Tuesday, 29 March 2016

March 28, 2016 - Santa Barbara

Hey All! 

This week has been a fun one! There has been a lot of funny things that have been happening. Most of them being results from my Zone Leaders or the Assistants! I did get the package that you sent! Thanks a ton! I loved the peanut butter marshmallow things! Brought back a ton of memories, and they mailed very well! Thanks again. 

So, Transfer calls did happen this week. But I have to tell the week in order. It'll make it more funny. 

So, we have done a ton of service this past week. Tuesday was all that service stuff. We went back to this cranky old lady's house. She wants this stump removed, but there's a bee's nest in it. A few weeks ago, we went to remove it and I hit the bush around a tree and Elder Hunter and Elder Davis got stung. It was hilarious. But not really. So, she said that she had the nest removed. I was skeptical. So, typical Elder Harvey move here, I went HAM on the bush at the exact same spot that I hit last time, and Elder Campbell got stung a few times by the HOARD of bees which came out of the stump. THAT was hilarious. He deserved it. You'll know why later. 

Wednesday. We helped Don out with his house again. We had decided last week that we were going to extend a baptismal commitment and either commit him or drop him. Very common strategy, and we thought that this would be our last time helping him out. So, that was fun! We saw a few less-actives in the ward on Tuesday and Wednesday, and that was good. 

Thursday was fun too. We helped another old cranky lady move! It was funny. She was freaking out at everyone that came to help her from her church because they wanted her to throw a bunch of her useless items out. I have encountered WAY too many hoarders on my mission. So we dealt with that, watched an Easter video with Don, and then had dinner with the Stowells. 

Friday. I got to plan a District Meeting on Good Friday! It was a great meeting. I asked one of our Zone Leaders to lead us in a discussion on the Living Christ. That was amazing! Oh, I have learned how to read music enough for me to memorize songs from the Hymn Book. So far, I have Choose The Right, God Speed The Right, and God Be With You Til We Meet Again. We had a short testimony meeting, and then I played God Be With You Til We Meet Again. I am still learning how to play while people are singing, so I messed up a few times. All about practicing!! I am waaaaaaay better than when I was at home. That night, we had dinner with the Holguin's. It was awesome. Love that family, and Abby is doing really well! She really wants to be baptized and already has such a strong testimony! 

So, Friday nights of transfers are funny too. Those are when leadership calls happen. The Assistants or President call those who have a new leadership assignment. So, We got a call from Elder Boyce, the new assistant. We talked for a little bit, mostly about how we were the first call he had made. And then he asked to talk to me! We talked for a little bit, and then he said "Oh, well I am already making a mistake. I mixed up the Canadians! I meant to call Elder Bradley." ...... HE GAVE ME A FREAKING HEART ATTACK. I was pretty relieved after that. I twas funny!

Saturday. Transfer calls day. So, I am.... STAYING! Santa Barbara for six more weeks, with Elder Brown. Elder Hunter is being transferred to Thousand Oaks! I am really excited for this next transfer! I am still District Leader. So that's cool! But, we got pranked. Well, I did. So, we got another call on Saturday from a random number. Answered it, and this guy claimed to be from the Missionary Department, asking for me. He told me that numerous people had been reporting me for inappropriate actions, and gave me a warning. It was really confusing. But I figured it out. Before he hung up, I realized that it was a member of the Zone Leaders Ward. He closed by saying that he was going to inform my mission president soon, and I called the number right back. Haha. It was Christian, and Elder Campbell and Elder Wickern played a hilarious prank on me. It was awesome! 

Sunday was great. I loved it. Elder Hunter and I were able to pass the Sacrament, and I felt so honored to carry those sacred emblems on the day that we remember the Resurrection more fully. It was awesome. We met with Don, and we watched the Restoration video with him! Elder Hunter committed him to be baptized. Exactly what we had planned. We planned on a "soft-set" Which means we don't set him with a specific date, but we set him with the goal that when he comes to know that these things are true that he will be baptized. Elder Hunter extended the commitment, and he.... ACCEPTED!!!! It was awesome. He is progressing now! And starting to discover how much faith he really has. 

Well, I think that is it for me! I love my Savior, I love the Atonement, and I love the opportunity I have to preach His Gospel for these two years. The Easter initiative wasn't as huge as Christmas, but we tried our best! Thanks for your testimony Dad, and I hope you all love Conference!!!!!! It's just like CHRISTmas! :) 

Have an amazing week. I love you all!


Elder Harvey.

ps- The picture is of my District :) We held up the number of transfers we've been out. Elder Wickern is on his last! 17. 
pps- My memory card is nearly full.... :( Should I buy a new one? Also, can I buy stamps?

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