Monday, 17 August 2015

August 9th, 2015 - Pismo Beach & Arroyo Grande 1st Wards

Was surprised to see a shorter email this week - but hoping that means he had a lot of things to do or a lot of emails to send! :)  


HECK YEAH HUDSON. Great job against Surrey! That's so awesome. Hopefully you hit those go and corner routes perfectly! You rock buddy. Go show those flimsy Ontario kids where it's at ;)

Good to hear how well you all are doing with the prospective move. I get the bulletin's through email, and saw the announcement for your open house. Hopefully everything goes well!

Wow. Brother Gehman as Stake YM President. That. Is. Awesome. Those YM are luuuuucky. And Brother Fox as Seminary teacher! Super awesome. Is there going to be a new Elders Quorum President now?

This week has been pretty good. Our lesson with Heidi and Gena fell through, they were both sick. But our lesson with Mark went pretty interestingly. We got there on Saturday, and he had printed out five or six pages of anti material, and we maaaaay have gooten into a bit of a bash. No spirit there at all. He wants physical evidence, so we have an idea for our next lesson with him this week!

Also, a bit of a sad week this week. We were on exchanges with our Zone Leaders, and I was with Elder Hunt. He's had some helath problems, and we went to the doctors that morning and he didn't get too great of news. Long story short, our exchange was cut short after zone Meeting that morning and he had to go home the next day. 

Super awesome miracle this week. We had a member, Sara, give us a referral for her friend Bryant, and we taught him the Plan of salvation on Tuesday. He LOVED it. However, he is YSA age, and we had to turn him over to the Zone Leaders, in charge of YSA. Bryant also brought his sisters boyfriend Azlan (SUPER COOL NAME) and THEY BOTH HAVE A BAPTISMAL DATE. WOOHOO! Super cool. October 3! I should be around for that still. 

Everything is rocking over here. hard to believe I am almost done my first transfer here. Oxnard is the mission office location. We saw that on a TV in a pizza place. We are heading down there tomorrow for some training. 

Hopefully everything is going well. Elder Crapo will do awesome in Kamloops! 

I don't think i really need anything else. Thanks so much for doing all of this for me. 

Awesome. Love you all. I reeeaaally enjoyed that gift card too... hint hint wink wink nod nod. Haha. Kidding. Anything you feel I would like, send!

Love you all, I feel your prayers working through me everyday,

Elder Harvey

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