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October 17, 2016 - Erringer Ward - Simi Valley Zone

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You have no idea how excited I am.


MSN is gonna be a freaking MISSIONARY. 


That is just so freaking awesome. 

Congrats bro. You'll do great. Don't get too overwhelmed with the language. I have a brand new Spanish Elder in my District, and he is doing great just learning the language. You'll do great things in Mexico. Also, Mom, the Mexico MTC isn't super sketchy really. Elder Hiltscher said it was really fun, but it's definitely going to be a culture shock! And he gets to leave a few days after his birthday.... just like me! 

Well, that was super exciting. I have been waiting all week to hear about that! I couldn't watch the video, but I will save it onto my camera and watch it later! Oh, and I did buy a blender... 14 bucks! It's awesome. 

Well, the weeks been an average one. Nothing too amazing, just hard-nosed missionary work! We knocked off about 24 names on our ward list, which was awesome! Went on a couple of exchanges too, including Elder Rosenlof's last exchange of his mission! 

But, first of all, on Monday we all went to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library! It's really the only fun thing to do in Simi, and it was actually really cool! All about Reagan's life and what he did as President. I didn't know that someone attempted to assassinate him, so that was a cool part of the exhibit! I will attach pictures though. 

Tuesday we were going to see a bunch of people from our ward list, but that all changed when the other Elders had the never-ending problem of....... a flat tire. It took all day to fix. It was pretty annoying actually, but we fought through it. I read in Luke 6 this morning about just doing good for anyone and everyone, no matter what they do to you, and the Spirit let me know that I have been doing a good job with that! 

Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Mata, which meant I was living with Elder Alder for a day! Yaya! It was awesome to be with him. We had a great time. Elder Mata and I taught two less-actives and two of their investigators. It was an extremely fun day. Oh yeah, we also had two dinners. One with their investigators and another member, which was just hamburgers, but the other at a restaurant with a Spanish family, and I think I had the best dinner of my mission. I WAS ON FIRE. I don't know what happened, but I was just on a roll. I felt like Robin Williams doing stand-up. It was just joke after joke after joke. I was proud of myself. 

Thursday we did service for Brother Huse! At Stake Conference yesterday, he was called as a member of the high council! He is going to be awesome at it. Probably one of my favorite members that I have met on my mission. Then, we did Weekly Planning and we drove people around and dealt with some problems some more. Kinda annoying again, but I know I am doing the right thing. Helping my fellow Elders :) 

Friday we had an excellent Zone Meeting on working with the Ward Councils more effectively and on having more of a positive attitude! I loved being able to learn about how I can have more of a positive attitude towards negative things that may happen. I think I have done a good job so far, but it's always a great refresher to have! We did some service with the Ford's, and then did an early exchange at five (due to Stake Conference weekend) and Elder Rosenlof and I went to a Taipan place (the place where they cook the food in front of you and almost burn you to death with onions) and it was so good. I loved it. Never been to a place like that! 

And the rest of the weekend was pretty much just trying to contact more and more people, which we accomplished! We found a potential yesterday named Winston. I decided we should walk around the area we were in a little bit, and Elder Campbell didn't really agree, but did it anyways. I felt like we should talk to a guy around the corner who was in his front lawn, and as we were getting closer, he turned around and went inside. Dangit, right? Not this time though. I really needed to talk with him, so we knocked on the door and he was busy then, but wants us to come back on Saturday! So that was cool! That night too, Brother Hull came with us to go see the Pard's! It was an awesome visit, where Brother Hull challenged Brother Pard to come back to church. He did it in such a loving and caring manner, and I was so happy he was there. 

Well, that's been our week! No luck with Emerson and his family yet, but we are trying! 

My ankles doing well, and the car is doing well too! We did get some rain the past couple of days, and I do think I will be getting transferred next week! Training is fun, but it's super hard at the same time. You do all you can to help this Elder out, and a lot of it goes unappreciated. But, things are just going great :) I love the area I serve in, and I love the people I serve with. I really couldn't be any luckier. I know this gospel is true. Dad, I fixed my shoe with some goop and something called Sugru.... I think. But it looks pretty good! 

Love you guys!


Elder Harvey 

Air Force One

A Beam hat was actually used in the World's Trade Center in New York

Piece of the Berlin wall

Elder Harvey 4 President (Ronald Regan Library)
Air Force 1 (Ronald Regan Library)

Piece from World Trade Center collapse

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