Tuesday, 29 March 2016

February 15, 2016 - Santa Barbara


This week has been a fun one! That's for sure. Always fun to come into an area and organize things for the rest of the transfer! And this whole being responsible thing is a ton of fun too!

So, what a District Leader does is basically leads a group of missionaries. So the Mission has President Felix, his two assistants, and then 7 sets of Zone Leaders, and then a bunch of District Leaders! Basically, it's set up like the rest of the church is. Area Seventy's, Stake President, Bishop. Just people who lead others! So I am responsible for the missionary work in my District and for the missionaries well-being as well. It's been a ton of fun! Just basically having to serve more people. Which is perfect, because that's what I love to do! We did receive some training on Thursday from President and Sister Felix and the Assistants, and it was all very informative! I loved it. One of my old friends from a couple transfers ago, Elder Davis, is in the District, so I get to go on exchanges with him! Oh, that's another thing. I have to go on an exchange with every Elder in my District once every transfer. And I am also responsible for setting up a District Meeting every Friday! Making sure that we spiritually uplift and feed each other every week. My first one went really well! Got to know everyone, and got to learn about revelation through Church Attendance. 

So, Sunday was super awesome! We had a broadcast from Salt Lake. Elder Renlund presided, and Elder Grow, Elder Hamula, and Sister Oscarson also spoke to us! This was being broadcast to California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and..... British Columbia! Yup. I basically had a church meeting again with the Abbotsford Stake! It was awesome. I actually felt like I was home when Elder Hamula said that it was being broadcasted to British Columbia! It was a great meeting. Elder Grow gave an outstanding talk about Patterns of Faith. All about why praying, reading, and going to church is an important pattern in our lives! And Elder Hamula gave a great talk on having no fear with Christ by our side. And then Elder Renlund. Ah. He gave a great talk on bringing things back to the basics. Answering questions by bringing things back to the First Vision and to the Plan of Salvation. 'Twas a great Sunday!

So, getting to know the area this past week has been a ton of work, but it has been pretty fun! We have two investigators right now. Dan and Don! Dan is a talker. I met him about a half hour after we transferred, and he is definitely interesting! He has a baptismal date of March 12th, but needs to come to church before that happens. It was definitely interesting to teach him. We need to take more control of the lesson and actually teach! He is all for the Gospel, and is like an avid missionary already! He is ready to be baptized, but... Needs to quit smoking as well. Which he knows. Just another one of those situations! 

Don is quite the timid and shy guy. He is probably the most polite and nicest people I have ever met! Never married, and lives alone in a HUGE house, and we are trying to see how interested he is in the Gospel. It seems to us that he is just enjoying the company we bring. We had a great lesson with him yesterday about prayer, and found out his belief in God is growing! He committed to praying more frequently. It was really awkward when, on Tuesday night (THE DAY I ARRIVED) we went for it and taught the Law of Chastity. Super awkward. I cannot stress to you the amount of awkardness. GAH! But, he is progressing well, and we are meeting with him tonight and better explaining baptism and why it is significant! Should be someone that we are going to set with a date soon. 

Then, on Tuesday night we went and saw a Less-Active, and after Elder Hunter wanted to go and see a member who lived in the same trailer park, and we did. She houses people who are struggling, and helps them get their lives back on track! Anyways, we met this guy named Larry, and he had a ton of questions about our beliefs and such, asking us why we don't believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, and we answered all of his questions, and he wants to meet with us to talk with us "man to man." He's a funny guy, but we are super excited to start teaching him! 

So, my new address is 3755 San Remo Drive #225, Santa Barbara, California, 93105. And I would LOVE my basketball shoes if that is possible :) 

Elder Hunter is cool. He's a great Elder, from Roy, Utah! He is more introverted than any other companion I have had, and has been out for about 4 months! Do you remember Elder Hillman? The one from Hamilton? He reminds me of him. A lot. 

Well, hope that you all have an amazing week! Did you get my parcel I sent to you? I sent it to the PO Box in Wellesly (?) Island. I love you all and hope you all are doing great! Almost 8 months down... Kinda crazy! 


Elder Harvey

Elder Hubbard and Elder Harvey

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