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August 15, 2016 - Erringer Ward - Simi Valley Zone

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Haha. So, this email subject could worry some people I guess. But, don't be worried. Everything is fine. I will explain later :)

It's been an interesting week. A week where it has been a ton of fun to be adjusting to District Leader life again! But, I liked hearing about your week! I am glad that you and Dad could get away and celebrate your anniversary! Sorry to hear that Hudson didn't have as good of a time at YLC! Wish it could have been better! How is Emerson doing with his Mission stuff? Oh, to answer your question, that would be really really awesome to be released by President McKenzie. That's really the only part I would really like. Being able to report back to my home stake and ward... It would be fantastic. I am unsure about my return date, so you can call the mission office and figure all of that out if you want. I am pretty sure I leave on the 4th though. (We are going to BC for a family reunion next summer and trying to figure out how to co-ordinate everything...having Jaxon return to BC could be an option...but not sure if it's a reality...still figuring things out)

Anyways, I am sure you are all just dying to hear about my week. Well, it's been very weird. But, we have been working hard! Monday was a good day, we had dinner that night with the Wilson's, and they invited some others over to eat with us, including a less-active member of the ward! So that was great! We also organized ourselves. I don't know if I mentioned this last week, but we are planning to see every member of our ward that is on our ward list! So, we have been able to hit 31 of them this week. Pretty awesome! 

Tuesday was a busy day. We had plans made, but then we needed to go and do some emergency service at one of the Zone Leaders Recent Converts house, because the Zone Leaders were in Oxnard at MLC. So we went and helped out there, and we also were able to visit three families that evening! The Hull's, who we committed to giving a Book of Mormon out. The Armstrong's, who we committed to inviting people over for dinner with us. And the Alvord's, who we committed to inviting some of their friends to having dinner with them! It was great. Got home, and learned that the Elders that we live with got rear-ended that night really badly, and that we were out of a car for a little while... I packed up real quick, and headed to the Spanish area for an exchange with Elder Mata!

Wednesday was a day where we were driving the Simi 4th Elders around so that they could figure out some things with the accident they got into. That was most of our day, but then we were able to meet with a Less-Active lady named Nancy. We had a lesson with her, and she fed us dinner! It was an interesting dinner. She fed us moldy corn on the cob. Except.... I didn't notice the mold on mine. SO I ATE IT. And we noticed that the corn was moldy AFTER. Ugh. But, I was okay! 

Thursday was a little annoying. We did Weekly Planning, and our toilet was getting fixed, so the drywall guy came to patch everything up in the bathroom. He was going in and out a lot, so we had to be there with him, so he didn't lock himself out. He was there from 11-1, and then went on a TWO AND A HALF HOUR lunch break! Annoooooooying. We then were able to meet with our Bishop and talk about invitations with him and his wife! 

Friday was Zone Meeting. We talked about Real Intent and Repentance! It was a great meeting, as usual. I gave a talk on commitment, and it went well! We then had coordination with our WML, and we met with some more members! Had dinner with the Halladay's! They are so awesome. Everyone in the ward seem to be working with someone, we just need to be able to have the members invite! 

Saturday morning. Remember the Elders who got rear ended? Well, they woke up that morning.... Aaaaaand their bikes were gone.... Sigh. Those Elders had a bad week. We spent the morning trying to help them out. We were doing some phone work, calling some people on our list, and then we got a call back from Sister Athmer. She went on to tell us about her Sister who had just passed away, and then invited us over to help her that afternoon! So, we did, and it was a great visit! Even better? SHE CAME TO CHURCH! It was awesome! Had dinner with the Huse's, and and they gave us a referral. Who is this referral? Well... It's a family. Of five. They haven't been home all weekend, but you sure as heck better believe we will be contacting them like crazy until we get in.

And, that was pretty much my week. I am loving it out here, and Elder Alder and I are getting along great! I haven't been able to call the Visa people yet, but I will do that! As for anything else I need, I wouldn't complain to have some Gatorade powder :) Or anything else! 

I love you all. Thank you so much for your prayers! I am feeling them work through me. We will be having tons of miracles this week!


Elder Harvey

Contact List...lots of work to do!

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