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August 22, 2016 - Erringer Ward - Simi Valley Zone

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It's definitely been a week. Another fast one, but I have loved this week for sure. We were able to see the fruits come from our labors, and I was able to have my first almost crash! It was awesome. 

Glad to see that you're week has gone well! Dad seemed like he had a good time on the camp! It looked like a beautiful place, but I am sure that it is hard to not have the same organization that was present in BC. Sometimes, you just have to work with what you got. I think that's when the Lord really starts to bless us. I think of my past week, and as we worked with what we had, we received so much more. Kinda like Nephi and his bow. When his steel one broke, he had nothing to work with except for some wood. When the Brother of Jared wanted to have light in his barges, he went and used what was around him! Just a little thought :)

So, the week has been amazing. I'll come out with it already, we found 3 new investigators! The first one came on Tuesday with us trying to go by a less-active we had heard about living on Appleton, and so we went to go contact them! As soon as we got to the house, the Elders who gave us the lead called us to see if we had gone by. And I said, "We are right outside the house, we'll call you after we knock." So, clearly the hand of the Lord was in this one. We approach the door, and it swings open! A man is standing there, and asks "Are you Jesus people?" Of course, we answer affirmatively. He then comes out, and ends up asking where our church is, what time services start, and if we could get him a ride next Sunday. So, we sat down on his driveway for about half an hour and taught him the first half of the Restoration! He is looking for guidance in his life. He like JUST got off of the streets about a week ago, and is getting himself sober and clean! Elder Willis and I are going back tomorrow. I am really loving life here though. We had dinner that night with the Ford's, a great family. They are the ones that run a cake business, and we ended up helping them again on Thursday! That was a blast. One of my favorite families for sure. Right before that, we stopped a guy on the street, ended up speaking only Spanish, so I was able to show off my rudimentary Spanish skills to Elder Alder. He was impressed. Let's just say, I have picked up a thing or two :)

I went on exchanges with Elder Liddiard on Wednesday, and that Elder is just a ball of energy and puns. It was a really fun day, and we were able to go around and talk with everyone we met! One incident comes to mind. We were walking down a street, and we hear someone call out "HEY! OVER HERE!" So, we turn around and it's this guy on his porch. So, we go over and he asks for a picture, so we give him one of our cards. He likes it, and then goes on to tell us about his visits from Jesus. He then goes on to talk about when God called him to be the beginning, and how he had a dream where God told him he could create anything, so he created Whales. But, God got angry because he ended up making dirty whales, and God only likes pretty whales. Yeah, so pretty much this was my conversation of the week. Loved it! We ate at the same lady's house, Nancy, that fed us moldy corn. Thank goodness I didn't have any repercussions from that! But we had a really good dinner actually. Except for big green lumps in the rice. But we picked it out :)

Thursday we helped the Ford's out, and we did Weekly Planning. Weekly Planning was great! We have set some really great goals to be able to find more and more people to teach. School started up again this past week, so we were unable to visit that family of five referral. It just didn't feel like the right time for some reason. This is the week for it though, we both feel that. Anyways, we set a goal to increase our faith as a companionship! This week, we are going to knock on 10 unknown doors every day. This will help us be able to talk with more people, and to stretch ourselves. I love being with Elder Alder. He has been a great help to me being able to learn and grow, and I have been able to remember the huge impact that Elder Leavitt had on my mission. 

Friday was the most spiritual District Meeting I have ever been to. I was really happy with it! We had a great meeting on the importance of the Restoration in our finding and teaching, and were able to talk about how important it is to refer quickly to the message of the Restoration! We had our Ward Mission Meeting afterwards, and as we pulled out of the church on our bikes, I started to lose control! It was terrifyingly exhilarating. My bike started going into the road, and then I straightened it, then it went the other way, then I started flailing my legs to stop myself from moving, and then I TOTALLY LANDED IT. Didn't even fall. Pretty proud of myself for that one, although my pedal slammed into my right calf, and so that gave me a good charlie horse. And the next day I spent a couple hours icing up, but it's all good in the hood! That night we started teaching Hans Euler. Really confusing situation about him, but I won't bore you with that. He was baptized about a week ago and now we are teaching him the new member lessons. Doesn't seem to remember too much about the lessons, so we are starting real fresh with him! 

Saturday was a great day too. We went out and played Disc Golf with a potential investigator named Ed. He is a super nice guy, and we are hoping to start teaching him soon. Iced for a little bit, and then we went for dinner with Brother Spencer! He is a funny guy. I am glazing over all of this because I had a pretty cool milestone that day too. Right after dinner, I was able to conduct my first Baptismal Interview. This man's name is Bryan! He is 27 years old, and has been very much prepared by the Lord. He has taken the lessons for about a month and a half, and didn't know that God existed until about three months ago. Very wise and amazing person, and I am excited to attend his baptism on Saturday! 

Sunday was a great day at church, followed by a bunch of studying and being able to go to the Lee's for dinner! After dinner, we had an appointment with Jesse and Vanessa Neal, a less-active part-member family! Jesse wants to be baptized, and wants to be able to baptize his daughter, Harley. So we did some How To Begin Teaching, and then we were able to teach some of the Restoration! They loved it, and we are seeing them again on Sunday! Two more investigators!

That's pretty much it on my end. The Lord's hand has definitely been in my life this week. I definitely know that after we do all that we can, the Lord then magnifies what we have done. He loves us, and He only wants the best for us!

Love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Harvey

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