Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November 9, 2015 - Arroyo Grande 1st Ward

Hey all!!

Wow, quite the week! That is so cool that you all got to meet the Chishom's at the dance! I remember when we went to their cottage for a week or so that one summer. And then when Diana came out to BC for a little bit to see Mom! It's amazing how long friendships can last, especially with technology these days. (The older kids and I headed to Toronto for a youth dance and met up with some old friends)

So, my week has been pretty insane. We had an insanely administrative week this week, running around and doing all that stuff that the District Leader and his companion has to do. We had work done on our car, and we had a really awesome Zone Meeting on Friday! We are hunkering down as a mission, and are preparing and elevating the way our mission works. We had a very amazing call to repentance from our Zone Leaders, which was straight from President Felix. It has inspired me to be a better missionary, because you are right Dad, these next 20 months will shape the last 50 some odd years of my life. 

So, on Saturday morning we went to a LA/PM house, and they are totally awesome. Basically members, just need to get their butts to church. Anyways, we walked in and they immediately wanted to show us an article about what had happened with this new policy change. Elder Du Plessis and I were really excited about it. Now is not the time to be subtle about issues like Marriage and Family, and I love how bold the Lord is being. This is a huge stand for what we believe in, and I know it is from God. We haven't encountered anyone yet who has confronted us about it, but I am sure we will soon enough. I just want you all to know, that I know it is from God, and that you truly can't take anyone else's word for anything. Take it to the source of all truth. This decision was made through much prayer, fasting, and discussion.. So take it to God, because He was there through the whole process. Much like the First Vision and Joseph Smith. Ask God, because He was there! 

This week was pretty awesome. Elder Du Plessis and I have been struggling with eachother, but that's okay. We have been talking it out lately and have been improving a lot. Transfer calls are this week, so I am anxious to see if I get to stay here for Christmas time or not. I really hope I can! Elder Du Plessis thinks that I am training and being assigned as District Leader... We will see what happens! 

I went on exchanges this week with Elder Garcia, and it was fun once again being in the Spanish Area! We went to Subway with the other Elders for lunch, and lo and behold, a couple wanted to sit with us. Which is weird. "We just wanted to have a discussion for you" always spells trouble. So, inevitably, they started talking about their conversion to Christ and how they met, and then they asked Elder Du Plessis what his testimony was. And as soon as he mentioned the Book of Mormon, the attack began. So, quick sidenote... If anyone ever feels like going on the offensive against some Mormon Missionaries... the really dumb way to do it is to pick four to go after. Bad idea. We smoked them I guess, if you want to put it that way. We just bore simple and powerful testimony to them, and they basically said that our testimonies weren't real. So that naturally gets Elder Harvey's attention and all hell breaks loose. It was fun to say the least, but also really annoying. 

Anyways, We have had an amazing week. A lot of random visits to people, and Elder Harvey got bit by a dog. Yup. Well, almost at least. It came screening from across a yard and tried to bite my GOOD knee (the nerve of some people's pets. It's like they know that that's my only good knee) and tried to clamp down on it, but instinctively, I kneed it in the face and it went flying. Really funny. (Jaxon dislikes dogs...and they all seem to really like him!)

Oh, also, about my cleanliness... So, my previous companion, Elder Leavitt, I told you he was a clean freak... And I guess some of that rubbed off on me? I was like a clean tornado on Friday, and completely went crazy and the apartment is spotless. I got really tired of it being so dirty, and so I cleaned EVERYTHING. You would have been proud Mom. (I'm impressed - but we'll see if it continues!)

Everything is going really well. Christmas is next transfer, which is insane. But as for requests..... I was thinking about it, and I really am going to miss the Chinese food tradition we have. Idk, but a Panda Express gift card would be nice :) That and, of course, Canadian candy :) I love you guys. I am sending the package today, with some little gifts for everyone :) 

Oh and my clothes are hanging up just fine :) Dad is expecting a hanger joke... but I am going to leave him hanging. haha. I sewed some pants a few weeks ago. I am basically a sower. Woot!

I know this church is true. I really do. And I know that Christ and Heavenly Father love everyone. He wants to give everyone a fair chance at salvation, and that is why I am here. I am here to bring others closer to Christ. Thanks so much for your love and support, and especially your prayers! I keep you all in my prayers everyday, and know that you all love me :) 

Have an amazing week! Here are a few random pictures of me :)


Elder Harvey

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