Saturday, 18 February 2017

December 19, 2016 - Canejo Canyon Ward - Newbury Park Zone

#NOWIsTheTime #Sick



I swear. My body always picks the worst time to get sick.

But, we had a great week this week! Not the most proselyting time I would have liked, but we learned a lot and our Zone improved SO much with their key indicators! We are LOVING it!

Good to hear that Mom and Aydan had such a great trip. New York must have been so awesome. When I get home, one thing I really want to do is go on a church history tour. We are so close to it all! Gotta take the advantage! :) 

Yes, I got the packages. Thanks so much! I haven't opened anything I wasn't supposed to open, don't worry :) It's weird to think that it's already Christmas again. I have been thinking a lot about that this morning, and about how quickly time slips away. Speaking of Christmas, I loved seeing the #LightTheWorld sign in Times Square! Also, I was wanting to Skype with you guys at 6pm  your time, 3pm my time! Don't worry Mom, we have dinners everyday this week. :) This ward is so awesome. I am excited! 

Well, I wish I could say that so much happened on Monday, but we only did one thing really that night! We went to have dinner with the Tan's, AND THEN WENT CAROLING! YEEESSS. I love caroling. SO MUCH. We went over to the Guthrie's and sang, Logan is one of the investigators we have been teaching. More on him in a bit. And we also went and sang to Kathleen and Bishop LaBass! Good night. 

Tuesday was MLC, and oh man, it was a MLC. I loved it. We have been really called to change as a mission and to step up our game. We counseled about our CVM Target, which is "Now is the time to be bold and fearless because we adore Him!" We are really focusing on just that, being more bold and fearless in our missionary work. We got a few assignments to take back to our Zones, and so we were busy all week with figuring out a Zone Goal, and then also figuring out a way to have the missionaries organizing a three month plan for their areas. Gah. And on top of that, we had to plan a Zone Meeting. So, we did that on Tuesday night after our dinner with the Carvalho's, and then we went on an exchange with the Spanish Elders, and I was with Elder Herrera-Loya!

Wednesday wasn't the greatest day either. I don't know what the heck happened, but I was like a squirrel on cocaine. I was the most distracted I think I have ever been on my mission. We went and gave a hotel a dozen Book of Mormon's in the morning, and then went tracting. So many rude people. Gah. But that's okay! Agency right? All of our appointments that night fell through, and so we weren't able to do much other than walk around and try to find some people on the streets. But ITS SO DANG COLD THAT NO ONE WANTS TO WALK. Like seriously. Cold and windy. HATE IT! But it's chill. Get it? Anywho. Fun day. 

Thursday was planning. Planning. Planning. We had to figure out everything that day pretty much, because our Zone Meeting when we were to present everything was the next day. So, we figured out our Zone Goal, which will help the missionaries in our Zone to be more bold and fearless. We are focusing on the Book of Mormon, and internalizing the doctrines of the missionary lessons through the Book of Mormon. We challenged the missionaries to hand out a copy of the Book of Mormon everyday. And the response has been good. We also figured out that we wanted to focus on the area book and have that be our resource to help missionaries make a three month plan. We had dinner that night with the LaBass', have I ever mentioned that Sister LaBass is Canadian? She is a Leavitt. From Alberta. I am pretty sure we are related. I forgot the name of one of her uncles, but I think it was Don. Anyways. Love Bishop. He is great. They gave us a box of Aero Bars and Smarties. #Hallelujah. 

Friday morning. Woke up sick. FREAK. The day that I am calling people to repentance, and I can barely talk. Said a prayer in the morning, asking that the sickness wouldn't hit until after Zone Meeting, and it held off! The Zone took everything really well. Like I said, the response has been good. We increased our contacts with non-members by 130. Heck. Yeah. As soon as we walked out of the building, I was hit with a massive headache and I started to run a fever, so that was the end of my day... Maybe. Spanish Elders sink backed up, asked us to come and help them. hour later, nothing worked. They still haven't had anyone come and fix it, and they were supposed to on Saturday. There is so much moldy food in their sink now, and Elder Portillo started getting sick from it yesterday. The smell is rancid, so they've been staying at our apartment lately. Anywho. I needed to rest, as per our mission nurse, so I thought going on a quick little exchange would help. Got it approved, and I went with Elder Portillo for a little bit. Love that Elder. We went to a Spanish lesson that was supposed to be with a less-active in their unit but the LA brought her friend and they ended up bashing in Spanish while I had a huge headache and fever and couldn't focus at all. SO MUCH FUN. Then we went to their Christmas Party, kinda. Their investigator is getting baptize on the 23rd, and so he had his interview that night! The Assistants came down to do it, since they were the closest Spanish speaking leadership that could do it. Elder Taufatofua (Tawf-ah-tah-foo-ah) is a Spanish missionary. So, I got to hangout and talk with Elder Swenson for a little bit! He is awesome. Him and I are good friends, and we'll be going on an exchange together in January! I am trying to convince him to send me back to Santa Barbara. We will see. 

Saturday. I felt a little better, so we went to work! Went to this one street, and the first three doors we knocked we had like 20 minute conversations! One was a former, the other was a less-active, and the third is now a potential! It was fun. Went into the first ones house and helped move some mattresses and stuff for them! But, apparently I was still up in the clouds. We knocked on this one door, and a 17 year old girl answered. We couldn't really see her, it was dark in the house and the screen door wasn't helping at all. She was also being really awkward, so I was trying to strike up a conversation with her, and saw that she had a lanyard in her hand! So, I asked if she was planning on leaving anytime soon. She then said "One second," closed the door, and I WAS SO CONFUSED. But, she opened the door again, and said: "Sorry, I can't go anywhere right now." And then closed the door. We are pretty sure that she thought that I had asked her to come with us on a date or something. Even when I don't try, I still got game. Kinda. We saw Logan later that afternoon, and it was AWESOME. We set him with a Baptismal Date for February 18. In his opening prayer, he prayed that he would be able to be baptized soon! It was incredible. Night and day from our last lesson with him. He was serious, and it seemed like he really wanted it. Let's just hope I don't get transferred.

We had a great Sunday too. Still sick, and guess what? I was speaking. YAY. Like I said, my body picks the worst time. Anyways, I was also speaking for a missionary homecoming.... So that was weird. But I did well apparently. It was on missionary work, and I decided to focus more on the why of missionary work rather than on the how. Then, Elder Hunter and I had to throw together a lesson for Gospel Principles. Let's just say, by the end of church I was dead. Had dinner that night with the Snow's again. Love that family, and then our nurse told me to rest up some more. Elder Hunter is now sick! 

Don't have a lot going on today either. But, we are trucking through! Our area is picking up a little bit. Gotta love this Christmas season though. We can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the commercial Christmas, and forget to adore Him. We can forget, not only in our minds, but in our actions to remember the Savior. To be His hands. To #LightTheWorld. Look for ways to light someone's world this week. There is so much to be grateful for, and let's be the reason that someone is grateful today. 

Pues, see you at 3:00pm PST on Sunday!


Elder Harvey
Elder Portillo and Elder Harvey
Watch the videos...guess the song...

Answer:  If you like it - put a ring on it

Conversation after watching the videos...

Mom:  Aydan and Hudson watched your videos...they have no clue what's going on.  You're hitting a bag of cough             drops, popcorn and a nativity.  Is that a hint to the song you want them to figure out?

          Sorry you're not feeling well.  Get some rest!  

          Can't wait to see you on  Sunday at 3pm PST!!  

          Have a good week!  

          Love, MOm

Jaxon:  Haha. It's what I am throwing! It's from a vine. I haven't been in the real world for so long, it's like one of                 the vines I remember the most.

Mom:   Aydan said that Vine is's no more...JSYK  (that's Just So You Know..btw...(that's By The Way) lol            (that's Laugh out Loud)

            Love, Mom

Jaxon:  Savage.

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