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December 12, 2016 - Canejo Canyon Ward - Newbury Park Zone

#Alma 34:31-34 #ApostolicBlessings

Yeah. Wow. Just... WOW.

What. A week. 

I feel like the weeks are getting shorter and shorter. It hit me this past week that I really only have six months left... I don't like it. 

I got the parcel on Monday! It was awesome! Thank you so much for that! My gift opening starts tomorrow, and I am excited for that! 

Glad to hear that you had such a "sick" week! Haha. I am still very punny. Hope everyone is feeling a lot better! 

So, yes, we had our Mission Conference with Elder Ballard and Elder Hallstrom this past weekend. Now, I know the term "Mission Conference" makes it sound like it was a long ordeal, but it was only a two hour long meeting. "Only" a two hour meeting....IN THE PRESENCE OF AN APOSTLE. Anyways. I will talk about that later. 

Monday night was my last night with Elder Peart! I definitely miss him, him and I were great friends and we worked really well together. We had dinner with the Bilson's in our Ward and then went home to pack and such! 

Tuesday we left bright and early to get to our Stake Center, which is the most southern checkpoint for the "Transfer Train." This go around was really fun, because I was kinda in charge of making sure the checkpoint ran all smoothly. So, everyone got there on time (or so we thought) and we split everyone's luggage and I jumped in the trailer and used my packing skills to get everything in there! (Thanks Dad!) And....... some Hermanas ended up being 15 minutes late. ARGH. SO ANNOYING. We would have had the train leaving EARLY. There's always something. Got their stuff in the trailer as well, and everything was good! Waited 3 hours until Elder Hunter came down and we went around solving everyone's problems. So that was fun! Had dinner with the Batty's that night, and then had a lesson with Logan! He is really hard to teach at times. He is very scatter-brained, and very immature. But, we did our best to answer the questions he had and to stay on topic with the lesson we had to teach.

Wednesday we also moved some things around for people in the Zone in the morning, and then we went tracting! Met some.....interesting people. It was a fun afternoon. Everyone either didn't want to talk with us, or wanted to tell us that we were wasting our time and going to hell. So that was awesome! It's funny how much I love getting rejected now. Only builds my testimony in the truths that I cherish so much. But I really wish people would just hear us out. One lady felt attacked when we were just trying to share a #LightTheWorld card with her.... It's ridiculous. JUST FEEL THE SPIRIT. After tracting, we went and taught our Recent Converts! Ava and Diego. They are nine, and it was CRAZY.  Holy. We went in teaching the Restoration with a Rubik's Cube, and it took forever. So hard to keep those kids focused! And then that night, we went and helped the Young Men with their Duty to God! 

Thursday was alright. We did Weekly Planning, and then went out and tried to see a bunch of people, but again, people weren't interested. Had dinner with the Woolley's, who are awesome as well. And then went and taught Logan again! And again, all over the place. We might have to stop teaching him, it just isn't going very well right now. But, we will see! 

Friday was the first District Meeting of the transfer! We had a good time. I was able to talk about Hope, and how Hope is equal to our attitude. Want to have more Hope? Have a better attitude! Can't remember what we did the rest of the day, but I know we ended up helping to set up our Ward Christmas Party! And then attended the party. It was incredible. Food was insane. Program was fun, and things were great! I loved it. 

Saturday. The day we were waiting for all week. 180 missionaries all gathered from the entire mission, in the Ventura Stake Center. It was incredible. It was also weird to see so many missionaries that I don't know! It's SO ANNOYING. I'm so old. But, we learned so much. We all had the opportunity to shake all of their hands, and then the meeting began. Sang Oh Come All Ye Faithful. Great hymn. Heard from the Area Seventy, Elder Wilde. Great talk. Shared some experiences with his companions on his mission in Germany. Next was Elder Hallstrom, of the Presidency of the Seventy. He spoke to us about the purpose of why they were there. Talked about how, if we didn't make changes after, then the whole meeting would be worthless. Dang, it was good. Then, the main speaker. Elder Ballard. Did I mention that he is hilarious? He was making such funny comments. It was awesome. But, he spoke about the opening hymn we sang, and about how we need to Adore Christ. And then went on to talk about talking with people, and how we need to do better with that. It was a Spirit filled meeting, and I felt the power that came from him as he left an Apostolic Blessing on our mission, that we would be able to find peace, joy, and that we would be able to find more people to teach as we talk with more and more people per day! Loved it. Went home, very hungry, and so we went to Wendy's. Ended up giving the manager a copy of the Book of Mormon. It was awesome. We have been just talking with everyone! Saw Kathleen that night, and taught about Repentance and the Atonement. I cannot deny the Spirit I felt during those two hours. But, after Elder Ballard spoke, they immediately left. So, sorry Mom, I didn't get a picture. But that's okay. You could tell the mission was obviously touched, and at MLC this week we are going to be discussing the repentance we need to do as a mission. Alma 34:31-34 is the theme of the meeting, and I am so excited to be able to step up our game! Gosh, I wish I could adequately explain all of the things I experienced that day. 

Sunday was great as well! We had good church meetings, and we ate dinner at the Snow's, and then we were able to go over to Thousand Oaks, and watch a joint-stake Christmas Concert! I was blown away. It was amazing. Such great music. Best rendition of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen I have ever heard. Nothing else really happened. 

Well, hope you all have an amazing week. This Gospel is the true and restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and there is no way that it isn't true. 

I haven't felt an earthquake... Where was an earthquake this past week?... Don't worry, we have regulations and things for earthquakes and any emergencies. 

Well, love you all! Have an amazing week! The church is true! I will get the Skype info all figured out. 


Elder Harvey

Elders Hunter, Portillo, Powell, Herrera
Harvey, McCurdy & Gardiner

The Nativity Scene

Flannel Christmas Tree

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