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September 26, 2016- Erringer Ward - Simi Valley Zone



This week has been an off week. It happens, but as I have liked to say as of late, it's not about what you did yesterday, but about what you do tomorrow. We haven't been as diligent and hardworking as we ought to be, but we have made some really great goals to move forward and become better and better missionaries.

Sounds like home life is going well! First off, congrats to Mom for getting that job! That's AWESOME! The Lord really does bless us, and I am so grateful for that amazing blessing that you have received. Second, Hudson. GREAT JOB. Dad told me your stats from your game on Friday. THREE TOUCHDOWNS?!?!?! That's freaking awesome. I am so proud of you! AND your Ravens beat my Jags. Which sucks, but you can't win every game! Although, I don't even know if Jacksonville has won a single game this year....... Sad to hear about President McKenzie's son. Please send him my condolences and support! I don't have his email. 

So, like I said, this week has been a slower one, but this next one is prepped to be a great one. Despite our laziness, we ended up finding three new investigators, which is just the three kids from the family we are teaching. But, I am SUPER excited for General Conference this weekend. I have felt that this conference will be one of the most important for me to listen to, so I am preparing myself to come with ears to hear. I am almost finished studying every conference talk from last conference too! Only have Elder Holland's talk left.

Monday night we met with Ricky, the Indian man who came to church a few times. We taught him the Restoration, and set him with a baptismal date of October 22nd! It was an awesome lesson. There's kind-of a language barrier with him, so it was difficult to teach him simply, but he is really interested in being baptized! We gave him a Hindi Book of Mormon, and he has read it every day since! He is doing so well, but we found out that he lives in another ward, so we had to pass him off to those Elders, which happened yesterday. Hopefully he gets baptized on the 22nd! 

Tuesday was a day where all of our appointments pretty much fell through except for dinner. And then the other Elders we lived with got a flat, and everyone else was busy, so we had to pick them up, and we don't have a bike rack on our car..... So, we had fun with that. Made two trips. And then drove them around a lot and got them situated with the flat tire. By the time that was finished, it was like 5:30, and our dinner was at 6:30. So, we tried by some people to no avail and then headed to dinner! 

Wednesday we got some work done! We went out and tried to see a lot of people on our Ward List, and we saw 8 different families! It was awesome. Had dinner and then went and saw the Bishop. Had a nice meeting with him, and he really appreciates what we are doing with the Ward List! We have been able to see 124/233 People on the list. So, we seem to be making some solid progress! :)

Thursday we did some Weekly Planning, and then went by some people again. Drove the other Elders around a bit, and then saw a referral from some other Elders, that turned out to be out of our area, so we set up an appointment and sent it to the appropriate Elders! 

Friday we had a great Zone Meeting! It was all about being better missionaries and more committed to the Gospel and to preaching the Gospel! I really enjoyed it. Set some personal goals for myself! We had a great correlation meeting with Brother Hull, and we made a plan to do a 30 Day Fast/Church Tour to help further the work here in our area. Brother Hull loved it and we presented it to the PEC on Sunday, and they loved it as well! We are going to have the church tour/dinner on November 18th, and a 30 Day Fast leading up to that. It will be great! So, we typed up a sheet to give to all of the Ward Leaders, and then had an exchange with the Zone Leaders! Oh, we also had a dinner with the Mordues, who actually KNEW WHAT CORNER GAS WAS. THEY WERE QUOTING IT ALL NIGHT!!!!! It was amazing. Tender mercies are everywhere. 

Saturday was a great day with Elder Willis and Elder Anglin, a mini-missionary. We started off the day with a baptism! Those Elders had been teaching this girl named Dani, and I did the interview last Sunday. It was a huge baptism, at least 70 people were there. and at least 70% of that were youth. It was awesome! We had a lesson with an excommunicated member that night, and then exchanged back! It was a fun day. I loved it. 

Sunday was also a great day. We had a great time at church, Marissa and Stanley came with their family! We taught them about the Plan of Salvation after church. It went really well. As soon as this divorce gets finalized and everything and they get married, they will be super ready for baptism! Oh, and they need to live the Word of Wisdom, but that'll be good for them I think. 

But yeah. That was the week! Jesse has been super busy, but we are hoping to see him on Tuesday. Should be getting a new investigator on Tuesday as well, named AP. Things are looking to pick up and I am excited for what this next week holds in store! 

General Conference will be such an amazing opportunity for us to hear from the prophet of the Lord. 


Elder Harvey
 Elder Campbell, Elder 'Iongi, and Elder Endicott

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