Saturday, 18 February 2017

December 25, call home

We went to church on Sunday morning.  Church was only an hour long.  We came home and chowed down on the left over Chinese food.  The missionaries in our Branch (Elder Bybee and Elder Beddes) came over so they could use our computers to skype their families.  They came over just in time to enjoy the Chinese food as well.

And then we waited...and waited...and waited!  We had to wait until 6pm and it seemed like a week!

Finally - 6pm came and we saw Jaxon's face!  It was so nice to see him again - 7 months is a long time!  It was great to talk with him and meet his beloved companion - Elder Hunter!  He's doing great - loving every minute of his mission and loves California.  Our 40 minutes ran up quickly, but not before we had a family prayer, given by Jaxon.  It's wonderful to hear your children pray  :)

We are looking forward to our next skype call when we get two!  One from Emerson and one from Jaxon!

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