Tuesday, 29 March 2016

February 29, 2016 - Santa Barbara


It isn't very common to receive a missionary email on leap day... is it? This is pretty interesting. What are the odds that February 29 fell on a Monday? This is cool. Anyways. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYDAN! I am so sorry that I stink and didn't send you a card or anything. But I sang happy birthday in my head yesterday! I swear! Glad you had a great day. And also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMERSON! I hope you have a great day on Friday! 18 already... When are you planning on leaving?

Okay, to answer your questions:

1) GET DOC MARTENS. I have only worn these shoes, and they look like they are still brand new! Little wear on the bottom, but they are absolutely fantastic! I highly suggest them!
2) My shirts are doing well! I will try the baking soda and vinegar for sure! 
3) I did get your parcel! Thanks so much! Loved everything in it! 

We had a pretty amazing week, looking back on it! Everything didn't exactly go the way we planned it to, but we found four new people to teach! We are way excited about all of this, especially since we are planning to drop Dan tomorrow. He didn't show for two straight lessons, didn't come to church or call us or anything, and isn't progressing, so we are going to stop teaching him. But, the Lord has prepared this area tremendously for Elder Hunter and I!

So, two of these people are potential investigators that we contacted, and are super interested in the Gospel! But we re-found a man named Art. Art is a WWII, Vietnam, and Korean War Vet, and is super knowledgeable and awesome! He let us right in when we knocked on his door. Elder Du Plessis taught him in the past, but had to drop him. Anyways, he sat us down and said he only had one or two concerns left before he could join our church! He said that he resolved all other concerns he previously had, and only needs to understand the Word of Wisdom (typical.. right Dad?) He has never prayed about the Word of Wisdom, so we committed him to do just that! 

The other cool experience comes from dinner on Saturday night! It was with the Holguin family, a single mom and three young daughters! It was fun, we sat outside and ate some food and talked with eachother. The 9 year old, Abby, liked us a lot and she ended up telling us she had made the decision a little while ago to get baptized! And being 9, she falls under our stewardship! So we asked her if she wanted to take the discussions, and talked with her mom, and we are going back tonight for dinner (I have a feeling we are going to be eating there a lot now..) and she is going to be baptized sometime in April! It will be neat to experience that, and it's really great to see how the Lord trusts us with not only adults and knowledgeable people in this area, but with ALL of God's children. Way excited.

Friday, we had a cool activity with the Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo Zones, learning all about life skills and such! It was a great day, always great to be with so many other missionaries and to see old friends! 

Don is doing great! He is praying every night, he is reading, he fasted yesterday, and he is sincerely trying to gain and discover a faith in Christ. Thanks for what you said by the way Dad, it is going to help me be able to focus more about his Faith in Jesus Christ as we teach!

Not much more to tell ya. Don used to be an animator for Disney. So he drew me Hercules. And here's a picture of my Hercules. Haha. 

Dad, they do have a lot of YSA Wards down here! Not always associated with a University, but I believe there is one in every Stake! 

Mom, we aren't doing Fast Sunday on Easter either it seems! It'll be the week after General Conference... crazy to think that is already coming up... 2/4... Are they allowed to cancel a Fast Sunday?... I thought the same thing. I would love to fast on Easter Sunday! 

Anyways. I think that is it for this week! I hope you all are doing well, and know that I love and pray for you all! Thanks for the Conair cord... I thought I had thrown it out and didn't want to mention it, because then I would look stupid! But I am glad you found it!! Thanks again for the package!

Love you all!

Elder Harvey


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