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July 25, 2016 - Westlake YSA Ward - Thousand Oaks Zone

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Sigh. This week has flown by again. Why does that always happen??? No matter what, weeks just FLY. AND IT'S THE LAST WEEK OF THE TRANSFER ALREADY. Dang. This week was fun! We worked really hard, and found 6 or 7 potential investigators. It's been a good week, that was capped off by an exchange with the Assistants on Saturday!

Glad to hear how your week went! I do have to correct one thing though... You're defeating the purpose of PokemonGo!!!! YOU NEED TO GO WALKING. Driving around isn't the purpose! ;) (we started playing Pokemon Go...but there's no Poke-stops near our house so we have to drive...or walk for 4 hours)
Glad that Aydan and Lachlyn had a great time at girls camp! Also, what the heck are those Elders doing! You always teach the Restoration if there is a potential investigator at a dinner! ALWAYS. There is nothing that can compare in any of the lessons than feeling the Spirit during the recitation of the First Vision! (Emerson had some friends over for dinner the same night we had the Missionaries here...although we had a nice visit and a short "lesson" Jaxon was surprised that they didn't teach the First Vision discussion)

Anyways. The week has been a great one! Monday night we had a FHE at Brother Caldwell's house, a member of the bishopric. We have one of these activities once every month, called a Bishopric Lesson! It's a ton of fun, and this time it was on Prioritizing and Time Management! Loved it. Played some air hockey with our Ward Mission Leader too, and wrecked him :)

Tuesday we hit up the campus again. We found this guy named James, he knows a lot of members who are on missions now, and he came up to us and said that he wanted to come to church! He didn't show, but that was probably for the better. It was a confusing Sacrament Meeting. Anyways, talked with him, and then we were approached by some lady who works for the college and told us we needed to sign a permission slip to be able to come onto campus and call her every time we come to contact people..... So that was interesting. We signed the paper, and yeah. Then, we talked with a guy named Arry, one of our members friends! He was a bit annoying, but fun to talk to. The conversation started by him telling us that 'shrooms are scientifically proven to give humans the strongest spiritual feelings... And then he went on to bash on us. We got out of the situation pretty quickly, but it was still funny! We had a few appointments fall through during the day, and then had dinner with Jade and Josh, the couple that took us to the temple! It was a good visit with them. That night, we also had a lesson with Veronica! A new investigator! She loved hearing about the Restoration, and she really wants to clear up her schedule on Sundays in order to come to church! Super spiritual lesson though, she was really excited to read the Book of Mormon! 

Wednesday we went up to the campus again. Not as eventful as Tuesday though. And then we had a lesson with Madisen, a Less-Active! We taught about the Sabbath Day. It was a good lesson, but she didn't come to church :( Had institute that night too! All about how important the scriptures are! It was awesome. 

Thursday we did FoodShare, which was really boring this time. Not a lot of people came! Then we had a District Leader Council with our District Leaders, and then did our Weekly Planning! Not much happened after that, just trying to see people to no avail!

Friday was a great District Meeting on faith! I played piano for it. Butchered the closing hymn, but I have memorized Be Still, My Soul now! I played that one pretty well! Elder Parkinson and I led an EDPEP on referring quickly to the Restoration, and it went well! Really important principle though. It's important to connect with people, yes. But it is also very important to not waste anytime and refer to our unique message to the world! I love it, and have been working on it for a while! We did our Zone Evaluations after lunch, and then had an awesome lesson with Kelli! We taught about the Plan of Salvation and Baptism, and she seemed to really like it! We are seeing her again tomorrow. Then, we rushed over to the Stake Center and exchanged with the Assistants! I was with Elder Gibb in Ventura. That night, a less-active wanted to meet with us so we went to his house and talked with him about repentance! It was great. Got yelled at by some drunk guy on our way out, and then went home and planned a great Saturday!

On Saturday, we didn't have a very successful morning. Tried to track down a referral, and were unable to. We met this lady, Veronica, after lunch though! She was nice, and going through a very tough time. She wanted to meet with missionaries, and so we gave her information to the missionaries that worked in her area! We then went to the beach and set up a booth. I loved it! We talked with a ton of people, and I always love when people come up to us and tell us how wrong we are. It can be pretty entertaining, but we met a few really good people there! We went around trying to see people for the rest of the day, talking with people on the streets, and having some appointments fall through. But, it was a great exchange. Elder Gibb is a great Elder, and I was really happy to be with him for the day!

Sunday was awesome. Our Bishopric was changed! Which wasn't awesome. But is at the same time! Our new Bishop's name is Bishop Montague, and he is absolutely awesome! We had a few appointments fall through that night, but we were able to invite a lot of people to our church tour that we are having tonight! Hopefully some people actually show up! It will be fun! 

Well, that was my week. Nothing too fun and exciting, but we are chugging along! Next week I will have transfer news for you! The church is true, never forget it! Keep going, and always hold onto your testimonies! 

Love you!!

Elder Harvey

Picture of me and Elder Gibb, and Elder Parkinson and I chilling like villains.

Elder Harvey & Elder Gibb

Elder Parkinson and Elder Harvey

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