Friday, 24 July 2015

Week Three - California!

Mondays are now my favourite day of the week!  I check my emails several times throughout the day and when his letters finally come I read them several times, making sure I haven't missed anything.  He finally arrived in California and after a week of no emails and missing his phone call - his letter was a welcome sight!

I am fast realizing how small the world is - before I even knew who his trainer was I had a message from his mother saying our sons were companions.  His name is Elder Beus and Jaxon will be his last companion as Elder Beus is going home on the next transfer.  Elder Beus' mom has also connected me with a member of one of the wards they are serving in.  This member is very willing to help us in any way he can and make sure Jaxon is well taken care of - and will forward me weekly pictures :)  Also - noting how small the world is - Elder Beus' cousin is serving in our Stake - in Maple Ridge :)  True story :)

Here are his letters - he always seems to write one long email and then quickly follow up with a few PS's...  I do the same - and I'm still wanting to text him throughout the week to ask him questions - and then I remember I can't so I write another email...hoping he'll answer it.  But as you can see - there's not a lot of question answering in his emails! :P

You'll also see that he got caught in the rain!!  Note that we didn't send him with a coat, umbrella or rain boots - because it NEVER rains in California...right?

Letter 1:

So.... The moment everyone has been waiting for! I'm in California. It's been a fantastic first week! My first area is a doozy. I am covering the Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande 1st Wards! Our area goes from the ocean to the border of the mission. A crazy first area, eh? Transfer meeting was great, and I love our Mission President and Wife. They are absolutely fantastic. My trainer is Elder Beus, and we have hit it off great! The work in our area has been slow this first week, as he is the District Leader, and we've been getting training and been in and out of meetings all week. Apparently President Felix really trusts me, being a companion to a District Leader my first transfer. Elder Beus really wants to try Canadian food.... poutine, Ketchup chips. The works. I'll give you my address at the end of the email.

On my first day, my first lesson, we dropped an investigator! That was quite interesting... haha. The area has been great, and with us being in two wards, the dinner calendar is FULL. I'm actually in one of Elder Crapo's old areas! Let our Elder Crapo know that! 

So... Time for the big news. IT RAINED. And I mean POURED. Yesterday was an absolute downpour of rain, the streets in Pismo Beach were flooded! Lightning storms happening all day, and it even took the power out in the church building in the middle of an intermediate hymn for one of the other wards. Super awesome. The people of California REALLY needed it. A lot of prayers of gratitude for the rain we had. 

I am absolutely loving it here. President Felix challenged us to really hasten the work this transfer, so that's what we've been focusing on. It's amazing to see the Lord place people in our paths that are prepared. We went tracting this week, and found a family! As soon as we got out of our car, their dog ran loose and we helped bring it back to their house, and knocked a door and when we turned around, the dog was loose AGAIN. Coincidence? Probably not. That dog wanted his family baptized ;) but yeah. We knocked their house a while later and were able to set up an appointment for 7 this Wednesday! Super excited.

Other than that, nothing has really happened. We have been focusing a lot on specific areas, because our area is so huge. Gosh. We've got our work cut out for us. I am so ready for a super busy transfer! 

So glad you had an amazing time at the reunion, and I hope you are having a great time in Kingston!

I love all of you

Emails would be sweet.. :)

Elder Harvey

Love you all! Oh.... Also we were at church for NINE AND A HALF HOURS. Crazy. 

Love you!


  1. So cool to hear that Elder Harvey is actually serving in one of Elder Crapo's former areas. One of his favourites. I will for sure let him know that. :)

  2. Former Elder Corey Crapo reports: "I know Elder Beus! He's a lot of fun!" Let Jaxon know. :)