Monday, 18 January 2016

January 4, 2016 - Solvang Ward

Hey All!

So, just some quick thoughts.... I read the Chilliwack 2nd Ward Bulletin that is conveniently sent to me every week, saw that Brother Noftle was released as a High Councillor, saw that President McKenzie was Presiding, and immediately assumed that Brother Noftle would be Bishop Noftle now. HOW COOL IS THAT! Dang, he is going to kill it in that new calling, same with Brother Nelson and BroMac. What a powerhouse Bishopric! I really am sad to hear that Bishop Guenther was released, he helped me a lot and his counselors as well! Exciting time for everything back at home! :) Did the 1st Ward get changed up too?

So, this week has been pretty... interesting. It's tough, it was a tough week. Not much has happened this week. We went and saw the "cane lady," and beforehand I was looking through the area book, to see if this lady was a Former Investigator, and she was! Liz had been "dropped" about six or seven times prior, and yeah. So we went to see her one day, and she wasn't really interested. At all. Anyways, this past week was also transfers, and you will never believe who is in my district now. His name is Elder Jo, and he is companions with Elder Bradley! And where is he from? Toronto of course!!!! Kinda awesome. There are three Canadians in our District now. The running joke is that we are taking over now. Tell Emerson to get sent to California Ventura!!! :) 

We had a couple lessons with Christie this past week, and she is still really struggling with the Word of Wisdom. BUT, she has committed to make some awesome progress this next few weeks. Her baptismal date is for February, but if she doesn't stop everything with the WOW by January 16, we are going to have to set it back a bit. We will see what happens! 

Also, something else kinda cool happened. We went to go and see Dania on Saturday Morning, and she was getting into her Ford Raptor as we drove by her house, so we stopped and talked with her and set up an appointment for Monday night. So we both drove away, and we stopped beside each other at the first stop light, and she rolled down her window and asked us if we had had lunch yet, which we said no, and she said to follow her and then zoomed off. So we followed her, completely convinced that she was leading us to our death, when she suddenly turned into the Marriott Hotel in Buellton, and so we parked and went in, and she took us down these stairs and went into the restaurant, and everyone welcomed her. It was like she was a superstar. She sat us down, paid for our lunch, and left. It was hilarious! So that was fun.

We've been in the apartment a lot this week so I'm taking the opportunity to transfer my seminary scriptures into my quad! Trying to be as productive as possible!  

Anyways, glad to hear everyone is doing well! This New Year is going to be a good one! I set a goal (again) to lose some weight. Obviously. It might be hard when people like Bonnie and Virginia send me money up the whazoo, (THANK YOU!)  but I will try to make it below 290 by the end of the year, and STAY at under that weight for November and December. It will be fun!

I like Dad's New Year's Resolution a lot. (to be more charitable and Christ-like) I did a in-depth study of Chapter 6 in PMG in October and November, and I think that doing so makes us realize how much more Christlike I need to be.  We have been learning and trying to do better with correction in our mission, and the thing that is pivotal in effective and meaningful correction is something that I have already mentioned, and that is LOVE! Doctrine and Covenants 121. We are supposed to reprove each other with sharpness, because we all need correction, but what is supposed to happen while doing it? An increase of love! 

Anyways, have an amazing week! We are supposed to get a bunch of rain this week, and so we are definitely excited for that! Excited and scared. California is supposed to get wrecked by this El Nino. I love you all, and I hope that you all are able to have an awesome time celebrating Mom's Birthday on Sunday! Wednesday, there should be a letter at the PO Box :) 

Love you all!

Elder Harvey :) 

PS: Oh hey, I forgot to mention that! We had dinner with a recent convert family, and she went online and bought me a jacket from target with my gift card!! (THANK YOU AUNT TARA!)  So I should be getting that soon :) 

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