Tuesday, 13 October 2015

October 12th, 2015 - Arroyo Grande 1st Ward

Thanksgiving weekend - first of the holidays without Jaxon so we had the missionaries over for supper in his place.  The kids were asking Jameson which brother or sister he liked best and when they asked if he liked Jaxon he said "no, because he's not coming home" :) 


So great to hear everyone doing so well! I am emailing late today. It's Columbus Day and our library in AG is closed and the Family History Center is getting fumigated! So we found the Santa Maria Library is open, and here I am! I just got back from the doctors actually, and they need an MRI, which needs to be cleared by Mission Medical... So we will hear from them in a bit!

The week has been crazy! District Leader is "lower" than a Zone Leader. But yeah, Leonor is doing well! Her baptismal date looks like it will be pushed back a week, but that's okay! We want her to be as ready as possible for her baptism! Her parents have joined in the last two lessons, so we think we have a shot at teaching them as well! Super exciting for that family, and we are super ready to get to work!

Sounds like it's been a mega fun weekend! Oh, yeah, remember Jude? Well we FINALLY saw him, and he now has a baptismal date of November 14 :) He is super awesome, knows everything is true, just needs to fix some things and he is good to go!

My new companion and I are getting along pretty well! He is definitely different than my other two companions, but that's okay! We are getting a lot of work done and having fun! Only serving in one ward now feels weird, but it's nice being able to spend time in a more condensed area! I am still at the same apartment, but now there is four missionaries living there instead of just my companion and I! 

Anywho, things are going pretty well. Let's hope that this MRI gets approved, and then I can get a move on and figure out what's wrong with my knee out here instead of in Ontario. Definitely wouldn't want to go from 28 degree weather to -28 degree weather...... haha. Dad, I did get your meme! Laughed out loud. That is so me! And you can tell Jameson that I like him just fine! Haha. Goofball. 

Love you all, thank you so much for all of your prayers and fasting towards me. I KNOW this church is true, and I know that I am doing the right thing. A lot more people this week have told us that what we are doing is useless, but I know that it isn't, and that I am serving Jesus Christ, and representing him. 

Love you,

Elder Harvey

Once again we were close to our computer when he emailed so we emailed back and forth for a few minutes...this is some of his conversations...
  •  I met a missionary that is from our new District! His name is Elder Bradley, from a branch that starts with A.... So look out for his parents!!  He is an awesome missionary, and he's is training and Elder Strom from NELSON BC  (he ended up being from Belleville (close Jaxon) and Bryan  has met his father...small world!)
  • Bryan asked how his knee was feeling: It doesn't feel any different, no, but I do all the work I can, just not really caring about the pain. If I have to go home, I will go out with a bang haha

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