Monday, 17 August 2015

August 16th - Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande 1st Wards

Life is never boring - always an adventure!  I'm glad he's able to enjoy himself as well - I would have loved to see pictures of the dune surfing.  He mentions transfer calls in this letter - every six weeks missionaries get moved around.  For some - their two years are up and they go home - and others just get moved to other areas to change things up a little bit.  You don't know when moving day will come - unless you're going home and Jaxon's companion is going home so he knows he will be getting someone new.  


This week has been interesting to say the least. I wasn't in my area very much, as we finished the last of our exchanges and I went into other areas for both of them, AND we had a training meeting down in Oxnard on Tuesday with President and Sister Felix and the Assistants. It was good to see all of the Elders and Sisters that I came out with almost six weeks ago! 

So, before I tell you about my P-Day last week, I must apologize. My camera's battery was dead and I was unable to take pictures. We went to the Oceano Sand Dunes and went Dune Surfing for the day! It was super fun. Basically, all you do is climb up the dunes, then we had boogy boards and slid down it! Awesome time. Most P-Days we try to play some sports. We've played Sand Volleyball, basketball a couple times, and today we are actually going to a mini golf place for the day! 

What else happened this week. Oh. At the dunes, we met this guy named Sheldon. Super cool. And he wanted to learn more about us, so he gave us his number. We have called him a few times, and haven't been able to get in contact with him yet, but we are hoping! Mainly this week we have been running around and trying to see all of the families we can, either less active or investigators. Both of our wards gave us lists of people to see, so that's been mega fun. 

We had another lesson with Mark, and he pulled the exact same things out and yeah. We have dropped him for now, and he said he would call us. So we'll see what happens there.

Sunday morning, we got out to our car and the battery was dead. That was fun.. haha 15 minutes before our first meeting. So we had to call our Ward Mission Leader for a ride. Then one of our Recent Converts, Jim Rogers, took us to go jump it.

We are in week 6! Super excited to get transfer calls this weekend, and see who my follow-up trainer will be. Good to hear home life is going well! You can do this! Super exciting time for all of you, and I know you will do great things in Kingston.

I don't really need much, just those garments! If you don't send them by Thursday, Then wait for next Monday for me to tell you if I am moving or not. Just in case :)

Thanks so much for everything you do. I feel your prayers working through me everyday, and have been really focusing on the Spirit and being able to feel it a lot more :)

Love you all,

Elder Harvey


  1. Hi Jenny. There's a little trick I like to do to get some pictures my boy might have missed for one reason or another. Just an idea if you wanted to try and find some for Jaxon of some of the activities he didn't get a picture of. Do a google search for "Elder [then add his name or even his mission name here]". You'll be surprised to find all the missionaries that Jaxon will become a companion with or is presently serving with....and occasionally a picture of too of your son in their photos! ;) Just an idea.

    1. Thanks Lynn! I'll be messaging you - I need to find out where you got those Book of Mormon cards that were in that package for your son...

    2. Thanks Lynn! I'll be messaging you - I need to find out where you got those Book of Mormon cards that were in that package for your son...