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June 20, 2016 - Westlake YSA Ward - Thousand Oaks Zone

11/9... #MegaZoneHasFallen #HiHo!HiHo!It'sOffToTheTempleWeGo!


Hey Erryone.

This was a fuuuun week! 

So, before we start. Dad. Please stop almost dying on your bike. That would be great ;) Just kidding. Glad you're okay though! And congrats to Aydan on getting her license! I remember when I got mine. Now I am living it up in Cali! Gotta love it. Also, Dad, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! You probably think I forgot all about it, but we'll see about that..... :)

Also, I just heard about the fires in Santa Barbara! That place gets hit literally like every year with a bad fire. Oh, and I was going to send a package today. Would that be okay?

So, I am being transferred....Kinda. They split our ward. So, Elder Snyder and I will be staying in the same ward, but just two different areas. I will be Zone Leader in the Thousand Oaks Zone with Elder Parkinson! I am suuupppper excited! I love it here, and I am going to love it for another six weeks! It is getting way too hot for my liking though. We have hit record temperatures. Ugh. Yesterday it was 103. SHOOT ME. 

Monday night we had dinner with Tiffany, a recent convert in our ward. We also had to cut our P-Day short because we were going to the temple! So we went out to see people and yeah. That's about it. Stopped in on FHE and talked with some members! Tonight for FHE they are having a talent show. Should be awesome!

Tuesday we didn't do much other than trying to find! It was great. Wasn't too hot, and yeah. We saw Allison that night too, and probably had the best lesson of the transfer! Just really spiritually and we were really unified as we taught. We talked about Prayer and Studying the Scriptures. Great topic for her, and it seemed to have really helped her. She got her Patriarchal Blessing on Sunday! So, I shared the story about me falling asleep while Emerson got his. Oops!

Wednesday was the day of all days. We went down to the LA Temple! It was amazing. I loved the session, and I loved the people we went with. It's this couple in the Ward, Josh and Jade. Josh served in Edmonton! And yeah. It was weird to think though that the last time I drove past it, we were all together as a family! It was an amazing day. I had my goals confirmed to me by the Spirit as I sat in the Celestial Room. Just an all-around great experience! I took a lot of pictures!

Thursday we helped with Food Share and had Weekly Planning. That took up most of our day. Had dinner with Derek Batt and his family! It was awesome. They gave us some pocketknives that I am sending home in the package! 

Friday we went to Elder Haines' District Meeting. It went really well! We talked about Accepting Differences and how to extend commitments more effectively! After the meeting, we had 4 lessons! One with Jake Jordan, a Less-active member of our ward. Had a great lesson about Christ! He is the Newbury Park Stake President's son, and so we saw him too! Then we went and saw Ryan Davis. He is always interesting to meet with. Doesn't really understand a whole lot. We watched a Mormon Message with him! Then we met with Emma, our Recent Convert, and had a great lesson on Tithing with her! She is so solid. Basically teaches us! Then we met with Hyrum, Kailie, and Andrew! Some members who haven't really been coming to church. They are trying to get into the music industry, so they don't really make time for church! But Kailie came on Sunday!

Saturday was rough. We had no set appointments, and so we walked. A lot. And it was SO HOT. High 90's. Yeah, it was tooooonnnnns of fun! Took some pictures that Jameson would like. I will send them in a separate email. 

Sunday was great too. We had Church, then a linger-longer afterwards! Church was all about Fathers. I really liked it, because I really like Dad. Haha! Yeah, I am always appreciative of what Dad does for me! Kevin came too! It was great. Then had dinner with Allison, right after she got her Patriarchal Blessing! We talked about the Liahona and made the comparison to our Patriarchal Blessings. It was great. 

As for requests for my birthday, I don't think I really have anything else. A Shoe shining kit would be awesome. That's pretty much it though. I don't need much. I should have just bought garments at the distribution center in LA. My bad. 

Anyways, I love you! Thanks for everything you do, and all the prayers given in my behalf! June is almost over, and I am almost repeating days as a missionary! Ahhh!

Have a great week!


Elder Harvey


133 W Avenida De Los Arboles #212
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360-2971

Elder Harvey and Elder Snyder

Jade, Josh and Elder Harvey

A wall of missionary tags!

View from the LA Temple

Elder Snyder and Elder Harvey at LA Temple

Preaching to the "Minions"

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