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July 11, 2016 - Westlake YSA Ward - Thousand Oaks Zone



So. This week has been up, then down, then up! First though. Lemme explain the package.... I totally spaced it and forgot to write a letter to go with it! The socks are for Emerson. Some Elder gave me 4 bags of socks.... and I didn't need them all. So, basically, you don't need to buy as much socks for your mission! The tennis balls and reflectors are things I have been collecting. I somehow manage to find a tennis ball in every area I go to. And more often than not, they tend to be on the first day I am in the area! The scarf was made for me my first night in the mission field, and the knives I wanted to keep! Other than that, I can't remember what else I sent. 

So, sounds like a fun week you had! Sadly, I totally forgot to take some pictures of me and biking. Sorry :( I wish I had! But, I was really sweaty. Probably didn't want to see that. I did not burn a shirt on hump day, but I will soon! I will take a video of that when I figure it out! 

So, the fourth of July was a ton of fun! No one was home after P-Day. But for P-Day, we had our Zone Activity! We bought a watermelon and organized a scavenger hunt for everyone to do in one of our church buildings! It was great! Everyone seemed to have an awesome time, and we were able to get closer as a Zone! Then, that night, we went to see some people, but everyone was out. And so we were walking down this street, and a jeep pulls up alongside us and it was a member with three of her non-member friends! It was hilarious, because she lives in one of Elder Parkinson's old Wards, and he couldn't remember her! But, we went by and saw Brigette (the member) on Thursday, and invited her to invite one of her friends to have dinner with us! AND SHE DID IT! So, we are having dinner with her and Kelli on Thursday! Going to be awesome! Then, we went in for the rest of the night, and I attempted to make poutine. It wasn't very good. Didn't really have the right ingredients, and so I tried my best. But, that's okay!

Tuesday we went up to the college for a little bit and talked with some people. No return appointments or phone numbers, but it is good to just get out and contact people! We didn't have much happen after that. Just went around and tried to see people. Played Frisbee with the ward after our correlation meeting, and yeah! That night, Miguel dropped us over text. So, our teaching pool was completely empty. Nada. No one. So, we went full finding mode. 

Wednesday was a good day! We went to the college again. Same results. Then we had lunch with a member, shared a good meal and talked about missionary work. We have been trying really hard to become equally yoked with the members, and so we have been meeting with all of them and sharing a great personalized message on receiving answers through the Book of Mormon! Hasn't resulted in quite what we were expecting though. No referrals yet, but we saw miracles! Anyways, we had lunch with Nate, then went and ended up giving the father of a less-active in our ward a blessing. Went by some people, had dinner, went to a little bit of institute, and then had an awesome lesson with Allison! It was the last of the new member lessons, and we taught about Enduring to the End! Good experience. 

Thursday! We had weekly planning. But, weekly planning got interrupted by lunch with Jayson! Always good to eat with him and exchange info about the ward. Basically, for the rest of the day, all of our appointments got cancelled. No one was out on the streets. Nothing. That was a rough night, but we made it through! 

Friday we had an awesome District Meeting on Faith, and finding the faith to find the elect! Very uplifting. That morning, we did an activity where we identified all of the former investigators in our area book, and planned to see as many of them as possible during the day! It was a good activity, and we saw little immediate success from it! But, we had four AWESOME member lessons that day, and felt that we were getting closer and closer to a referral. All of the members keep referring us to other members of the ward. So, eventually, we will find someone that has a friend they are working with! 

Saturday was a DAY. I was on exchanges with Elder Oakey, in my area. So, we went to WORK. In the morning, went by some more formers and ended up talking to a ton of people! It was great. Then, in the afternoon, had all of our appointments cancel, so we went up to Moorpark, taught a less active about faith in Ether 12! We got a text from the Sisters in Moorpark the night before about a YSA man who they talked to that day, and told us he was interested in us coming by! So, we went and saw Kyle. At first, his mom came out and told us that they weren't interested. But then she made the mistake of offering us a drink. As she went to get us something, I ended up stalling her a little longer, until Kyle came to the door! He came right out as his mom said "Oh, you want to talk to them???" We taught him the Restoration. It was a powerful message, the Spirit was very present. Asked him if he thought Joseph Smith could be a prophet. HE SAID HE ALREADY KNOWS THAT HE IS. Asked him if he thought the Book of Mormon could be the word of God. HE SAID HE ALREADY KNOWS THAT IT IS. WHAAAAAAAAAT. He said the closing prayer. Didn't come to church, but we will be seeing him on Wednesday!

Sunday was good too. We had church, and then dinner with Jacob Chun. Great guy, going through his own personal struggles, but is trying to fight it! Then, we had another little message with Allison. She wasn't feeling too good, and so we decided to meet with her! It was great. Talked about Doctrine and Covenants 6 a little bit: 

" 22 Verily, verily, I say unto you, if you desire a further witness, cast your mind upon the night that you cried unto me in your heart, that you might know concerning the truth of these things.

 23 Did I not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater witness can you have than from God?

 24 And now, behold, you have received a witness; for if I have told you things which no man knoweth have you not received a witness?"

Great week in store for us too! We have MLC tomorrow, and then going to the temple on Wednesday, and then interviews on Thursday, and Zone Meeting on Friday! Should be a great week, and hopefully we will have a lot more investigators by the end of the week! This area is catching fire!!! The elect are definitely out there! 

Hey, I love you guys! I hope you all have a fantastic week, and know I love you! Keep going, and I hope you all listened to Dad's talk! Realizing our won potential is pivotal to becoming who God wants us to become! 


Elder Harvey
Attempt at Poutine

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