Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November 16, 2015 - Solvang Ward

His first transfer!!

Hey All!

The anticipation is building, and I know that everyone is on their feet to find out what is happening with me, but I'll let the anticipation build for a bit :)

Before I start, I sent the package for you all this morning. I was going to last week, but was given a ti[p to make it cost 28 dollars instead of 43 dollars. So I did that. You should get it in the next week or two! 

Hudson, great season! It's always tough to get stomped in the finals (remember that feeling Dad?) Haha. That game against Langley was rough. Losing never is fun, but you'll kill it next year! (Hudson's football team lost the Kingston area finals game - but still made it into the Eastern Ontario finals because of their perfect season record)

Mom, that's so funny that you did jars to represent the plagues, that is exactly what Sister Guenther did for our seminary class, except she used some creepy little doll to represent the first-born one. Glad to hear the Old Testament is doing well! I love the Bible a ton. As for the location of my seminary triple combo, I think it should be in the box that I packed myself before I left. I am not really sure though. (I teach early morning seminary to Emerson, Aydan and Hudson - when we came across the 10 plagues, I put a representation of each plague in a small jar and the kids had to guess which one it was)

Sheesh. Small world hey? I am so glad you got to meet up with Hermana Beaumont! That is so cool. I met up with her in the MTC, I think I told you that, but I bet that temple was amazing! Don't worry Dad, I am anything BUT a quiet missionary! I would love a Montreal Sandwich too... GAH! Haha. And that Church was beautiful! (we travelled to Montreal to visit the LDS Temple open house and met up with Emma Beaumont - a friend from Abbotsford who is serving a mission there)

I am glad to report that there are no leaves falling here in California. This weather is doing something funky to my brain! I am not sure if it's mid-fall or mid-summer! It rained yesterday too, which was really nice. There was also a member who left on his mission to Portugal today, and he spoke in church yesterday. It was really sweet, I have seen three people leave on their missions so far! Crazy. 

So. My week? Gosh. Weeks are just absolute blurs, especially with a possible transfer looming. We had an awesome week! Probably saw the best week this transfer. On Wednesday, we went out to a member's ranch, her name is Mindy Smith, and helped her handyman build a chicken coop. I have a few pictures of me up there, and boy was it pretty! I accidentally broke the guys tail light to his brand new F-150 though.... He was cool about it though. 

PM means Part-Member :)

Dad, a lot of our time is focused not on door knocking, but on trying to actually see Part-Member families, or try and get referrals from some members! It's really cool, and this week we actually got the most referrals we have had too! This one youth, Matt Neufeld, invited us to come to his highschool and meet some players on the football team who were asking a bunch of questions. We set up a time, and when the day came, we were walking by the parking lot and found them eventually! They had all ran away, and Matt rounded a couple up and it was really neat! We taught this guy about the Restoration, and it may even turn into a sweet teaching opportunity! 

So, I guess I have waited long enough. Transfer calls came on Saturday, and, as you can guess by the subject, I am being transferred to Holland! Well, kinda at least. I am finally moving though! I am serving in the Solvang Ward, starting tomorrow, with Elder Lamb, and I will be the Senior Companion. So, Elder Lamb came out a transfer after I did. So we have a combined 7 months of missionary experience! Haha. Should be tons of fun! I have absolutely LOVED my stay here in Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach, and Nipomo, but I am really excited to go and serve the people in Solvang! Naturally, my address will be changing to:

1535 Acorn Way #E
Solvang, CA

(we found out that Solvang was settled by Danish settlers years ago and it looks like a Danish town - too bad Bryan didn't teach him some Danish before he left!)

Thanks for your many prayers and support :) I am excited to be moving, and I am excited to continue the work! Christmas is RIGHT around the corner! And you all know how much I love Christmas!

Speaking of which, Mom asked what I would like for Christmas. Josh Groban's First Noel CD came to mind. Other than that, I couldn't think of much, but here's what I came up with:

2016 Canadian Calendar
Maybe a new Jesus The Christ? Mine's pretty tattered.
Kinder Surprise
Most importantly thoough? Socks. :) 

Alright, well I wish everyone an awesome week, and know that I love you all a ton :) The Church is True, and remember to send prayers out to everyone involved in the Paris attacks! We live in scary times, but we know that times will begin to get increasingly scary as the time that the Savior comes again. Be strong! Doctrine and Covenants 24:8

Thanks again for all that you do! Love you all! Next time you'll hear from me I will be in Solvang!!!


Elder Harvey

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