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August 8, 2016 - Erringer Ward - Simi Valley Zone

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Alrighty. This week has been a pretty interesting one. I love my new area, love being on a bike, but the only difficult thing is coming into an area where NOTHING is going on. And so, we are working to build up a ward! 

I have very much enjoyed this first week. As you will see in the pictures, my new companion is just like me. It's weird. 

But, about the Visa card, I didn't order a new one..... But, mine is starting to break! So I am happy they sent a new one! Interesting though. Could you send that to me? Also, my bike was only 160 dollars. Bought it from one of the missionaries going home last week, and it came with pretty much everything. Although, I forgot my bike pump at the apartment. I should be able to get that back though tomorrow. Don't need much of anything else! 

A little more about my companion. So, I am follow-up training him. Which means I am his second companion, and this is his second transfer! So it's really interesting. I have never been with this young of a missionary, and it's TONS of fun. Just being able to recognize a lot of the things I have gotten into the habit of doing while he just doesn't understand. It's awesome. I am in another four man apartment too, where there is a brand new missionary and a missionary who has been out for six months! I am starting to become old in this mission! It's crazy.

I am loving biking around. Our area isn't bad, pretty flat with a few hills. But it is awesome because it is so easy to just stop and talk with people. The past couple days we have had the car, and it isn't nearly as effective as having the bikes! My ward is pretty cool. It is a PUNY ward. There were less than 50 people at Sacrament yesterday. It's crazy. But the Bishop is very into missionary work. It's so cool! We have some ideas for the ward that I got from a training I went to on Thursday.

So, Monday was neat...ish. Just a typical Monday before transfers. We went out to ice cream after our P-Day was done with Kelli and Brigette, and Kelli dropped us! Sorry Sisters! And then we moved bikes around so that transfers in the morning would be more smooth.

Tuesday was transfer day! It was frustrating. The Elder that was in charge of the checkpoint didn't show up on time at all, and no one else showed up on time either, so the train ended up being late. Anywho, I got picked up by Elder Alder, and we drove home and went to work! We visited with our WML, Brother Hull, and he made us malts. First time I had that! But we talked about some things and then went out and biked around a bunch. Met the Petersen family, who then took us out to dinner to a place called Red's! It was good. 

Wednesday was our first full day together! We biked around and talked with people a ton, just trying to find and find and find! Did I mention that our area has absolutely ZERO people that we are teaching. No Less-active, investigators, nothing. So we are desperately trying to find find FIIIIIND! So, we tried our best this day, but it didn't work out. No one interested yet! That night we had a District Leader Council, trying to figure out the goal for our Zone to work towards this transfer. That was great! We are working on building our faith even more and trying to find and teach the elect. 

On Thursday I went down to Oxnard to participate in a training with all of the other leaders in the mission! It was awesome. My entire district from Santa Barbara were leaders there! :) We had a presentation given by the Thousand Oaks Fourth Ward, about how to help members to invite their friends. And then President Felix spoke with all of the District Leaders specifically about how to fulfill their assignment. It was awesome! Something that we took back to our ward for sure. We are trying very hard to help members to become inviting machines! It'll be good for the ward. Elder Alder and I then did Weekly Planning, mostly planning about how we can find!!!!! Did I mention we NEED TO FIND PEOPLE TO TEACH.

Friday was my first District Meeting that I organized in awhile! I loved it. We talked a lot about invitations, and I brought back the presentation we were shown on Thursday. We had our meeting with Brother Hull, and introduced the one pager, something that helps members track their invitations that they extend! He loved it. We also want to try and get a church tour going. But then the rest of our day was spent trying to find. Same with Saturday. FIIIINDING. That's all that matters right now.
Sunday was a good day at church. Like I said, our ward is small. Probably the smallest congregation I have ever sat in! I helped bless the Sacrament, and bore my testimony as well! And then after church, we WENT FINDING. And we also did a lot of phone work, trying to set up appointments with members during the week.

Overall, this area will be a trial of my faith. But, I have felt very strongly this entire week that we will be able to find a family of five while I am here. This ward is going to get drop kicked into shape! I am excited for what lies in store, and am excited to exercise my faith to FIND! 

Ooh, I am allowed to listen to EFY. I would love to have the new songs! And it sounds like everything is going well for all of you! Have an amazing week, and don't forget to trust in the LORD!


Elder Harvey

Bryan:  Strategy......start with the less actives. They will actually bring investigators more than the regulars. Why is the ward so small. Seems odd in California. Is it a small town?

Jaxon:  We have a pretty small area. And the Less-actives are a good idea! We are working on the ward list this week. Get this though. 70% of the households in our ward are without a Melchizedek Priesthood holder. Isn't that CRAZY?

Elder Harvey & his new bike

Elder Harvey and Elder Alder

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