you soon! Maybe you could call the mission office or something. I don't know. I was wanting to send a parcel home too if that's okay, and wanted to go and buy a note book thing for all of my District Leader notes and such. Would that be okay?

Not much else happened this week, sadly. Happy to hear about all of the events happening at home! Did you get the video that Bishop Paulson sent you last night? On Facebook? Haha.  I like what President Eyring said in General Conference. When we show the Lord our willingness to obey, the Spirit is with us more. We receive more impressions of what God would have us do! 

Anyways, sorry for the shorter email. But not much happened this week! I will try my best to get you my new address ASAP. I am excited for what is ahead the next 6 weeks! 

I love you all! Have an amazing week :) 


Elder Jaxon Harvey

Solvang, California
Elder Harvey in Solvang, California
Elder Hubbard and Elder Harvey

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