Tuesday, 29 March 2016

February 18, 2016 - Surprise!!

It was just after supper on February 18th and I got an email notification.  I was busy preparing my seminary lesson and didn't really pay much attention to it - until I got another one right away.  I checked my email and it was something from Jaxon!!  (he is only allowed to email on Monday's - for one hour)  The email system for the missionaries hadn't been working properly for the last few weeks and some parents were receiving emails really late - and some not at all.  Luckily we figured it out early that gmail was the problem and we used my Yahoo account to email him during this glitchy time so we weren't missing any emails BUT because some parents were - the Mission President allowed the missionaries to email home on a Thursday - once the glitches were figured out and the email was working properly.  We had fun emailing back and forth for a bit...here's some pieces of our conversation:

Jaxon:  Hey Mom! No idea if you're home right now.... But we have permission to email for an hour right now!

Mom:  Yes!!!!!  Just finishing supper. What a nice surprise!!!  Just mailed a parcel today and picked up yours. Thanks for the bag!!  What's going on?  Seems kinda random that you just get an extra hour to e-mail.  We got a letter from Pres. Felix telling us about your call as a District Leader.

J:  No problem! When should the package get here? How has your day been today?   Nothing really going on. Just got permission from President. The whole mission did because of the server thing. He said it was from this past Monday, but we think it is because of last weeks problem. But we get to email! 
That's cool that you got a letter! Didn't know that that happened. We are emailing at UCSB (University of California Santa Barbara.. probably the biggest party school I have ever seen) right now with the Zone Leaders and some Elders in my District!

M:  Take a picture while you're there...and no partying!!! :P  How is it being a district leader?  Is it stressful?

J:  It's tons of fun! I am absolutely loving it! It's not really more stressful, but it definitely is a new kind of stress! It is awesome, learning about how Heavenly Father truly loves his missionaries and those around him. It's been amazing, and I definitely have grown in my capacity to love!

M:  So glad you're learning and growing...

Just sent you a bunch of pictures.  We got dumped on this weekend...and a snow day on Tuesday :)  Jameson was sure happy to have a "stay home day".  He wakes up every morning and says "Is it a stay home day?"  ...he doesn't like school. 

J:  Yes! I got them! Looks like a ton of fun! I definitely miss the snow. It's been pretty hot here the past week and a half.

M:  Not sure how much longer you have - just know that we love you and are so proud of you and all your accomplishing and learning and doing.  Keep being good and serving the Lord with all your heart and mind and soul.  Love you son,

Love, Mom (and dad)

This was such a nice surprise!! :)

J:  Thanks! Honestly, I am not sure how much longer I have either.... lol... 
We had this killer lesson with Don last night. Basically, he has a lot of struggles with believing in God and in receiving an answer through the Holy Ghost to his prayers, but he felt the Spirit last night! It actually made him SHIVER! It was insane! Then we made him a super bold promise that he would get an answer again that night as he read Moroni 10 and prayed to know if it was true! Probably the most spiritual lesson I have had on my mission.

M:  So neat...I hope you are writing all of this down.  I'm so grateful that you are out there, learning and growing and strengthening your testimony.  Keep on doing what you're doing because it's doing some good.  Love, Mom

J:  Love you too! Excited for your package! :) Have a great week! And I haven't missed a day, writing in my journal!

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