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September 12 - Erringer Ward - Simi Valley Zone

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Hey All!

Let me tell you. God is real. He really is. This past week has been a rollercoaster of a week, but everything has seemed to work out. Transfers were also this week, so I bet I gave President Felix quite the headache as he didn't know what was going to happen with me until Thursday! But, I am very excited for my new assignment and for the ward I am in!

So, it sounds like you all had an amazing week! I love zoo's. The only one in the mission is in Santa Barbara, and I never went. But, I definitely wish I had! Hopefully football goes well for Hudson. He's a great athlete, and I know he will be blessed for the hard work he has put in. Whether it's as starting Quarterback or not, he will be blessed.

So, Monday was fun. Nothing really happened after I emailed you. Tuesday was when we first went to the doctor's office, when he prescribed the MRI. Doctor Payne at first told me he thought it was an inflamed joint, and yeah. So that was fun. That night, we had a dinner with some former investigators, the Clarke's. They were very nice, until I instigated a discussion about the Gospel.... Then it got hectic. They both went off on a bunch of controversial topics and such. Their main concern was that God didn't need a church, He just needed people to love Jesus. I was really not in the mood for arguing, so we left pretty quickly. It was fun though! So, on Tuesday after my appointment, I made an appointment for an MRI in Thousand Oaks on September 22. Didn't like how far away that was, so I made an appointment in Simi Valley for the 12th, and cancelled my appointment in Thousand Oaks. Shouldn't have any contact, nothing from them.

Wednesday rolled around, and we are getting started on companionship study, and we get a call from the Thousand Oaks location about a cancellation that happened, and they wanted me there in half an hour. It was insane. I cannot adequately explain the miracle that was. We got there real quick, and everything worked out! Got an appointment with Dr. Payne on Thursday, and we were golden. I don't think anything else really happened on Wednesday though.

Thursday rolls around, we do Weekly Planning, and then head out to my appointment! Dr. Payne hands me the MRI report real quick and tells me to read it while he sees another patient. I do, and I see the words "Chronically torn." My heart sunk. Honestly, those were the only two words on the report that made any sense. And Sister Hardy (the mission nurse who was there with me) and I thought that was it, that I was heading home. He came in and told us that everything was good, and that I could wait until I get home to have the surgery needed. I was overjoyed! There really isn't anything that can explain the events that happened in the past few days,except that God really does love His children, and He really does bless His servants. That night, we had Ward Splits, and Elder Alder and I went out and found four new potentials! One Less-Active Part-Member family, and one referral from the YSA Sisters! Peter (from YSA) wanted to meet with us on Saturday but had to leave town for the weekend. So, we will hopefully see him this week!

Meanwhile, throughout all of this we were trying to meet with Jesse and Harley, and Jesse kept bailing on our appointments. Too bad. 

Friday, we had an awesome District Meeting on Finding people to teach! It was great. I loved learning more and more about being able to find. Great last District Meeting, and I really grew to love each member of my District! We had our missionary coordination meeting afterwards, and we then went to the Ford's and helped them out. That was real hectic! But, I really do love that family. That night was leadership calls, and I found out that I have been assigned to.....TRAIN A NEW MISSIONARY! Dang, am I ever excited! Elder Alder also has been assigned to train, and I am so excited for him! It will be a neat experience, and I am really excited to help a missionary start off his mission right! Saturday was when we found out that I would be staying, and Elder Alder is just going to a Ward that is in the Zone. We weren't able to do much more on Saturday. All of our appointments cancelled on us.

Sunday was great. Have I mentioned to you who our Bishop is? Grandpa Shirley might know who he is. His name is Mitch Voges, and he used to be a professional golfer! He is super funny. One of my favorite Bishops. Anyways, Elder Alder said a lot of goodbye's, and we plan on doing the same tonight, and tomorrow I get my new missionary!

I will miss Elder Alder, that's for sure. He probably has been the companion I have gotten along with the most. Such a solid missionary. I am excited for him, and excited for what lies ahead!

I love you all. Just so you know, I will be trying to sell my bike, and I will be buying some organizational things. Shouldn't be more than 20 bucks.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers. I know these next 10 months will be a trial and a half, but I am just so dang grateful to be spending them in the greatest situation I could be: serving the Lord. This truly is His work that I am engaged in, and I know that this truly is His true and living Church on the earth today. 

Have an amazing week!


Elder Harvey

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