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October 31, 2016 - Canejo Canyon Ward - Newbury Park Zone

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We almost died this week. But it's chill. Thank goodness for brakes. 

I'll explain real quick. Three lanes. Overpass. We were in the left lane, with a left turn lane coming up. Just driving. Then a lady in the right lane decided to try and make the left turn.... and almost killed us. Very lucky she didn't smash right into our side. God protects His servants! 

So. This new area of mine is amazing. Mom, I am serving in the Canejo Canyon ward in the Newbury Park Zone. This is where I was with Elder Snyder when I was first a Zone Leader, just in the YSA Ward. Now I am in a family ward. Elder Peart and I are pretty much best friends. We have known eachother for a year already, I was his Zone Leader in Newbury Park last time I was here, and we went on an exchange together then too. We have been getting along so well. My new area is pretty wealthy, Newbury Park is only about thirty minutes away from LA with no traffic (an hour and a half away with LA Traffic :P).

It's crazy that it is almost November again.... Time really has flown. But, this week was hectic and we had to do a lot of administrating, beginning of the transfer is usually like that.

Monday was bittersweet. I said goodbye to the Ford's and the Huse's. Great families, and I loved being with them. I packed for the night, and got ready to say goodbye on Tuesday Morning! 

Tuesday. Transfer Tuesday. Probably the craziest one of my mission. Got to Newbury Park (the checkpoint for the transfer train) and met Elder Peart there. We were then in charge of the checkpoint and the missionaries that are waiting there for their companions. Northbound train started at our checkpoint and headed up to Santa Maria, it was on time. No problems. Southbound train was supposed to arrive at 11:10. However, when they were headed up to Santa Maria in the morning to start, their trailer came unhitched on the freeway halfway through the trip. So, that was no bueno. They got to our checkpoint at 2:30. About three hours late. Once all of that was taken care of, all of the missionaries left to their new areas, except for Elder Campbell (MY ELDER CAMPBELL) and his new companion, Elder Oakey. Their car was dead. Ugh. So, we found jumper cables and got them on their way, and waited for Albert to come pick us up to go and do service for a lady moving into our ward. Anyways, Elder Campbell and Oakey came back, and Elder Oakey forgot his Tiwi card in Santa Barbara. AAARRGGHHHH. Elder Campbell didn't have one, because he's a new missionary, so the Assistants brought him down a card. Helped Jean move. Had dinner with the Gredings. Then Jean insisted on feeding us, so we went out for chinese food. Turns out, Jean is from Vancouver, and her son went to highschool there. I got to nerd out about home. Fantastic day, and Wednesday was even better!

Wednesday we pretty much tried to plan our Zone Goal for this transfer. The mission is focusing on Change Eternity, Plan by the Spirit. So, it's been fun to get a goal together to help the Zone improve! Had dinner with Bishop, whose wife is from.... Alberta. Yup. Nerd out time again. Alberta's a fun one because our whole family is Alberta. She's from....... I can't remember. Raymond? But she knows a Connie Leavitt. Name sounds familiar, but maybe I am crazy. 

Thursday we literally spent all day prepping the Zone Goal. I made planner inserts, and we typed everything out. It was a long day. Had dinner with the Brems, and yeah. Zone Goal is awesome. We are pretty much just trying to help the Zone invite the Spirit more in planning. 

Friday we went to both District Meetings in the Zone, to present the goal. They all loved it, and it's literally just read the assigned scripture each night and invite the Spirit, and then act on your plans. Easy peasy. No one was home today, so we knocked on a whole lot of doors. To no avail. Went full missionary status. Got a Dr. Pepper at a gas station in order to set up a lesson with a potential. You do anything for lessons. 

Saturday was SO COOL. We had a Halloween party going on that night, a trunk or treat (We had a trunk :) ) and members invited so many people to come! We had about five non-member families there, and met one of our Deacon's girlfriends, who we will be teaching on Friday! It was such a cool activity! Members rock.

Sunday was fine too. No one is ever home here. But church was fantastic, the ward is amazing, and everyone is working hard to do missionary work! 

This week I have been focusing on an article I read from I will attach the link. But, the gist is, don't take Christ out of the equation. Don't rely on your own merits, but rely on Christ's. It isn't "Me + More = Christlike" but, it's "Me + Christ = More"

The work is hastening! I love being here. Thanks for the parcel! I found out that we have an apartment number, and that is J. Haha. Number J. Anyways, I will send my parcel to you today, and I need to buy stamps. Is that okay? Should my card work?

Love you all! GREAT JOB ON YOUR PART JAMESON. Oh, and I think Emerson is dating the girl that Elder Bradley is in love with. #slayit


Elder Harvey

Trunk or Treat

Elder Harvey, Elder Campbell & the Huse Family

Elder Harvey & Elder Peart

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