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May 23, 2016 - Westlake YSA Ward


Hey Alllllll

So, awesome week that happened. A whole lot went on. We worked hard, and were blessed for it by finding four new people to teach! :)

Before I go into the week though, I just wanted to say that I understand the situation you are going through Emerson. It is hard, and it may not seem like it is fair, but the Lord needs you in His timing, and I know He is preparing people to be taught by you in the place you will be sent to at the time He will send you! And, just think about it. Maybe they don't want you to be waiting for six months with a mission call like I had to. They probably just want you to be able to get your call and head straight out, with no delays. I know I wish that that happened with me. But, I also wouldn't trade anything in the world for the experiences and knowledge I have gained in the past year and a half! Keep going buddy. Know that "all these things will give thee experience, and shall be for thy good. The Son of Man hath descended below them all." (Emerson got word that he'd have to wait a little longer before getting his mission call)

So, let me start with Tuesday. We have been trying to work a lot with the members in our ward, and so we had a couple of member lessons. We have been going over the Restoration with everyone, and committing them to sharing a doctrine of the Restoration with someone each week! It's going well so far, and we have gotten a referral from it! We had a lesson with Kevin too. I forgot to tell you about him last week, but he came to church last Sunday. The Elders we are living with are teaching the family and told us about Kevin, who is YSA age! So, we invited him to church and he came, and then we had a Restoration lesson with him! We soft-set him for baptism, but haven't been able to see him since. The other Elders told us that his mom said that we spooked him by inviting him to be baptized. He didn't come to church, but we are still trying to stick with him! 

That night, we went through a new missionary training with the brand-new missionary in our Zone. It was fun, we talk about the Stripling Warriors and apply their story with us and our mission! There are a lot of similarities. But, after that, we go on an exchange with the companionship, and I got to go with Elder Peart (the trainer)! He came out a transfer after me, and it was cool to get to know him a little better. Right after the training, we went to their coordination meeting with his ward, and after the meeting, we got out to our car and it was dead. Of Course. So, we get it jumped and go home and all was fine..... until the next morning, when it was dead again. We took it into the shop and had Elder Haines and Shaw pick us up and we went to work in their area, after a lunch at Arby's. I messed up this time too. I accidentally used my Credit Card for the meal.... So there may be about 22 dollars on the card. Sorry! I won't make that mistake again. 

Thursday we went and did a service project at the institute called Food Share, and it was a ton of fun! Basically, we set out food and a bunch of less-fortunate people come and get some free food! We worked with the Zone Leader's in Simi too, Elder DuPlessis and Rosenlof! It has been fun getting to see Elder DuPlessis so much lately. Always a great thing to see old companions! That night, a Recent Convert took us out to eat, and we had a great lesson with him on families. 

Friday was our Zone Meeting, where we bring everything we learned from a six hour Mission Leadership Conference and condense it into a two hour meeting, and tell everyone about changes being made and training that needs to be done. This one was interesting though. We changed our Standard of Excellence, and we re-defined what an Other Lesson is and what a Member Present Lesson is, and what a New Investigator is. This was so we could eliminate the fluff that happens in our mission when everyone is counting Key Indicators differently. So, that was interesting. A lot of feedback from everyone, but everyone also seemed to understand! We had a lesson with Ryan after that. Ryan has some autism, but he is awesome! He gives all of the missionaries nicknames, and I finally got mine! He said I am the "big guy from the little mouse movie." Or, in other words, Chef Gusteau from Ratatouille! We talked with him about the Restoration, and it went really well! We also had dinner that night with Allison, another Recent Convert, and taught about our divine potential as sons and daughters of God! It was a great and spiritual lesson, and we got a referral from another member that was there with us! Score! 

Sunday we had a great meeting, talking a lot about temples and about living a Christ-centered life! I learned a lot, and I know how I can better improve. I have been in a huge slump lately, teaching-wise and just going through the motions, but I need to improve and really enhance my desires! So I am going to be doing just that! We also got to go out of the mission! Haha. Our Ward Mission Leader lives in....Malibu. And that is about 10 minutes outside of our mission, and we had dinner at his house! It was an awesome drive, and such a pretty town. Next time I will make sure to remember my camera! But, on our way home, we got three texts.  Two of them with referrals. Some Elders from a different Zone taught some YSA guy named James and soft-set him for baptism, and so we called him right away and are meeting with him on Friday. The Sisters in Moorpark are teaching a YSA guy too, and they are going to pass him off to us tonight! It was awesome to see that the Lord is blessing us for putting work in. That night, we tried by some potentials, and we got to the last one of the night. Allen. We went to his house, and his brother, Francisco, was home, and we had a good discussion with him! His sister has been going to church and apparently wants to be a Mormon, and he was really interested as well and told us to come by on Tuesday or Wednesday after 4! So there is some huge potential there as well. He said he wants to start going back to church and wants his mom to also start going back too. So a potential family for the other Elders to teach!

Other than that, everything is just going awesome! I love the Lord, and I know He loves me. Mom, have you ordered my contacts yet? Just wondering. I only have one extra pair left, and I have been wearing these ones for 4 months now. Probably should change! Dad, congrats on the weight loss! I am trying to do all I can with my ankle, and I have lost 5 pounds this past week! I love it. Hopefully I can lose more! 

I hope everything is going well. Keep being amazing, and know that I know that the work I am doing is the Work of the Lord. I am a representative of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and I know that He backs me in every righteous action I do. I love Him, and I know He loves every single on of us! Keep being strong, and keep fighting trials. That's what we are here to do! 

I love you all, and I thank you for everything you do for me. Have a great week! Good luck with the presentation on Sunday!


Elder Harvey

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