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November 14, 2016 - Canejo Canyon Ward - Newbury Park Zone



So.....Yeah. This week has been crazy. Not really, but holy dangit it's been fast.

Uh. So I sent that package to you guys a couple of weeks ago.... and somehow the postal service messed up and sent it to the mission office instead of to you guys. So that's stupid. I will have to resend it today. Is that okay?

I feel bad. Because I need to request a couple of things.... First, my suit is dirty and isn't very clean. Can I get it dry cleaned? Second, I was wondering if I could go to goodwill and buy a suit there. Just so I have a second one. And then I was also wondering if I could purchase a few new pairs of garments online. I can have it shipped directly to me! Let me know. To answer Mom's question last week about shirts, I think either CTR clothing is good for them. Thanks!

Nothing really on my mind for Christmas yet. I don't need much. You know I love gift cards! I'll come up with some things.

Well. Might as well start off the week. Monday was fun. We went to dinner with the Snow's, who I had been to dinner before while I was in the YSA Ward here. And then afterwards, we had tried to set up a FHE with Bishop and the less-active we are working with, Kathleen, but Kathleen had told us that she couldn't make it. BUT, during dinner we got a phone call, and the voicemail was none other than Kathleen, saying that she was going to be able to make it to FHE! YAY! Well, we had to scramble to get it to work out, but we managed to get it all done and it was a nice night!  They got to know each

other a little bit, and it was just really great to get some more fellowship for Kathleen.

Tuesday was the day I got to go back to MLC! It was a great meeting that was all focused on Chapter 4 and Chapter 8 of PMG, Recognizing the Spirit and Using Time Wisely! I loved learning about how to plan more effectively through the Spirit, and we planned a great Zone Meeting that night to bring back all of the information we received! 

Wednesday we dug a trench for someone named Maree, and it was awesome! Except the next day we were freaking sore. But it was fun. We basically installed a grey water system for her, which uses the excess water from laundry machines to water her yard and her garden! It was cool. We had dinner with the LaBass's that night, and then went and visited with Tony, a LA in our ward. He went off. On a lot of really dark and weird things. Let's just say it wasn't a great visit. He loves Trump though. And the Torah. We also were able to catch one of our potentials home that night, Darren! He is SO PREPARED. His boss threw his Book of Mormon out, and so we gave him a new one, and then Elder Peart saw him on exchanges on Saturday and had a solid Restoration lesson. He's our new investigator for the week! YES! 

Thursday we did Weekly Planning and then tried to go to work! No one was really home. But we got to go and practice for the Primary Program that we had a part in, and then had an amazing Plan of Salvation discussion with Kathleen! It was such an amazing experience, just feeling the Spirit guide our comments on the Atonement and on our life on earth. She cares for her 91 year-old father, and he was falling asleep during the discussion. It's fine, he can't hear anything anyways.

Friday was a great Zone Meeting, and we basically walked around a bunch and talked with 12 people in about 30 minutes. Which is good for us. We had dinner that night with the Francom's, and exchanged with the Spanish Elders!

I was with Elder Castro on Saturday, and we had such an awesome time. He said it was the best day he's had while he's been in his area, and so that brought me a lot of joy! But... we started off the morning pretty interestingly. We went to meet with a member of their branch, an active member mind you, and it was at a bakery in Westlake. So, we go, and Elder Castro sees someone who looks like him wearing shorts and what looks like a white t-shirt. So, we get closer to him and see that it isn't just a shirt he is wearing.....but his garment top.......Yeah. So, Elder Castro fixed that up pretty well. I basically said nothing the entire day because me no speak espanol. But it was a fun day! We were placed at the right place at the right time all day, finding people who they haven't been able to contact for weeks coming to their door right when we got there! It was amazing. 

Sunday was great. I love the Primary Program! It was fun, we got to sing the closing hymn with all of the children, and it was what used to be my favorite primary song! "We'll Bring the World His Truth!" AND I DIDN'T CRY. Go me. It was really spiritual, and we swore that we saw Tim Allen in the congregation. HE LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE HIM AND SOUNDED JUST LIKE HIM TOO. But it wasn't him. Darn. 

But, I am loving it here in the ward! Dad, thanks for your words about the Beatitudes! I have started an in-depth study on humility as of yesterday, and I learned a lot from your words. Good luck to Hudson with his game on Friday and Saturday! We are getting trained on the Christmas Initiative on Friday, and I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT! 

It's amazing to see the Lord's hand in our lives. Even when we have all the right to be discouraged, He helps us through the power of His Atonement to not be discouraged. To find gratitude in everything. He helps us through good times and the bad! He loves us. And I have definitely felt that testimony strengthen this week. Even when we don't think so, He cares. And He's there.

Love you all! 

Elder Harvey

Christmas Spirit

Found another Minion to teach...
California Sunset

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