Monday, 28 December 2015

December 28, 2015 - Solvang Ward

Hey All!

So, this week has been awesome! It has had it's own challenges, but for the most part, we had a really great time with our Ward this week and with Christmas :) It has been a great week to end a great transfer!

It was awesome to talk to the family on Friday! So great to see all of your faces, and to see Jameson fall asleep on the couch! Just like old times.... Haha! You all are looking great! I have no idea what Mom is talking about... "getting the family in shape"... you all are awesome :) 

We have had a great week. Solvang is a difficult place to proselyte in during holidays, because right now, there is a massive flood of tourists coming into the town, and everyone is leaving to escape all the tourists! We saw everyone we could though. We drove down to Camarillo on Tuesday for a Doctor's appointment, so that was fun! Let's see.... oh, and Rick and Vanessa. Something huge happened with them this past week! Basically, on Saturday we got a call from Vanessa, and she told us that Rick had moved back to Bakersfield and that everything kinda dissolved.... So we were naturally shocked, and have been in contact with her since then on a daily basis, trying to meet with her and see what the heck happened! Anyways, that same day we went to see Eric, a really awesome guy who knows he needs to get baptized, but yeah. Anyways, while we were walking up the apartment that he lives in, and this lady with a cane trying to fit groceries in a little cart out of her trunk, and we offered to help her, which she respectfully declined and said "Are you going to #8? Because I can't do it today, so maybe you can come next week?" 😐😐😐😮😓😓😳😶😯😎 ...... Obviously, we said OKAY! And then Elder Lamb asked if there was a better day for us to come, and she said any week day. So... we still aren't sure what the heck happened. But we are super excited! 

Oh yeah. Transfer calls were really exciting. We are both staying. Woot woot! First time that has ever happened so far! Which is nice, especially when you and a companion get along so well! 

Anyways, not much to say this week! Hopefully the VAN (not truck ;) ) Gets fixed soon! We have to take our car in sometime today or this week and have all the tires changed. Yay! 

Like I said, it was really nice to see you all on Friday! Thanks again for all the gifts, and thanks for everything! Glad you all have had such an awesome week! :)

Oh yeah, and I cut my hair mom :) haha. Knew you were wondering about that. Sorry it was so long!

Love you all!

Elder Harvey :) 
Doctrine and Covenants 127:2

The Christmas PJ's I sent him...all the boys had the same :)

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