Monday, 28 December 2015

December 7, 2015 - Solvang Ward

Hey All!

So, this week has been absolutely crazy! We have had an insanely busy week, but we saw a lot of miracles and a lot of "success." But, first, let me say some things!

Mom, the Alpentista family is the brother of Sister Gonzales (I think Vanessa?) in Arroyo Grande! That is so cool that you saw them, we talked about the Plowman's during dinner one night, and it was really neat to know that someone grew up in Bowmanville too!  (We ran into a friend of a friend at a funeral that week - who told us that his sister had dinner with an Elder Harvey - it is such a small world!)

Sounds like a crazy busy busy busy week! Glad to hear Christmas Pictures are all done, and that nativity sounds really really cool! That will be a great experience. Our Zone is doing a nativity during our Zone Conference next week, and I get to be a wiseman. And my costume is the bomb. You'll get a picture later!

So, this past week, we have been able to commit three souls to baptism! Christie, who is battling a lot and has really amazing desires, has set herself with February 10th for her baptism. That was a neat lesson, she is really sincere about her desire to become clean and come closer to Jesus Christ. Our second was a guy named Johnathan, who was a member referral from another ward in the district, and we had our first lesson with him and taught him the Restoration! He is dating a member in another ward, and he felt the Spirit and we were able to commit him to baptism on the 26th of December! We have another lesson with him tonight, so that will be fun. The third person is Dania, a crazy Brazillian lady who really wants to be baptized, and she set herself with December 27th as a date for her to get baptized. She hasn't been to church yet, so that date will most likely not work out, but it's really great to see her desire to enter into the waters of baptism and come closer to Christ! 

So, not only did we teach a lot this week, but we were able to max out our service hours for the week! We had 10 hours of service, and it was just awesome! The main activity was our Ward Quilting Project, where our entire ward gathered together and made quilts for the homeless and the needy! It was awesome! Learning how to kinda quilt was tons of fun, and Elder Lamb and I made two quilts, and the ward made 17 in total! It was a blast, a really great opportunity to become closer to our ward, and just an all around great week! 

The Christmas Devotional was really nice last night! Did anyone else notice that Elder Bednar gave the exact same talk in our Stake Conference a year ago? I did. It was really funny! He used the same analogies and everything! But I enjoyed it greatly. Kinda weird to not have President Monson speak, his health must be getting worse. But I loved it nonetheless.

So, today we are going to walk around Solvang! Do you want some souvenirs? 

A coat might be nice. A lot of the time, Elders just wear sweaters, but I am fine with whatever. If you want me to buy my own, then I can! 

Last requests... hmmm.... Contact Paper? That would be cool. I am not sure what else. OH. KRAFT DINNER. That would be awesome! American Mac and Cheese is gross. Kraft Dinner is so so so so so much better. 

Glad to hear everyone is doing so well! As for Christmas, we are going to a members house and I will be able to Skype there! Probably around 4:00 or something? I am not sure yet, so I will let you know for sure by next week! 

Hope you all have a great week! Elder Lamb is great. I am really enjoying serving with him, and we are putting in some great work. Also, my shoes are perfect! Still looking brand spanking new! 

Wish you luck in all of your Chinese Food Adventures :) (We are having a hard time finding Chinese food in Kingston that is made the same way they made it in Chilliwack - so we're trying a few dishes from several different restaurants in the city)

Have an amazing week! Love you all! 

Elder Harvey

"Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many; but endure them, for, lo, I am with thee, even unto the end of thy days." 
Doctrine and Covenants 24:8

Have an amazing week! Love you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS! 


This was a Dollar Store Christmas tie that I was VERY thin and I didn't think he'd wear it or even be able to tie it...but he did..and he did!

We sent him an advent calendar with something for every day in December

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