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July 18, 2016 - Westlake YSA Ward - Thousand Oaks Zone

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Okay. This week has been a highlight of the transfer for sure! We had MLC, went to the temple, had interviews with President and Sister Felix, had an awesome Zone Meeting, and went on exchanges with Elder Ruby! Busy busy week, and it definitely went by way too fast!

So, P-Day. We had just bought this new toilet scrubber, and we were waiting for our laundry to finish up, and so we decided to do some more cleaning in our apartment. I went to the bathroom, to clean up a bit there. We had just bought a toilet scrubber too, so I was scrubbing the toilet with it... when the head of the scrubber broke off... and went down the toilet. 😐😓😮😳🤔😨🚾 Ugh. So, we called our apartment Elder in the office, and he told us to flush it 50 times, to hopefully have the head go through the system. So, we did. FIFTY TIMES. It was painful. But, we thought all was well after that. Go to the bathroom Tuesday morning, nope. Didn't work. Long story short, we needed a brand new toilet! Yeah. I am sooooooo dumb. Rest of the day was mediocre. 

Tuesday was a day. We had MLC, and learned more about member missionary work and about becoming better leaders. Very inspiring. The thing I loved the most was the Assistants telling us that there is no more comfort zone as leadership in our Mission. No more of it. We need to stretch ourselves, and I took comfort in knowing that I have been stretching myself more and more as my weeks go on! Went to Frisbee that night, and then planned our Zone Meeting!

The temple was fantastic on Wednesday. The same members took us down as last month. The ones that got engaged the night they took us. They are getting married on the 6th of August! Exciting! But, it was a great session. I learned a lot about myself and again had my goals and vision for myself ratified in the House of the Lord. I also learned that I need to give up for good all of the worldly things I have been holding on to. As Spencer Larsen taught me in Sunday School, "let go of the banana!" Oh, and I SAW ELDER HUBBARD THERE! I was so excited. I hadn't seen him in forever! The rest of the day was great. We had a lesson with a less active member of the ward about the Book of Mormon, and then had Institute! Learned about repentance and forgiveness! Kyle was sleeping when we got to his house to have our lesson, and so the member we brought offered to take us out to dinner! Fun day.

Thursday. We had to set up a room for President Felix to do his interviews in, and he ended up going to a different building than we went to... So that was awkward. We had changed the location of it, and some communication problems happened I guess. But it was fine! Interviews went well. I sure do love President and Sister Felix. They are just so loving and great. And after interviews, we went and taught this former investigator named Alonso, and he became a new investigator! It was awesome! He didn't come to church though, but that's okay. We are going to see him tonight! Then, we had dinner with a member and her non-member friend, taught the Restoration, and she became a new investigator as well! Great day. Adding to that teaching pool!!!

Friday was kinda rough. No one was really home, and yeah. But, Zone Meeting was super awesome! Very spiritual, and very inspiring! I was able to give a talk on the Book of Mormon being YOUR story, all about how the Book of Mormon is for us, written for our day. Just like Dad said, it is a book that can prepare us for the Coming of Christ! I loved it. The Book of Mormon is SO TRUE. 

Sunday, we had church, which was great as usual! Learned about Christlike Attributes and about the temple! And then after church, had lunch with Elder Snyder and Elder Davis, and then went and saw Alex! Another former. His brother is in Zimbabwe on his mission, and we taught him, and he is a new investigator as well! It was awesome. Three new investigators this week! The Lord is mindful of our situations, and since we have been patiently working, we found the people God has been preparing!

Thanks for your emails. I miss the Pageant, next year we will have to go! I want to do a church history tour as well. That would be awesome! I love you all. Have an amazing week! 

Love, Elder Harvey

Elder Parkinson & Elder Harvey
Los Angeles LDS Temple

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