Thursday, 7 July 2016

June 13, 2016 - Westlake YSA Ward


Another blur of a week. I am loving it here still. We have been busy, as usual, and we are constantly improving ourselves and also our area!

First off, Mom's questions. Mostly about what I want to look into doing. So, I am not exactly sure. I really do want to work for Seminary and Institutes. But I know that that probably won't be enough income for my family. Then again, I haven't really had the chance to look into it much. But, basically I would love to double major in Religious Studies and Math. That would be awesome. That way, I can just teach. Or do accounting. Or something else other than just seminary! I don't know why, but after reading through my Patriarchal Blessing, it's something I feel, at the moment, is the right path for me. Maybe I won't make the most money, but I feel that is what God wants me to do.

The week was great! We started off by playing Kickball for FHE on Monday night. That was a blast. I love our Ward! They are a ton of fun. A really diverse group of kids, but everyone gets along for the most part! 

On Tuesday we had MLC. It was another spiritual experience! We learned about how we can make our Companionship Studies more effective and how we can better find people to teach. I learned a lot about how I need to be more diligent and how much responsibility I really do have as a Zone Leader! It's amazing the trust he has in all of us. And I love every minute that He asks us to serve His children. That night we also played Ultimate Frisbee! 

Wednesday was great. We went to go and see a bunch of people. No one was really home, but we worked the areas that we were in and contacted some people on the street. One of the Elders in our apartment has been struggling, and so that night, we got permission to go on a blitz with their companionship, and let the struggling Elder go and teach three consecutive lessons! They did awesome, and got us a new investigator out of it! His name is Miguel, and we will be seeing him on Wednesday night. 

Thursday was weekly planning! We also got to go to lunch with Jayson Anderson. He is awesome! And.. my dream has finally come true. He took us out to a gourmet hot dog place! IT WAS SO GOOD. I loved every minute of it. Oh, just so you're not worried, I lost five pounds this week. And I am trying to run more and more :) Gonna get under 300 by the end of July hopefully! That night we also had a meeting with all of the Ward Mission Leaders in the Thousand Oaks Stake, and President Moffat also joined us, the first counselor in the Mission Presidency! It was great. Talked a lot about what members can do to further the work in the stake, and spoke a lot about prayer and fasting. So, all of the Ward Mission Leaders in the stake are going to be fasting next month on that same day as our next meeting, and we will come to the meeting ready spiritually to discuss the work of the Lord! It was great.

Friday was our Zone Meeting! We always do these after MLC, so that the missionaries are informed about what their leaders have been discussing and what changes are happening because of it. So that was great! It was my first Zone Meeting that I was conducting, and President and Sister Felix showed up! It was great. We learned a lot, and our Zone is ready to grow and become better and better. We did service too, at a pioneer museum. Just setting things up for a celebration they were having! 

Saturday I was on exchanges with Elder Ruby. He is an amazing Elder! He was an assistant for six months, and I learned a lot from him. I think the biggest thing I learned is that I need to be more light-hearted, and less light-minded. And so I have been studying up on that lately, and I have some plans to put what I have been learning into action! It's going to be great. I am becoming a more and more consecrated missionary by the day, and I love it. We saw Kevin that day! Taught the Plan of Salvation, and he really liked it! He has had some relatives pass away, including his father, so it was a great lesson for him! 

Sundayyyyyy. We had such an amazing Stake Conference with the Newbury Park Stake! It was fantastic! Highlight for sure was our intermediate hymn, The Spirit of God! We sang it loud and proud. I have been hearing a lot of talks lately about letting things go and leaving your nets behind. And so, like I said before, I am trying to apply that. It's been fun. Gotta put both feet in! 

Anyways, that's about it! We are going to the temple on Wednesday, and they have a visitor's center, so I might buy some things if that's okay! Also, if it isn't too late, I think I asked for some pants.... Yeah, I ripped a couple pairs in the past year. soooo, I could use one or two more pairs! If that's okay. I can sew one of them though. Maybe even both! We will see. 

Jameson, I have a video for you! Happy Birthday buddy. I think you look 5! :)

I love you all. Thanks so much for all of the prayers, I really do feel them pushing me on. Here's to an awesome Week 6! We will see if they transfer us or not :)


Elder Harvey

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