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January 11, 2016 - Solvang Ward

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Hey all!

So, you are obviously wondering what the subject means.... I will get to that later. Let's just say, it has been a very interesting week! Sounds like things have been going well at home. Good on Emerson for stepping up yesterday! (at the last minute Bryan's companion speaker couldn't make it so Emerson went in his place) That is awesome. You will find on your mission that you have sudden moments where you have to really step up and get things done. Good prep!

This week was filled with a lot of doctors appointments, and, sadly, an emergency transfer. On Wednesday, we knew that Elder Lamb was going home, and he left Saturday morning. We didn't get out of the apartment very much at all this week, only really for dinner appointments and anything else we can set up while Elder Lamb was feeling able.

On Wednesday night, the young men in our ward invited us to come and play broom hockey with them, and so obviously we did! It's funny to hear "Uh Oh! Here comes the Canadian!" When you walk in! It was a really fun time with them, and they even had some non-members there, so that was awesome!

So, I will spit it out then. Friday, we were saying goodbye to a couple of the youth in the Ward, and we decided to play a little basketball with them! I went up for a lay-up in the first ten minutes or so, and I landed on the side of my foot. Obviously, this always happens, right Dad? Not only that, but someone else landed on top of that foot, while it was sideways on the ground. All I can say is... ow... I wish I had a picture to send, but I forgot my camera at home. It swelled to about three times it's size almost immediately, but naturally, I drove home! So, we got ice and stuff on it, and yeah. I drove to Santa Barbara and back on Saturday morning to pick up my new companion, Elder Hubbard, and no way was I being stuck in the apartment! I bought a brace, and we went to work. Until 6. Because I couldn't...... walk...... haha.

So, all is fine right? Just elevate it and it should be okay. The swelling had gone down and everything should be alright! Nope. Sunday morning, it was MORE BRUISED, and it had swelled up EVEN MORE! So we call Sister Felix, because I couldn't even get my shoe on, and she told me to try and see what you can do, so I wore slippers to church. Oh boy, was that ever a fun Sunday. A Physical Therapist in the ward took a look at it, and said it was probably broken because of all the swelling and bruising (which went up to my toes...) So we were in all day Sunday.

So, resolution now? Kinda? I don't know. We went to Santa Maria this morning to an urgent care, and they took x-rays and apparently nothing is broken. Good news right? Not. Nothing is broken, BUT, I tore almost every ligament on both sides of my ankle. YAY! So, I am in a boot. And I am supposed to try and elevate it as much as possible in the next 2 weeks, and not use it as much as I normally would. He said it is going to take a long time to heal, but it will be okay!

Fun week, eh? :) Oh, so my companion. Another Utah kid. Haha, his name is Elder Hubbard! And we are in Solvang still! So that's good. I was looking forward to getting some work done, but obviously the adversary doesn't want that! Haha. Exactly like you said Dad, Come what may and Love it! I have another talk by Elder Wirthlin that I read a couple weeks ago, and he said "No Matter how dark your Friday is, Sunday will always come." Trials are everywhere, but you just gotta keep going! The Hermanas gave us six referrals of people who they've talked to in our area, and so we are getting ready to contact them and get rocking and rolling again!

Anyways, glad to hear everything is going well! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! 27 again this year? Haha. Just kidding. Love you!

Hope you all have an amazing week, and know how much I love all of you!


Elder Gimpy

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