Tuesday, 13 October 2015

September 13th, 2015 - Arroyo Grande and Pismo Beach 1st Wards

There seems to always be an adventure or something exciting to happen to him each week.  I appreciate his positive attitude and desire to do what he's been asked.  :)


Okay, I have to say, that is HILARIOUS!! Opposing your own calling... LOL! That's awesome. Exciting to hear that you are on the District Council though Dad! And I am sure Seminary will be exciting for you Mom! Sounds like a really busy and hectic week, but glad to hear that everything is running relatively smoothly up there! They still stand for Oh Canada every morning?! I remember doing that!! That's insane. Sounds like you are all having a blast re-adjusting to life in Ontario! 

My week.... Wow. We had quite the amazing week, I must say. A lot of hard work, and a lot of miracles that we have been praying and fasting for. This week, we had our exchanges with the Zone Leaders! It was a great exchange, and I was able to go with Elder Dorius and Gosh. It was a great time. We were in Shell Beach, just knocked on a couple of doors and about to get back into the car, when something was telling me to go to a house across the street that had the door open! So I was going to shrug it off, and had one foot in the car when the Spirit hardcore chastised me, and told me GO AND KNOCK THAT DOOR. Haha. So we went, and we had a good hour long lesson with them! Lyn, the lady in the home, said that she had a lot of questions about religion and about the church, and Steve, the husband, had actually taken the discussions up in Paso Robles years ago! He said he loved our church, loved what we stood for, and we talked a lot about the Holy Ghost and about the Book of Mormon, and invited them to church! Super awesome experience, and it goes to show that we really need to listen to the Spirit. Heavenly Father opens doors for us and if we don't take advantage of the blessings that He tries to give to us, or the opportunities to share the Gospel that He grants us, we just won't get those opportunities!

Then, on Wednesday, we were walking down a street, when this man yells from behind us "STEVE! MURRAY!" So, we turned around, and I just started talking to him from where we were and he was a man on a scooter, who's name is Jude! He asked us if we were going to the Bible Study class tonight at the Kingdom Hall, and we said no. Haha. So we started talking to him, and he asked us who we were and we told him, and he proceeded to tell us about this stroke he had, and about the trials he has been going through the past month or so, and how he can't use the left side of his body anymore, and we talked about the Priesthood authority that Jesus had being back on the Earth again, and he started tearing up and told us to follow him back to his house! So we sprinted beside him while he was booking it home on his scooter, and we went into his backyard where he had a SIXTEEN FOOT STATUE OF THE RESURRECTED CHRIST! It was crazy. But yeah, we taught him the Restoration and he totally loved it! He said we should be teaching History classes and have everyone know about Jesus coming to the America's, and then said that we should make a movie about it! We told him there is a movie, and that we can give him one for free, along with the Book of Mormon and some pamphlets! He loved it. He is going to come to church this Sunday, and we are so excited for him. He said yesterday that he knows that the church is true, so we have been making some really good progress with him! It was amazing to see the light that came into his eyes when we taught him about the Book of Mormon, to see the Holy Ghost touch his heart, and to hear him tell us how good he was feeling while we spoke with him. The Book of Mormon changes people. I fully believe that.

We also had Stake Conference this past weekend, and we had Elder Pimmentell of the Seventy come, and he was AWESOME! He spoke about so many different things, but one that really stood out to me (I wonder why!) was about missionary work! He gave everyone a simple suggestion on how to do simple, but effective, missionary work! He said that all you need to do is work "My Church" into every conversation you have! It's a simple SIMPLE thing! And so non-threatening, but it really can spark a conversation that can change people's lives! 

So yeah, we have had a much better week this week. Good luck with your Seminary classes this week, and everyone else with school! Remember, Heavenly Father has placed you there for a reason! Be that "City that is set on an hill" and "Let your light so shine before man!" Do the simple missionary work that you can do, and you will make a difference in someone's life. I know it.

I love you all so much, thank you so much for all that you do for me and for the prayers and fasting that is done on my behalf. I feel them working in me day by day, as I do those hard things that I never thought I could do. I feel them pushing me along, giving me strength to do everything I can to Preach the Gospel.

Oh! Almost forgot, we woke up this morning AND IT WAS RAAAAAIIIINING! I shall try to send a video of it today. Fasting and Prayer works! Rain was part of my fast yesterday.

I would love some Salt and Vinegar chips if you ever have a chance to send anything! Expect a little something from me in the near future!

Thanks so much for all that you do! Stay strong!


Elder Jaxon Harvey

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