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August 1, 2016 - Westlake YSA Ward - Thousand Oaks Zone

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First off though. Dad, I am sending you a letter. So go check the Post office sometime this week. It will get there faster than it would get home. Also, I loved hearing about Aydan and Hudson's experiences at EFY! It brought back memories of when I was at EFY, and my first real encounters with the Spirit. I loved Aydan's stories that she shared. I don't know Clayton Williams, I don't think. If you have a picture of him, I might be able to tell!

Sounds like you all had a great week. I have too! It hasn't been the easiest week, a lot of appointments falling through, and a lot of door knocking. Monday was great though. It was the first FHE with the Bishopric, and I was excited for this one! We had a church tour, where members could invite their friends! It was so much fun. We had 4 different rooms, all of which had Bishop, the Relief Society President, the Elders Quorum President, and the Missionaries. Naturally, we were in the font room! It was awesome, being able to present things about missionary work and baptism. There were only two non-members who came, but it was a great night nonetheless!

On Tuesday, we had 5 set appointments. And they were supposed to be really solid set appointments. However, only one of them panned out. We went to the college that morning too, and had no success. I love going to the college, but people just don't want anything to do with us! Silly peeps. Anyways, our appointment with Kelli kept, and we were able to teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! She liked it, but we aren't too sure how interested she is in progressing in the gospel. Anyways, we went to frisbee, which was great, and yeah. That's pretty much all that happened there!

Wednesday was killer. I think we knocked about 70 doors, with no luck at all!  Definitely a rough day, but that's all good! We had a great institute class on faith, and were able to talk with some of the members there! 

Thursday wasn't much of anything either. We had our Weekly Planning Session, and then tried to see more people. Nothing really panned out either. We had a lesson with Veronica at night though, and it was great! Had a member come, one of her good friends, and we taught about the Book of Mormon a little more in depth. She committed to reading it more, and it was awesome! Definitely a spirit filled lesson. 

Friday was a great District Meeting on Our Purpose as Missionaries. It was great. We had some more of our lessons fall through, and went on with our day, trying to see more and more people!  But, we didn't have any luck. That night was when anyone who's leadership assignment was going to change would get a call, and we got a call from President Felix. Previous to this call, all Zone Leaders and the Assistants were serving in YSA Wards. However, President informed us about some changes. Zone Leaders and the Assistants are now serving in family wards, and Sisters are replacing them! Also, he informed me of an assignment change for me. He has asked that I follow-up train and that I serve as a District Leader again! Super excited! I got my transfer call the next day, and I will be serving in the Erringer Ward with Elder Alder! And... the big news is, I am in a car share area! So, one day I will have the car, and the next day.... BIKES. Yup. Good bye belly! I was very irresponsible with the money I had, so I had to take 200$ out of my credit card so I can buy a bike. 

Saturday wasn't the greatest either. We had another couple of appointments fall through, but we did meet with Allison! She taught us about the Restoration, and she did an awesome job! I loved it! We went to a very irreverent baptismal service, and then we played some basketball with the ward! That night, we had transfer calls. So we had to call everyone in the Zone and tell them where they are going and stuff. That's always fun!

Sunday was great. We said goodbye to the ward, and after church we were able to go out to Malibu and have dinner with our Ward Mission Leader. I will send you some pictures next week. It was really fun to go out there one last time, and then we went and visited with Allison and Enrico, our Elders Quorum President. 

Tonight, we are going to be seeing everyone else at FHE! Should be a good time!

Elder Parkinson was great, and I thought we were getting along just fine! We had a good companionship, and I felt like I was improving a ton. However, I just saw a glimpse of his email to his family. Appears he didn't like me. But, he didn't communicate that very well. Anyways, I had a great transfer, I loved all of it, and I loved being his companion! 

I hope you all have an amazing week. I will send you my address next week. I am excited for my new area, but very sad to leave this one. I am excited to find those souls that Heavenly Father has been preparing out in Simi though! 

Here goes nothing!


Elder Jaxon Harvey
1135 Fitzgerald Road - Apartment C
Simi Valley, CA 93065


Elder Harvey

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