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August 29, 2016 - Erringer Ward - Simi Valley Zone

We got an email on Wednesday, August 24th from Pres. Felix asking us to call him because Jaxon hurt himself.  We called, and were informed that he hurt his ankle again and they were going to see a doctor the next day.  We got to chat a bit with Pres. Felix and asked how Jaxon was doing.  He said he was great - and keeping his spirits up - that he's a great missionary and strives to do his best always.  It's so reassuring to know that he is being looked after and loved :)



Hey all. It's me again. The weeks just keep getting shorter and shorter! I seriously can't believe that it's almost been six weeks again.

Anyways. So, as you know, it's been a trying week. But holy, has it ever been a GREAT week! The Lord truly is hastening His work in the Erringer Ward! 

Okay Mom, here's some answers:
1)  how did you hurt it?  Was it on the bike "accident"?
1) I hurt it in another little fall. Not really hurt, as much as I just tweaked it a little bit! 
2) do you still have to bike half of the time?  or have they allotted a car to you?
2) So, now I am not allowed to be on a bike. But, there are no extra cars anywhere. So, we are waiting for our car to be replaced this Wednesday!
3) we were told you will need to go to a specialist...has that appointment been booked?
3) I just saw the specialist. Super awesome miracle happened to allow that to happen, but basically he said I don't have any ligament problems it looks like, but he gave me a cortisone injection in my ankle, and I am going to go and see him again next Tuesday! He isn't sure what's wrong, but hopefully the injection will show what's wrong! If not, I have an MRI approved
4)  Did you still have that air cast?  What did they put on it?
4) I am in a boot again! YAY....
5)  Did you get the parcel? :)  Sorry it was just full of random stuff - hope you got the VISA card okay and you have probably already enjoyed the chocolates :)  Aydan took it down for us.
5) I did git the package! It was a nice boost as I have been in the apartment quite a bit lately. I also changed the address on my card.

Anyways. Let's go through the week shall we?

Nothing really happened on Monday. We had dinner with the Carpenter's, nothing too spectacular. Except I got to go on an exchange with Elder Willis that night! I was mucho excited.

Tuesday started really really well! We were zipping around on our bikes and talking with a ton of people. Then, Julio happened. We were talking with this guy, and I went to get off of my bike to give him a card, and my leg caught my seat and I fell and rolled my ankle! I STILL GAVE HIM THE CARD THOUGH AND INVITED HIM TO INCREASE HIS FAITH. It was great. But that kind of gave me some good incentive to get this darn thing checked out! So we didn't do much the rest of the day!

Wednesday wasn't much of anything really either. We got a blitz approved, and I ended up going with our Zone Leaders for a few hours! It was fun. We taught one of their investigators, Noelle, about the Plan of Salvation. It was a powerhouse of a lesson, and she really loved learning about the Plan God has for each of us! The rest of the day was spent in our apartment.

Thursday morning, President and Sister Felix picked us up and we headed to an orthopedic doctor, who said that he can't really do anything to help and so I needed to go and see a Podiatrist. We did service at the Ford's, and dinner at the Armstrong's! It was fun. Good day, but didn't do much again. Super awesome miracles started happening though. The Zone Leader's burst into our apartment with a phone number on the back of a receipt. They ran into a guy who had just moved into our area from San Francisco, and was interested in meeting with us and such! We haven't been able to get with him yet, but we also figured out that Jason moved. So he's gone! 

Friday. Holy cow. Remember how I said that last District Meeting was the best I've been to? Well, this District Meeting topped that. We learned all about our Purpose and Finding people to teach. I love my District so much, they are all so amazing. The Spirit was so strong, and we learned so much. Had our meeting with Brother Hull, and this time he made us some spam with pineapple. Haha, it was really good! 

Saturday I was able to go to the baptism of the man that I interviewed last week! It was a great meeting, full of the Spirit, and President and Sister Felix even came! It was awesome. On their way home, they stopped for lunch, and a member Podiatrist was at the same place! Prior to this, my appointment was set for Sept 6. But, President talked with him (Dr.Payne) and he got it set up to have me in today! So I went. It was cool! We had a ward activity that night, that was pretty decent. Always fun to see the Ward!

Sunday was great. Elder Alder and I spoke in Sacrament Meeting, and I talked about Nehemiah. "We are doing a great work and cannot come down!" President Uchtdorf gave a great Conference talk on it. Go look it up! After church we were able to see Hans, our Recent Convert, and taught him the Plan of Salvation and that night we taught Jesse and Harley the rest of the Restoration! It was a great lesson, and we set them with Baptismal dates for October! 

Anyways, it's been a fantastic week. I have loved my trials, and have loved just feeling the Savior's love for my and love for this area! The church really is true, and I know it.

I love you all. I have felt the prayers that have been offered as I have gone through my week, and I am so grateful for all of the prayers sent up to our Father in Heaven in my behalf.

Love you all!

Elder Harvey

Splits for the day...not sure on Elder's names...

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