Friday, 17 March 2017

February 27, 2017 - Arroyo Grande 1st Ward





I am being transferred. And I am beyond excited. I will give you my address first:

469 Avenida De Socios #6
Nipomo CA

Now, if this address seems familiar to you... It's because it's familiar to me. I AM GOING BACK TO ARROYO GRANDE 1ST WARD. I have been waiting for this moment for so long. I will be with Elder Davis, who was in my district over a year ago in Solvang. Him and I have been waiting to be companions for SO LONG. I cannot explain to you how excited I am to go back, and most likely finish my mission where I started with Elder Beus! It will be a blast. In preparation for my transfer, I sent a package to the PO Box. It has a birthday present for Emerson, and a birthday excuse for Aydan (sorry!). 

Well. I wish I had a big long eventful week to tell you about. Truth is, I was deathly sick Tuesday-Thursday. It was terrible. Stayed in pretty much all day, and on Wednesday evening I couldn't even speak. My throat felt like someone installed a garbage disposal into it. Although, Tuesday morning I tried to suck it up and go tracting. But, I was so week and down for the count. Elder Hunter got to go and do a lot of work though! I was just dying all week. Tuesday we went for fish tacos with a family in the ward. I had to go, everyone else in the District had a dinner, and we forgot to cancel. Wednesday I spent the entire day in with Elder McCurdy, and we had correlation with Brother Meru. Thursday we were just in all day. So, I will start with Friday! 

Friday. District Meeting went really well! We learned about teaching for understanding. I had taken Nyquil about an hour before, my throat was still killing me, and so I was really up in the clouds! Nyquil was all we had. We went and did service for Sister Mohlman, and dinner had cancelled on us so we had some dinner with some other Elders. 

Saturday was transfer call day, but in the morning we got a call from Tamala Page and she needed help moving a bed and stuff. Ended up taking a few hours. But, Brother Meru was willing to help us out. We got transfer calls, and a lot of our Zone is getting switched up. Elder Bradley is coming to Conejo Canyon to be with Elder Hunter! Nothing else really happened for the rest of the day. Just went around and tried to see people, to no avail.

Sunday was an excellent Sacrament Meeting on the Plan of Salvation. Tamala came! She loved it. Said goodbye to some people during the afternoon, and then did some studies! Fun times. 

Really lame week, I know. Sorry for getting sick. I don't know what it was here, but I have gotten sick like crazy. Hopefully a little taste of the ocean air will clear it up. :) It is going to be an amazing week! I am so excited to be with Elder Davis. I'll make sure the Hursts send you a picture of me! 

I love you all! Have a fun week! I am proud of Emerson and the steps he has made. AND CARLY CHISHOLM? That's crazy. That's an old name. 

Love you!

Elder Harvey

Mom:  So happy for your transfer!  Will you still be a zone leader?
Jaxon:  I am still a Zone Leader! I love it. Best assignment ever!

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