Thursday, 7 July 2016

May 30, 2016 - Westlake YSA Ward


Hey Everyone!

Man, this week has flown by! It feels like it was just yesterday that I was emailing. It's funny how quickly time passes out here. Especially since y'know... on Wednesday I will be out for 11 months! Crazy.

Boy. Our week started with an exchange with the Assistants! It was awesome! I was able to go to Ventura with Elder Boyce, who is going home this transfer! We hit Ventura College in the morning with a couple of members, split off, and got work DONE. It was awesome. I contacted about 27 people in an hour! Had some quality conversations, and got some phone numbers for the Elders! We had a few more appointments. One with Jonah, and we talked about Family History work. Speaking of that, did I tell you that I found a name to take to the temple next month? Did I even tell you I get to go next month? I am very excited to head down to LA and see that beautiful temple! But, that was my Tuesday! The fun part was, we had another exchange the next day.

Wednesday. I was with the infamous.... ELDER HUNTER! It was sweet. I got to be with my old companion! He's grown a lot the past few weeks! We basically just went around and tried to see all of their LA's... which was easy. Their Ward List is only 11 pages long. And over 75% of them attend sacrament meeting. So, we knocked on a lot of doors, but that's okay! It was nice to spend a day with him and just had a blast doing it! Elder Hunter and Elder Ruby got a new companion on Saturday too, Brother Beck, a mini missionary from inside the mission. Brings back memories of me with Elder Edge and Elder Hillman! :)

Thursday we had our Zone Activity with Simi Valley, and it was all about family history! We all had to do family history, pick out a story about one of our ancestors, and then present it! The trick was, we had to dress up in the era of the ancestor we chose! I chose Richard Coope Harvey, and his story about when he was called as Conference President in the Southern States Mission by President J. Golden Kimball! It was a great story to share, and we had a great time! I will attach a picture of what I wore, I tried my best!

Friday and Saturday were both pretty much the same day! We went around and tried to see a ton of Potentials and had a few set appointments. Friday we met with Ryan and talked about agency. And Saturday night we met with William, who the Moorpark Sisters has been teaching, and had a pass off lesson with them! We are meeting with him tonight, and so we are hoping to see some progress with him! Then we met with Alberto, one of our investigators who has been hard to catch lately! We re-set some expectations with him and he now fully understands our purpose. He doesn't necessarily see the necessity for baptism, but we are praying he will!

That's pretty much it from my side. I am really trying to find more effectively and to be able to follow the Spirit more as I am doing that. We are both trying to use our time way more effectively, and getting out of the car a lot more.

Our budget? We get 135$ a month. And it depends on the week, how much I spend. If I need a lot of toiletries, or cleaning stuff, it's usually a bit more. But I try to spend no more than $30 a week. We are only allowed shopping one day a week.

My password? I can't remember right now. But if I do, I can give it to you! It shouldn't be too big of a deal though. I'm sure no one thinks I am doing anything like that :) (we keep getting a notification from Jaxon's facebook that he's sharing his horiscope...just something that he signed up for before going on a mission - that is still activated)

Elder Snyder and I get along great. We are really good at talking openly with each other and coming together to get work done! I am enjoying my time with him, and I really am trying to learn all that I can from him, so that I can step up my game and learn to take the reins of this huge area. He goes home next transfer, and most of the Zone Leaders in the mission are going home in the next few months, and so I am really going to have to step up!

Hope everything else is going well back at home!

I love you all. Things are going great down here. I couldn't be happier, and I couldn't be having anymore fun than I am! Being a missionary is great, not only for the experience, but for the chance I have to be engaged in such an amazing work! Cherish every missionary opportunity you have. It truly is such a sacred work we are doing.


Elder Harvey

Dressed as Richard Coope Harvey

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