Wednesday, 11 May 2016

May 2, 2016 - Santa Barbara

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Well. I don't know where to start. But holy dang this week was.... just mind-boggling. So much has happened, but let's go through it day by day:

Tuesday. Okay, so we had interviews with President Felix today. In our interviews, we were told that Elder Brown is going to be sent home to deal with the medical issues he has been facing! So that was a huge shock, something we definitely didn't see coming! Later that day, we were helping a lady named Priscilla move some plants from house to house. She had borrowed her friend's truck to use to transport them! We were driving behind her, and all of a sudden a white Audi pulled out and T-boned her right in front of us! Her back end shot around and also hit a Lexus that was waiting to turn left. Basically, I have never seen an accident before, so I didn't really know what to do, so we got out and helped out with everything. Then, that night we went to the beach for an Elders Quorum activity! It was stellar. I have an awesome short video that I took while we were there! 

Wednesday. We contacted a sweet media referral in the morning before a doctor's appointment for Elder Brown, and she was solid! She accepted the video she requested and a Book of Mormon! We set a return appointment, and then got a text a few minutes later and she cancelled and said that she thought we were Christians. So that was a bummer! We helped out Deborah, an investigator from the Sisters area, and helped her move a mattress to someone's house. We did so, and a lady came out of the house and FREAKED OUT. Apparently she didn't tell the person whose house we dropped the mattress off at, and she wasn't too happy. 

Friday, I was on exchanges with Elder Campbell, one of the Zone Leaders, and it was a blast! We had an awesome District Meeting on the Book of Mormon and how to effectively use it! It was awesome and super spiritual. We also had a lesson with Noreen, a lady in a psychiatric care facility. And that was good. 

Sunday, We had church, and that was good as always. No crazy people this time, but just generally a great day! We were able to watch the YSA Broadcast as well, and it was awesome! I loved learning about the different First Vision accounts and how powerful they all are together! I have been studying about that lately, and it was awesome to have Elder Maynes speak on that!

So, basically I am in a "Tri-pan" which just means there are three of us instead of two. I am with Elder Campbell and Elder Stewart for the week, and Elder Brown is boarding the plane as I type this. It was really sad to see him go, but it's also something I have done before. It's weird to have this happen two times in three transfers, but it is just something I have to deal with! 

Nothing much more happened this week. I will skype you all at 6 your time, and I will also have my transfer call by then! I love you all, stay strong, and remember your divine heritage!


Elder Harvey

Tri Pan for Dayz

Elder Harvey and Elder Brown

Beautiful California Sunsets

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