Friday, 17 March 2017

February 20, 2017 - Canejo Canyon Ward - Newbury Park Zone



Holy Hannah it's raining like crazy down here. 

Remember in my farewell talk how I mentioned that it would be nice to send me some water when I am down here? 

Well, that's enough now. Everyone can stop sending water. We don't need ANYMORE.

I will attach some videos and stuff.

This week has been interesting. I played nurse for a couple of days, and now I am starting to get sick myself. Which stinks, but I will push on! We did Zone Evaluations this week, had a Zone Conference, and took care of a lot of things in our Zone! 

Good to hear that Emerson got his Visa! He's all set! Thinking about some of the questions you asked me.. I remember our bill at Moore's was around 500... We got some deals on pants and a 2-for-1 suit deal. Although, I should've chosen a different second suit.... That jacket has like never fit me. I think I was tired of being in Moore's and just thought we would just get the suit. My pants are holding up okay. I have sowed them like crazy... But, they are holding up, and should be able to finish! I don't think I will be coming home with a lot of them though... Wouldn't be worth bringing back. They will be see-through by June. I haven't been able to find another suit, but I am hoping that this one just holds up for the next little bit. We can go looking around today. I bought a journal last week that I found... Might send it home for Emerson to use. I like it a lot! Dad, Canadian Tire would be great. Funny enough, if I remember correctly, one of the Kingston stores in one of the best in the country. So, that would be fun! I loved my time there, and it paid well. Oh, and as for the Elders tonight, I always love anything that members make for us. Honestly, we just like the company and actually being in someone's house. You should make them some of those meatloaf muffins though. Those are my favorite! 

Monday we went on a hike-ish. We went down to Paramount Ranch in Agoura. Look it up on Google, it's a really neat place. That night, we went to the Tan's for dinner, and had some lasagna. And then went and saw Daniel King, a less-active that lives in our apartment complex! It was an interesting visit. He doesn't really want to do anything. We shared Ether 12:6 with him, and invited him to strengthen his faith by living the Gospel. He declined. 

Tuesday we went over to Sister Mohlman's house in the morning and did some service for her. Tried to visit some people throughout the day, and then also did our Zone Evaluation so we could give it to the Assistants the next day at Zone Conference. Had dinner with the Robakowski's, and then went and saw Kathleen! The Tan's came with us, and we talked about the importance of prayer. Kathleen is SO awesome. 

Wednesday we traveled to Camarillo to participate in Zone Conference. It was a good day. We learned about Repentance, Obedience, and Finding. I loved it! I have found lately that I am not necessarily learning anything new...However, I am learning things from the Spirit. It's an interesting concept, learning from the Spirit. I have learned about repentance and obedience many times, but this time I just felt the Spirit re-affirming to my mind and heart that these things were true, and share with me how I can improve. I just love the Spirit so much! We had dinner with the Batty's that night, and then we went on a blitz with Elders McCurdy and Emerson, because Elder McCurdy was sick. I stayed in with Elder McCurdy, him and I are good friends. 

Thursday I stayed in with Elder McCurdy. Playing nurse! It was fun. Kinda. I cleaned some of their apartment, and then we also watched every single bible video... Yeah. Long day, but Elder Hunter and Elder Emerson had a fun time together! 

Friday....Ohhhhh Friday.... Friday was the day the storm hit. And holy cow. It hit. I've been in rain like that, but this area just isn't prepared for anything... It was incredible. Water EVERYWHERE. Again, I will send some videos. We ended up driving around a lot. The sidewalks were all flooded, so there was no way we could walk around. We also ended up moving a 300lbs tree off of someone's driveway... I bore the weight of the tree entirely on my shoulder for a solid minute. Elder Hunter couldn't reach it. So that was fun! Had dinner with the Single Sisters in the ward, and then did Weekly Planning! 

Saturday was more calm. We went by some less-actives, and then ended up having to drive to Oxnard to go and pick-up some phones. A bunch of missionaries down here had broken ones. Including one companionship, where one of them accidentally walked into a pool.. Haha. So, we delivered those, and had an appointment with Erasmus Erastus, a new move-in in our ward. He is working towards a temple recommend, and asked to meet with us weekly to help him in his preparations! Interesting fellow, but very kind and very knowledgeable. 

Sunday we had a good time at church, nothing too noteworthy. Just another solid day! Went and saw Tamala, another less-active who is going through a very hard time right now, and she requested a blessing. We will be helping her out a lot more in the near future! We also saw Kathleen that night for a little bit, but she had a migraine and we had to leave. 

And yeah. Elder Hunter did a lot more than me this week, but I like serving other missionaries! I am loving it out here. Week six this week... And week nineteen of Elder Hunter and I being together. Should be a fun one! 

Love you all, thanks so much for your prayers and thoughts! 

I have been thinking a lot about consecration lately. And I enjoy this quote from Neal A. Maxwell:

"Consecration is not resignation or a mindless caving in. Rather, it is a deliberate expanding outward, making us more honest when we sing, 'More used would I be' (“More Holiness Give Me,” 1985, Hymns, no. 131). Consecration, likewise, is not shoulder-shrugging acceptance, but, instead, shoulder-squaring to better bear the yoke."

Love you!

Elder Harvey 

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