Monday, 28 December 2015

December 25, 2015 - Skype Phone Call Home

We were so excited to finally see and talk to Jaxon!  He skyped us at 7pm Kingston time on Christmas Day - it was a long day of waiting!

It was great to talk to him, to see his face and we also got to meet his companion - Elder Lamb.  We spent 40 minutes soaking him in and trying to talk about everything we've been wanting to talk to him about.

He is doing well.  He expressed his gratitude to all of those who have sent him emails and cards and gifts.  He especially loved the pillow case sent from Chilliwack 2nd Ward and expressed that he would cherish it.  He loved that the Young Women in the Chilliwack 2nd Ward also thought of him and he loved the package that they sent - thank you!  He appreciated all the gift cards he received and looks forward to using them.  The area they are in right now isn't a really big town and there aren't many amenities so the ones he can't use now, he'll save for later!  

He is doing well.  He is loving serving on his mission and loves the area he is in right now.  He is enjoying his companion and they are getting along great - which is always a concern when you are all of a sudden living with someone you don't know 24-7.  He said transfers were coming this week and they both hoped that they wouldn't be moved.  

He expressed his love to his family and friends that are supporting him through letters and prayers.  We closed our time with him with a family prayer and eagerness to talk again on Mother's Day.

We sure love that boy and are sure proud of him and the choices he is making to give up the world for two years of his life and focus on serving and loving the people around him.  

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