Tuesday, 13 October 2015

August 23rd - Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande 1st Wards

Transfers!  Can't believe he has been out for six weeks!  So much has happened in our family this summer!  As he writes this we are preparing for moving the following week and starting to say goodbye to family and friends.  I couldn't imagine being away while your family moves across the country - he seems to be the one encouraging us and reminding us that there's a reason behind everything we do.  Love that boy of ours! :)


I know the anticipation is building this week! It was a great week 6, and we were anxious to hear about where I was going to be for the next six weeks, and who I was going to be serving with! But. That can wait for the end of the email! This week has been awesome. 

We made the goal this week to see and get into the homes of 12 Less-Active or Recent Convert members of our ward, and so we were super busy with that all week! But, I am glad to say that we were able to make that goal! It was a great experience, and one family even came to church!

Awesome experience of the week. Probably the best thing that has happened all transfer actually. We were going to contact a less active member, Louis, and we got out of the car and ran into a man named Bill. He asked us where we were from eventually, and I of course said Canada and that ALWAYS brings some sort of intrigue. He asked which province I was from, and I said British Columbia. And he said that HE LIVED IN CHILLIWACK. I was so flippiing excited. We talked for about 30 minutes all about Chilliwack and Abbotsford and it was AWESOME. And then, we went to contact Louis and he said he hadn't been to church since he was a teenager, and that his wife wasn't a member, AND that he wanted us to come back when his wife was there. So we have a possible teaching opportunity there. AND then we were walking back to the car, AND I SAW A RUSH POSTER IN A GARAGE. Elder Beus started laughing, and said "It's Elder Harvey Day today!" Super awesome. 

Sounds like you all have had a jam packed week! Are they anticipating the Bishopric to be changed soon? That must be exciting! I got your package on Saturday, and I was super happy to see it! Thanks so much for all of that! Super exciting to hear about Bentley being baptized too! What an amazing experience. 

Okay. I am super excited for the next six weeks of my mission. I will be serving with Elder Leavitt, who has been also assigned to be the District Leader, and we will be serving in the Arroyo Grande 1st and Pismo Beach Wards still :) Super exciting, and we have had a lot of exciting teaching opportunities fall into place for us! Some member referrals, and we also got into the Schiesl house yesterday, a part member family that has been difficult for us to be able to meet with them! 

Thanks so much for all that you do, and I know that this next week is going to be crazy for you all! Be strong, and know that you are being called there for a reason. You are all needed in Kingston, and you will do great things there. I don't know if you know this story, but when President Monson was the Mission President for the Toronto mission, all the Missionaries there HATED Kingston. They did not want to go there at all, and all the Missionaries would dread the day that they would be transferred to the baptism-less, barren wasteland of missionary work that was Kingston. President Monson then shut down the area, let all of the missionaries that had the negative attitude towards the Kingston area filter through and go home, and then put some fresh feet in the area, and I can't remember the exact number, but they found instant success, all because they didn't have that attitude that the old missionaries had! Go in there expecting the best time of all of your lives, because the Lord calls us where we need to go. There is no such thing as coincidences. You all need to be there, and I have great confidence that the Kingston District will be a Stake when I arrive in 22 months.

I love you all, thank you for all of your prayers and support. I feel them working through me daily, I really do.


Elder Harvey

Elder Harvey and Elder ? (not his new companion Elder Leavitt)

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