Friday, 3 July 2015

First Letter!!

I was waiting for Monday to hear from Jaxon - expecting that Monday would be his Pro-D can imagine my surprise (and tears) when I got his emails after work!  It was so nice to hear from him and although he doesn't say much...his words filled my need.

Email 1:

THanks for the kind words. It's been great to be here the last couple of days, and I have been having a great time. My companion is Elder Plummer, and we're getting along great! I have an amazing District, Zone, and Branch. Elder Plummer and I have been assigned as Sacrament Meeting Coordinators and start our assignment next SUnday, because this SUnday is Fast Sunday. Ive been learning lots, and The SPirit is so strong here. I AM the only Canadian in my district, so I'm getting a lot of the whole "you say things weird" from everybody. EVERYONE is from Utah or Idaho here. It's nuts. 

I was reading Isaiah 50:7-9,11 today and i completely dissected the scripture and man. I felt the spirit so strongly. It was awesome. It's been really easy to feel the spirit and feel God's love for me.

Ive also come to realize how prepared I really was before I came out here. It's been really easy for me to adjust and get into MIssionary Life.

My first night here, I watched a devotional and then some Elders showed me and another ELder around and we went to a class with them. They left the next day to Texas, but thatnight IT STARTED RAINING. It was sweet. A LIGHTNING STORM TOO. I loved it. 

Life is good. Prayer has become a really important thing to me already.

Oh yeah. DFunny story. I met a member while waiting for the plane to Salt Lake. He was awesome, and the lady behind us thought it was so weird that we had JUST met and were talking so easily, she asked if we were talking about golf and we told her about the church. Awesome experiences everywhere.

Elder Plummer and I are preparing to teach an investigator tomorrow. Teaching the Plan of Salvation.

I love the church, and I've felt my testimony grow immensely already.

Love you all, stay safe, and keep a prayer in your heart!

Love, Elder Harvey

Email 2:

Oh yeah, and if you could send a BUTTLOAD of Canadian candy, I'm sure my AMerican Elders would LOVE it.

Love you guys. THanks for the Picture book by the way.

P-DAYS are friday here. So i'll talk to you all in a week.

Email 3:

One more thing, I ran into Hermana Beaumont lastnnight at Dinner! we got a picture, and I'll send it to you next week.

I'll make sure to takemore pictures too.

Love you all.

Email 4:

Sorry, one more thing..... I REALLY need some Doctor Pepper...... :) 

It was really great to hear from you. Talk with you next week!

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