Tuesday, 13 October 2015

October 5th, 2015 - Arroyo Grande 1st Ward

Transfers happened - I can't imagine changing roommates every 6 weeks or so - it must be hard but by the end of his mission he should know how to get along with anyone!  He talks about his knee in this email - we received a phone call at midnight on October 1st - it was the mission president.  He had called my cell phone and I didn't hear it ring so he left a message asking us to call him because Jaxon had hurt his knee.  This is NOT the phone call you want to receive!  Bryan contacted Bro. Felix and talked with him about what happened.  Jaxon will explain it in his email.  We would appreciate prayers on his behalf, hoping that they will be able to make it workable for the remainder of his mission and he will not have to come home for a surgery.  We will keep you posted...


Okay, so yeah... this week has been a craaazy one! Transfers happened, and then apparently my knee decided to lock up, General Conference, and just normal crazy missionary stuff!

So, starting with my knee! I wasn't really planning on telling everyone at home what happened, just because I was really hoping that it would fix itself and not do what it did this past week. I was playing basketball about a month ago and I planted weird and pain shot down my right leg! So, of course, I kept playing for a bit and then went home and iced it and all of that! The pain persisted, but only while getting up and walking up or down stairs, and some other things, but I kept going! I had President Felix look at it at Zone Conference, and he gave me some tips and such and finally, this past week, it locked up for a little bit. Basically, I am going to see an orthopedic doctor, and we are going to see what is going to have to happen. I have been praying crazy hard the past few weeks, and I really hope nothing major is going to happen, but I know that wherever I go, the Lord needs me there. There's no such thing as coincidences in the Lord's work! If I need surgery, Sister Felix is going to have to clear it with Mission Medical. We will just see what will happen! I should have an appointment sometime this week hopefully. Thanks for your prayers, and Elder Leavitt, Elder Dorius, and Elder Hortin were able to give me a blessing a few weeks ago! 

Okay, so I maaaaay have forgotten to tell you about a super awesome baptism. We found a YSA guy named Azlan back in July, and he got baptized last week! It was super amazing to see someone that I was able to find enter into the waters of baptism, and make those sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father. He is one amazing guy, and he has been doing amazing things already in the church! 

What else. Oh yeah, Leonor! She is awesome, and she is on track to make her baptismal date of October 17! She is progressing really well, and we feel like she really truly desires to be baptized! The coolest thing though is that her mom has done a 180 this past week, and she actually sits in on our lessons now and gives some input! We are super excited for Leonor and for her commitment to be baptized! I will let you know more about that as we get closer to the date!

So. Transfer calls were pretty sad this week. It appears that every companionship is getting changed except for one, and SURPRISE! I am getting transferred..... kinda. So Elder Leavitt is leaving! He has been assigned to be a Zone Leader down in the Simi Valley YSA Ward, and my new companion will be Elder Duplessis, and he will be the District Leader! Super excited to serve with him, and as for WHERE I am serving? So, they split my area, and I will be serving in the Arroyo Grande 1st Ward alone, while the Pismo Beach Ward is getting Sisters! Yup, Elder Harvey has been pinkwashed. I am super excited for this next transfer, and for the challenges and miracles it will bring!

So, General Conference! How amazing was that? It's funny, I have been ponderizing all transfer long, and I am glad we have been challenged to do it by a General Authority! I have seen some amazing blessings come from doing so, and I really do suggest and challenge everyone to do it! It brings a clarity to your mind that isn't easy to explain. And as for President Monson, as I am sure you all saw, what an amazing showing of courage and determination to share his witness of Jesus Christ! Something I noticed was that those last words that he just barely was able to get out, were words that testified of the divinity and actuality of our Lord, Jesus Christ! What an amazing man, and I really hope that he makes it to April. I also really appreciated Elder Holland's talk, and President Nelson's! I really do have a sincere and amazing appreciation for you Mom, and I really do love and appreciate all that you have done for me these past 19 years! Same to you Dad, and the rest of the family! I love you all, and I am so appreciative of the time we have been able to grow together as a family, and I feel like I have, weirdly enough, gotten closer to you all while being out here! 

Anyways, thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. I love you all, and I am grateful for all of you! We will keep you updated on my knee, but, I truly will go wherever my Heavenly Father wants me to go! 

Have an amazing week! 


Elder Harvey

I was still on the computer when he sent his email so I quickly sent him one and we had a short email "conversation" :)
  • could you send my seminary scriptures?  They have all those amazing markings that Sis. Guenther had us do which could be useful
  • I also loved those pictures/cards from Elder Crapo's mom - where did she get them?  Can you get more?
  • Oh, and for the record, this weekend (of course!) we are on a member food fast! We are only able to eat food we buy today and cook out of our apartment. Typical right? Only on Canadian Thanksgiving. I feel lilke it's racist or something.  (they are usually fed one meal a day from members of the congregation)

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