Saturday, 18 February 2017

December 5, 2016 - Canejo Canyon Ward - Newbury Park Zone

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After tomorrow, 4 out of my 14 companions will still be in the mission.

Isn't that just the weirdest? But, Elder Peart is being transferred. He is actually going to be with Elder Bradley! 

And I am staying here. But you'll never guess with who.....


Yup. I get to be with an old companion! I am beyond excited. Him and I served with eachother my first transfer in Santa Barbara, when we were teaching Abby! It'll be fun to be with him, and it's his first transfer as a Zone Leader, so I get to show him the ropes. 

This week was..... fun. We really have been running around super busy, and didn't get a lot of finding activities in. It was too bad.

But, I am glad to hear you had such a wonderful time at the temple! I love the temple. Yes, I have heard about the Assembly Hall in the LA Temple. A member just told us a story this week, and they said they were in the temple waiting in the Assembly Hall and listening to the Temple President, when President Uchtdorf just walked in and surprised everyone, including the Temple President, and spoke to everyone there! The LA Temple is absolutely huge too. I love it there. 

Looking forward to getting the package! Hopefully today. If not, with Elder Hunter! :)

So, Monday we didn't do much. Elder Peart was still feeling a little sick, so we went and had some burgers with a family and went in for the night.

Tuesday was really our only full day of proselyting and we didn't really even get a lot of that. Went tracting all day, and had some lessons cancel on us in the evening. BUT. We went to go see this Less-Active, Brother Born. We aren't really sure why he's less-active, because he sounded like an active member of the church while we met with him. But, we brought his home teacher over to meet him, Brother Stottle! They started talking a little bit, and basically found out that they have WAY TOO MUCH IN COMMON. Brother Stottle's close cousin was the best man at Brother Born's daughters wedding. And that both of their wives grew up in the same town in Texas. It was crazy. 

Wednesday we did service for a Catholic church in Westlake. It was fun. Not really sure what else happened on Wednesday after that..... But we had dinner with Brother Meru, our WML. That was awesome, they are always so much fun. And after that Brother Meru came to our lesson with Kathleen! Kathleen is doing really well. She had just gotten back from vacation, and we taught about faith. She really wants to come back to church, it's amazing. She even came to church on Sunday! :)

Thursday was a gong show. We went and did service for a family who's daughter is coming home from her mission in Mongolia this week, and so they are building her a Mongolian Yurt to live in for the month she is home.... Yeah.... It's like this circular hut. It's interesting. And then we also had to get Stake Reports done for our meeting with the Stake President on Sunday, so that took up our whole day.

Friday we had our last district meeting. We went to both to kinda wrap up our Zone Goal for this transfer! I have loved working on the Spirit of my planning, and trying to truly change eternity. It was great. We went out to eat at this place called Pieology right after with about 4 other Elders. It's basically a Subway for pizza. And when I was about to pay, a member came up and paid for all of us! It was awesome. We finished our Weekly Planning that day too, and then went and saw Logan. We had an amazing lesson with him! We talked about baptism the entire time, and shared #LightTheWorld with him, and the Spirit was so strong. We didn't really have a game plan, except for we wanted to read out of the Book of Mormon with him. After we watched the video, he said that the video taught us to go and do what Christ would do, and so I felt the strong prompting to go to 2 Nephi 31 and read about baptism and doing what Christ did! It was awesome. We really set some good expectations with him, and he was attentive during the whole thing! We meet with him tomorrow night. 

Saturday was transfer call day. So that's always fun. Went and said bye with Elder Peart to some families.

Sunday. Holy. Well, duh it's holy but it was such a long day. Got up at 5:30, went to a Stake WML meeting at 7, and then our meeting with President Jordan at 8. President Jordan really knows the Spirit. He is correlating all of the missionary goals of the Wards and Stakes with the goals that President Felix has established with the missionaries. Oh, who is Emerson's mission President? So, we were talking during the meeting and President Jordan was talking about his brothers mission in Mexico.... And he ended up saying that it was the Tampico mission. So, my Stake President is the brother of Emerson's Mission President I am pretty sure. Which is awesome, he will love his mission president. President Jordan told me to tell him to listen to ALL OF THE COUNSEL OF HIS MISSION PRESIDENT. And also said that they teach so much, they really don't have any free time in any day to do finding activities. After that meeting, we had PEC, and then church. And then the Christmas Devotional! I also loved Elder Christensen's talk, like Mom did. I just wish I was as attentive as I wanted to be. It hit me last night that, after Christmas, everything is going to speed up. Easter. Conference. Mothers Day. Home. Got no time to waste! 

Well, I am excited for another transfer. I hope you all are doing well, and I hope Emerson wrote about his experiences this weekend in his journal! Say Hi to Grandpa and Grandma for me! 


Elder Harvey


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