Monday, 5 September 2016

August 19 - Letter from Brother Hull :)

We received this letter from the current Mission Leader in the Ward Jaxon is serving in.  It was a nice surprise and we are so grateful for members reaching out to our family.  I have to remember to do that more for the missionaries in our area - I know how much I appreciate it and I'm sure their mom's would to.  So...when you see a missionary - take a picture and send it to their mom's or send a quick note!! :)

Dear Harvey Family,

I am Bro. Hull, the ward mission leader of the Erringer Ward where your son is currently serving part of his mission and would just like to thank you for sharing him with us. 
Elder Harvey is doing a great job in his missionary efforts in our ward.  He is working with one of the strongest "greenies" that I have had the pleasure of working with. Your son has been extremely beneficial to Elder Alder, giving him the finishing touches that will help him to be a very successful missionary.  Together, this companionship, has caught the attention of our Bishop.  They are working hard to reactivate the less active and to increase our teaching pool.  Your son has a great personality, is a hard worker and has a good sense of humor.  Today after our weekly correlation meeting I opened up a new package of Oreo cookies, 36 count.  I ate three and I think the other 33 went to quick for me to keep track of which of the companionship ate the rest...I've never seen a package of Oreos vaporize before. . 
We are treating your son like we would like our missionaries to be treated and want you to know that we love having your son working in our ward.

Sincerely George Hull

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