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June 6, 2016 - Westlake YSA Ward



Okay. Fun week. I am sitting here thinking about what the heck even happened this past week. It's all a blur! I love hearing about your experiences at home! Maybe first I will answer all of the questions you asked...

So, the name of our Zone. We have a nickname for it. It's the "MegaZone." Why? Because it used to be two separate Zones, but they combined the Newbury Park Zone and Thousand Oaks Zone into one, because of dwindling numbers. We are getting another missionary today in our Zone, he went home in October for medical reasons, but is coming back out! So, basically, we cover two stakes. From the very South of the mission all the way up to Newbury. It's a blast. Our ward has been growing the past little while. We have people coming home from BYU and such, and it is always a hassle because we see people walk in and think "I don't know any of these people..." But it's good for the ward! I did get your package that you sent me, and I am very grateful for it! It was a fantastic package, and the contacts work! As for the other Elders we live with, we get along great with them! They are a joy to be around, and we were actually able to go on exchanges with them this past week! I was with Elder Shaw in the Family Ward. It was tons of fun! Elder Shaw has only been out for three months, but he is doing great! Really has a great desire to do the best he can do. We contacted a lot of Less-Actives that day, and it was great. Got yelled at a little bit, but it comes with the tag! Dad, it's great to hear about your weight loss! It's a lot harder to lose weight out here, but I have lost about five pounds this transfer. And, CONGRATS ON CATCHING A FISH! It's about time. ;) Oh, and the mission right now is focusing on Using Time Wisely (Chapter 8 of PMG). Tomorrow during MLC though we will be having a council on Finding People to teach and Companionship Study. Should be fun! 

So, on Wednesday, my 11 Month Mark, we saw two of our Recent Converts, Tiffany and Emma! It was really awesome. We watched this Mormon Message called Origin with Tiffany and talked about always receiving a witness that the Book of Mormon is true. And then talked about Learning and Serving in the church with Emma. They are both doing very well and it's great to see them progress in the gospel! We also saw Maddison, a less-active in the ward. We taught her the Restoration, and then invited her to our institute dinner that night, and she came! It was awesome to be at institute again. Our teacher, President Manwaring, reminds me of Brother Murley! But it was a good night.

On Thursday we saw Ryan again, he is a recent convert/less-active of ours, and has some mental capacity issues. It is always fun to try to keep things as simple as possible! We taught about the Word of Wisdom, and then went and tried by some people, finished our reports for the Stake Presidencies we were going to meet with on Sunday, and then... I lost my tag. We drove around everywhere trying to find it, and it turns out, it was on my bed.... Hahaha. 

On Friday we went to Elder Willis' District Meeting, and we talked about having a more effective Companion Study! Saw Allison that afternoon, and talked about Learning and Serving in the church, and then tried by some more people, and then exchanged with Elder Willis!

I was with Elder Willis on Saturday.. and the morning was interesting. We went to go and get some gas, and our gas card was declined... So, we called the Elder over the cars in our mission, and he didn't get back to us for three hours, so we went on foot. Oh yeah, it has also gotten crazy hot this past week, so that was no bueno. But, finally he called and told us that someone had tried to steal the information from our card, and so the bank cancelled it and is sending us a new one! But, I had to use some personal funds to put gas in our car. I'll get reimbursed though. We went and had a lesson with Alberto, and that was interesting. Taught about Tithing and figured out that he really doesn't know how the Spirit works, and so we will talk about that next time! We then went and had a lesson with Alec and his two friends. Elder Ruby and Elder Hunter met with Alec and prayed with him, and Alec invited us back! So we went and taught the Restoration in their backyard. It was sweet. One of his friends, Robert, seems to have the most potential. They all are really searching though. It was a great lesson, and I loved being with Elder Willis! 

Yesterday, we got up at 5 and met with both Stake Presidencies and reported on the missionary work going on in their stakes! One meeting was at 6am, the other one at 8:30. Then, we had our ward meeting at 11:30. Basically, we were in meetings all day Sunday. It was tons of fun!

Anyways, I think that is it from me! Sorry I didn't attach any pictures last time. The computer was being dumb! And Dad, I will send a list of Canadian Candy and stuff I really want! 

Love you all. I know this church is true. I am doing the right thing being out here. 

"Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you." (John 15:16)

I have been chosen as one who represents the Lord, Jesus Christ. And I am forever grateful for the trust he has put in me to do this amazing work.


Elder Harvey
#CanadianHumility #BecauseWeDon'tHavePride

I forgot, I have had some thoughts about schooling! So, BYU has this thing called the Pathway program, and basically I can go to University and so general things online, and then go to school. I was thinking of maybe doing that for a year, staying at home, and then maybe heading down to BYU? What do you think?


I reeeeaaaallly want some Ketchup Chips. 
ANd some KitKats.
And KinderSurprises. 
AND Gift Cards
And I am not sure what else. I can't remember what I like! :(

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